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Abstract A smoking article such as a cigarette (10) comprises a tobacco rod (12) and a filter component (14) having a cavity (22) filled with spherical beaded carbon (24). As mainstream tobacco smoke is drawn through the filter component (14), targeted gas phase smoke constituents are removed as the smoke passes through the carbon (24). During the filter manufacturing process, the spherical beaded carbon (24) flows like a liquid and substantially completely fills the cavity (22). Point-to-point contact between the spherical beads (24) together with substantially complete filling of the cavity (22) produces minimal channeling of ambulatory gas phase as well as maximum contact between the gas phase and the carbon surface of the spherical beads (24) during smoking.
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Patent Number 243428
Indian Patent Application Number 1757/CHENP/2004
PG Journal Number 43/2010
Publication Date 22-Oct-2010
Grant Date 18-Oct-2010
Date of Filing 06-Aug-2004
Applicant Address Quai Jearnrenaud 3, CH-2000, Neuchatel
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