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Abstract A recombinant adenovirus vector comprising structural and non-structural elements of an adenovirus of a first serotype, wherein said vector further comprises a sequence encoding a functional E4-orf6 protein, or a functional part, derivative and/or analogue thereof, wherein said sequence is selected from the group consisting of: An E4-orf6 encoding sequence derived from an adenovirus of a second serotype different from said first serotype An E4-orf6 encoding sequence derived from an adenovirus of said first serotype comprising a deletion, mutation, addition and/or substitution in one or more codons; and An E4-orf6 encoding sequence comprising a fusion. between a part of an E4-orf6 encoding sequence derived from a second scrotype different from said first serotype and a part of an E4-orf6 encoding sequence derived from a third serotype, wherein said third serotype may be identical to-, or different from said first serotype.
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Patent Number 241403
Indian Patent Application Number 2400/CHENP/2004
PG Journal Number 28/2010
Publication Date 09-Jul-2010
Grant Date 01-Jul-2010
Date of Filing 21-Oct-2004
Name of Patentee CRUCELL HOLLAND B.V.
Applicant Address Archimedesweg 4, NL-2333 CN Leiden
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1 VOGELS, Ronald Van Rietlaan 4, NL-3461 HW Linschoten
2 BOUT, Abraham Van Swaanswijckstraat 38, NL-2751 XL Moerkapelle
PCT International Classification Number A61K 48/00
PCT International Application Number PCT/EP2003/050125
PCT International Filing date 2003-04-24
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1 PCT/NL02/00280 2002-04-25 Netherlands