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Abstract The invention relates to a stabilizer composition for polymers that preferably contain halogen, said composition comprising at least one onium perchlorate and at least one organic solvent.
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Patent Number 240562
Indian Patent Application Number 1491/CHENP/2004
PG Journal Number 22/2010
Publication Date 28-May-2010
Grant Date 18-May-2010
Date of Filing 05-Jul-2004
Name of Patentee BAERLOCHER GmbH
Applicant Address Freisinger Strasse 1, 85716 Unterschleissheim
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 FOKKEN, Stefan Kirchenanger 2, 86485 Biberbach
2 HAUK, Juergen Prälat-Michael-Höck-Strasse 53, 85345 Freising
PCT International Classification Number C08K 5/19
PCT International Application Number PCT/EP2002/013881
PCT International Filing date 2002-12-06
PCT Conventions:
# PCT Application Number Date of Convention Priority Country
1 101 60 662.1 2001-12-11 Germany