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Abstract A heat exchanger having an active surface (1) over which a fluid flows to effect an exchange of heat between the active surface (1) and the fluid. The active surface (1) having a curvature which conforms substantially with at least one logarithmic curve conforming to the Golden Section.
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Patent Number 238499
Indian Patent Application Number 1683/CHENP/2004
PG Journal Number 8/2010
Publication Date 19-Feb-2010
Grant Date 08-Feb-2010
Date of Filing 30-Jul-2004
Name of Patentee PAX SCIENTIFIC, INC.
Applicant Address 93 Crestwood Drive, San Rafael, CA 94901
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 HARMAN, Jayden, David Research Vessel "PAX", Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, South Fremantle, Western Australia 6162
PCT International Classification Number F28D 9/04
PCT International Application Number PCT/AU03/00006
PCT International Filing date 2003-01-03
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1 PR9825 2002-01-03 Australia