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Abstract ABSTRACT Remote controlled igniter is designed for use with safe bursting of Fire crackers during festival and parties. It uses IR as a communicating medium between Remote Hand Held controller and Base Unit. Base Unit uses the principle of arc discharge. This will overcome the difficulty of safe usage of fire crackers. This will help the person particularly kids to stand in a safe distance from Fire cracker and burst it.
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This invention relates to the Home Aides and in particular aiding the safe use of bursting the crackers during festival time or parties for celebration and enjoyment. More particularly it helps and aids kids to play safe and enjoy with firing crackers.
Background of Invention with regard to the drawback associated with known art
Today Fire Crackers customarily fired by igniting the thread which act as a time delay. The Time delay is not user variable and varies even from piece to piece in a given lot. Also reflex time of the person who ignites the cracker varies considerably.
Sometimes due to problem with the cracker firing delay time for eg., shortening of time or with the reflex time of the person igniting it much lower, will result in bursting of the cracker before the person gets out to safe area to watch. This premature bursting may result in fire bums and other hazardous issues to the person who is igniting the cracker. This fire risk is much higher for kids in particular.
This remote control firing facility for fire Crackers presents a unique approach to revolutionize the concept of safe usage of Fire crackers. It will prevent the fire accidents and bring down the fire accident rates. Such remote control devices are not developed today, although such remotes operations are in existence with many consumer products such as TV, AC, Audio units etc..
Summary of the Invention
The present invention is a device (1) and in addition with commonly used House Hold Remote (6) like one used with TVs. Fire Cracker thread is to be inserted in to the hole (16) provided in the device, adapter (2). The Power On Switch (8) is to Switched ON to power the device as shown in Fig (2). This internally powers the device and the device is in ready state.
After securing the cracker the person can move to a very safe distance at his pace. What is now required is, any TV IR Remote and using such remotes by pressing any key, the device will produce a corona arc across the thread and ignite it. Once the thread gets ignited then cracker fires at is own programmed time.
Also here the person who wants to trigger the bursting of the crackers can stand in a group or with his family and enjoy like other in the group / family.
The heart of the invention is generating high voltage by electronic circuitry for few seconds to produce arc discharge across two electrodes (14) and this discharge produces the ignition of the

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of IR Receiver. Once the user presses the (TV) Remote (6), (any key in Remote) the IR transmitter in-built emits IR source (17) which once received by the receiver housed in the Igniter, triggers a mono stable multivibrator which in turn produces a trigger pulse. This trigger pulse switches on the high power across the electrodes (14) to produce arcing which will ignite the fire crackers.
This invention simplifies and reduces the cost by using commonly available IR remotes like one used with Television and other Audio equipments.
In accordance of one aspect of invention instead of commonly available TV remotes, dedicated programmable remote can be used so that the firing device (1) is remote specific.
In accordance with another aspect of invention instead of IR as a switching source between the remote controller and the Igniter, other types such as RF can be used.
In accordance with still another aspect of invention the timer circuit can be used to produce further time delay.
It will be appreciated that the disclosed method and circuit is advantageous in that it allows the user to safely burst the fire crackers and celebrate the event or festival. To assist with understanding the invention, reference will now be made to the accompanying drawings, which show one example of invention.
The foregoing aspects and many of the attendant advantages of this invention will become more readily appreciated as the same becomes better understood by reference to the detailed description, when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein:
Fig 1. which illustrates the inventive step. Here the person is at ease and standing at safe distance and at his will ignites the fire cracker.
Fig 2 shows Electronic Remote Igniter exposing the controls and usage.
Fig 3 illustrates the Block Diagram of Electronic Remote Igniter
Fig 4. shows circuit diagram of the Electronic Remote Igniter

The general operation of the preferred embodiment of the present invention is illustrated in Fig (2). Here the cracker's (3) thread (15) is inserted in the hole (16) provided in the housing - Arc Plug (2). Then the device is switched on by pressing Power On Switch (8). If the Battery Power Level at acceptable then the Green LED (5) glows. Now person standing at safe distance (7) can use a IR Remote (6) commonly available in house hold and by pressing it will can ignite the thread. This can happen by IR Remote sending IR signals (17) to the direct one to one line of sight contact to the device at window (4). When IR light is flashed at the window (4) it will be sensed by the receiver housed in the window which signals inside and in turn the device produces high voltage enough to produce corona arcing in the arc plug housing. This corona arcing ignites the thread inserted in to the arc plug (2). The mechanical housing is made study and it protects electronics from the bursting of crackers.
Fig (3) illustrates the block diagram of the Electronic Ignitor described here. The Block (9) is a IR Receiver which is a hybrid package that can sense IR source, filter from the background light and noises and outputs a negative going PCM pulse. These Pulses are applied to Monostable Multivibator (10) and it produces a clear pulse for duration required to enable arcing in the arc plug. Output of the Mono enables 25Khz oscillator (11) which drives through Buffer (12) to HV Generator (13) which essentially consists of HV flyback transformer and tripler. The output of Tripler essentially more than 5KV which is applied to arc plug module electrodes (14). This high voltage of more than 5KV produces clear corona arcing which will ignite the thread kept in between the electrodes (14).
Fig (4) Explains the circuit functioning. The IRl, the IR Photo Module is used which consist of Photo detector and preamplifier, internal filter, high immunity against ambient light and outputs active low pulses upon detecting the specified carrier frequency.
The active low pulses triggers the CMOS monostable ICl through Ql, R5. The ICl is configured in monostable mode to produce a pulse duration at its output Q determined by C4 and R13. The output Q from ICl which is active low drives and switches on transistor Q2 which powers the Oscillator section
The 25KHz Oscillator consist of simple RC Oscillator the frequency determined by RIO and C5 and IC2. The Output of the oscillator is buffered and it drives the output transistor Q4 through the resistor Rl 1. The Q4 transistor drives the Flyback transformer Tl.
The Flyback Transformer produces a potential of more than IKV as pulses which are applied to Tripler. The Tripler TRl multiples the voltage around six time and outputs 6KV to the Arc Plug.

The working of the oscillator, driver and HV transformer and Tripler are limited to the monostable output pulse duration which lasts only for few seconds sufficient enough to ignite the thread due to corona discharge.
The Resistor Rl, CI and Zl produces stable supply to IR Sensor. Transistor Q3, Zener Z2, R8 forms as a battery voltage comparator. When the battery voltage dips less than circuit operating voltage, the LED (5) on the Front panel top is not lit indicating that devices battery needs to be replaced. The device can be operated when the LED(5) lits.
While the preferred embodiments of the invention has been illustrated and described, it will be apparent that various changes can be made therein without departing from the sprit and scope of the invention. For example, instead of IR other mechanism of remote communication can be used with available sensors as long as the signal conversion or modification is done to suit the requirements of the front end circuits. Consequently, within the scope of the appended claims, it will be appreciated that the invention can be practiced otherwise than as specifically described herein.

We claim,
The embodiments of the inventions in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are
defined as follows:
1. A method and apparatus for Remotely Igniting Crackers comprising:
a. An arc plug (2), a arc delivery method, in to which the Fire Cracker (3) thread (15)
is inserted freely in the hole (16) provided. It consists of electrodes (14) to
produce arcing over the thread area to ignite it.
b. Arc Plug (2) is plugged in to a sturdy Base unit (1) for electrical connection which
powers with necessary voltages to produce corona discharge in the electrodes (14).
The Arc Plug (2) can be unplugged, for cleaning in case of carbonization or other
c. IR Remote unit (6) which signals base unit (1) to ignite the thread of the fire
cracker (3) through Arc Plug (2)
d. The base unit (1) powers the Arc Plug (2) for few seconds and it makes sufficient
arc to ignite the cracker (3) by using High voltage discharge.
2. The improvement claimed in Claim 1, wherein controls are provided to adjust or modify
Base unit (1) with different features like Time delay. Double firing, Display to indicate
various modes of operation.
3. The improvement claimed in claim 1, wherein a different power sources is capable of
being attached to the Base Unit (1).
4. The improvement claimed in claim 1, wherein a different communication source such as
RF is capable of being used between Remote Hand Held controller (6) and Base unit (1).
5. The improvement claimed in claim 1, wherein different arc plugs (2) are provided to use
with ever changing fire crackers types and dimensions.


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