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Abstract Plant for urea production from ammonia and carbon dioxide having a so-called high-pressure section which comprises a synthesis reactor and a condensation unit (7) positioned inside the reactor, all substantially operating at the same pressure. Said condensation unit (7) comprises a plurality of flattened plateshaped essentially rectangular heat exchangers (17) arranged with long sides (17a) parallel to the axis of said reactor.
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Patent Number 238394
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1 FILIPPI, Ermanno Strada di Gandria 73, CH-6976 Castagnola (CH).
2 RIZZI, Enrico Via Manzoni, 4, I-22070 Casnate con Bernate
3 ZARDI, Federico Via Lucino 60, CH-6932 Breganzona (CH).
4 TAROZZO, Mirco Via L. Piffaretti, CH-6853 Ligornetto (CH
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