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Abstract A method for injection moulding, comprising introducing, under pressure, a melt into a cavity (14) defined by two mould halves (10, 11) of a mould (6) .The method is characterised by the steps of joining the mould halves (10, 11) , for definition of said cavity (14) , by moving at least one of the mould halves (11) along a first axis, and, by moving along a second axis extending transversely of said first axis, arranging a locking means (7) on the mould (6) .The locking means (7) has locking surfaces (19) which grasp the mould (6) and its joined mould halves (10, 11) , at least one locking surface (19) wedgingly engaging a complementarily designed surface (17) of the mould (6) to cause conversion of the force by which the locking means (7) is arranged on the mould (6) , into a locking force for holding together the mould halves I (10, 11) in their joined state. The present invention also concerns an injection moulding assembly as well as a mould for injection moulding assemblies.
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Patent Number 238779
Indian Patent Application Number 1002/CHENP/2004
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Publication Date 26-Feb-2010
Grant Date 19-Feb-2010
Date of Filing 11-May-2004
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1 PERSSON, Lars Norrliav├Ągen 103 S-295 97 Degeberga
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PCT International Application Number PCT/SE2002/001807
PCT International Filing date 2002-10-04
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