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Abstract PopUp Filter for filtering rainwater Abstract *• Rainwater collected on the roof is very pure and clean. However, there are many substances, which get mixed with this pure water on the roof (leaves, bird droppings, dust etc.). These impurities need to be filtered before the rainwater is stored. wPopUp Filter" is a simple device, which is very effective and user friendly to filter rainwater from the roof. An important feature in filtering rainwater is the separation of the first flush of rainwater from the relatively cleaner and purer subsequent rain. First flush arrangement and the safety arrangement to release the water in the event of clogging of the filter are incorporated in the designing of the PopUp filter filter.
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Field of Invention : Filtration system and an equipment for filtering rainwater
from roof tops.
Prior art : Traditionally rainwater is being filtered through sand bed
filters built at the site of rainwater harvesting. Sand bed filter is the traditional method where coarse riverbed sand, pebbles and aggregates are filled as layers one above the other in a confined masonry structure. Rainwater is allowed at the top from one end and filtered water is drawn from the other side. These sand bed filters ore suitable for large-scale operations and need regular maintenance. In addition they are built at the site and occupy lot of open space.
Summary of the invention : Water conservation measures are
being practiced allover the world and the importance of rainwater harvesting is well established. It is time to apply scientific innovative knowledge in to the process and make the system acceptable by the general public. Equipments and the process involved need to be simple and should have local relevance. Keeping these in mind a new process has been developed to filter rainwater and the entire installation monitoring and maintenance of the filter is made simple and user friendly. This system does not occupy additional space and has all safety features built in to it. Operation and maintenance has no recurring cost and has life comparable to any other plumbing component of the building. Popup filter will be the secret behind the acceptance of public the concept of Rainwater Harvesting.
Description of invention:
1. Design of the specific equipment - PopUp filter
Rainwater collected on the roof is very pure and clean. However, there ore many substances, which get mixed with this pure water on the roof (leaves, bird droppings, dust etc.). These impurities need to be filtered before the rainwater is stored. Rainwater flowing through the down water pipes is guided to the PopUp filter through a diffuser / expansion chamber. In the diffuser, turbulent flow will get converted in to laminar flow to stabilize the contaminants. Flush cap permits the user to flush the first flow of rainwater to clean the roof of the building and avoid these contaminants entering storage structure.
Rainwater is allowed to flow upwards in the barrel of the filter against gravity. As the water moves up wards against gravity, heavier elements in the rainwater tend to settle at the bottom of the filter. Filter element is a role of plastic mesh suspended in the barrel of the filter and filters the rainwater. Cleaner water flows out through the outlet after filtration process.

Filter element needs cleaning once a fortnight or a month depending on the rainfall of the area and the amount of contaminants flowing from the roof. This filter element is reusable after washing below a running tap.
2. How the equipment may be used to obtain the desired effect
The "PopUp Filter11 has three components (rainwater receptor, flush cap and filter element). Rainwater receptor is where the rainwater is allowed to flow from down pipes in to the filter and a flush cap is provided to flush the first flow of the rainwater along with leaves, dust etc. Water received in the receptor flows upwards against gravity through a filter element to filter most of the floating elements and allow water to stabilize in this filtration zone. Rainwater passing through this filter element is relatively cleaner and flows out through an outlet, which can be led to storage device.
Filter element is mounted on a vertical stabilizer pipe with a friction fit. Filter element need to be cleaned periodically during the rainy season to remove the impurities trapped and there by keep the filtration system clean. In the event filter is not cleaned and the filter element is getting clogged, "PopUp Filter" has a safety feature built into it. The water pressure pushes out the clogged filter element from the stabilizer pipe and allows the water to flow out freely. This safety feature will avoid flooding of the rooftop because of clogged filter. The first indication of the filter getting clogged is rainwater flowing out of a vent hole provided on the top of the filter element.
Maintenance of filter
Flush the first rainwater by opening the flush cap on the filter for few minutes, close the flush cap after all the dirt on the roof is flushed out (small amount of rainwater from the flush cap is deliberately allowed to leak when the cap is completely closed to keep the PopUp filter dry during the non rainy days, please do not attempt to block the leak). Remove the filter cartridge gently from its place and wash it thoroughly under a running tap by gently tapping the filter element with a stick on all sides. The dirt sticking in the filter element gets released and washes off. Replace the clean filter element back to its place by gently inserting it in the vertical pipe. Take care not to press it too hard at the end. If pressed too hard, filter element gets locked inside the pipe and may require greater force to retrieve it back when required for cleaning and also may not PopUp when the filter is clogged or chocked. Allow the filtered water to get stored in tank for future use.
I claim '•
1. A novel popup filter suitable for use in rainwater harvesting systems

2. A novel popup filter as in claim 1 comprising of the following :
• Rainwater receptor
Receives raw rainwater and converts turbulent flow in to laminar flow
• Flush cap
Allows the user to flush the filter and clean the filter as well as the roof of the building
• Filter element
Made of plastic net to filter suspended contaminants flowing along with the rainwater
• Rainwater inlet
Allows the roof top rainwater to enter the filter
• Rainwater outlet
Cleaner rainwater is allowed to flow out for storing in a container

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