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Abstract This invention relates to a silencer cooker comprising of a flue gas regulator connected to a silencer and also steam generator wherein the flue gas regulator comprising of atleast one inlet in communication with atleast two outlets for passage of flue gases covered with a lid provided with a revolving handle, which can be set for ON, OFF and medium position; and the steam generator comprising of atleast two drums in communication with each other in which the lowest drum is provided with a water outlet and the top most drum is having atleast one water inlet and atleast two steam outlets regulated by corresponding valve/knob. The present invention can be used to prepare food such a rice, pulses, eggs, meat, tea, coffee and vegetable etc. The food can be boiled/cooked with direct application of steam. Further, the cooker can be used to produce distilled water for drinking and batteries of the vehicles. The cooker of the present invention is cost effective, which saves energy and consumes less time for preparing food.
Full Text Innovation is life. This innovation relates to a new process for the preparation of steam cooked food. This recent invention, is an Indian flue gas technology for modern living. As the name implies, the wastage heat of the emitted flue gases of the awakened engine of the vehicle through the silencer, heat-up the raw-water and converting it into steam energy. The device is an energy conservator and well suitable to all countries, conditions and environment.
A dream of an Indian Railway worker to cook the different varieties of raw food material veg. and non-veg with the help of flue gases of the awakened engine of the old/new vehicles. No body have ever listen or seen like this type of machine. The invention is a unique technical revolution and would be live/visible demonstration first time in Great Republican of India for Swift-free cooking.
In these days LPG/Kerosene oil stove is used in the vehicles for cooking purposes. Keeping the fuel in the vehicles may fire hazardous. This newly flue gas technology in running vehicles would helps to eliminate the need of the conventional energy directly. So, first release of Indian flue gas technology device may be used in means of transportation vehicles such as all old and new Petrol/Diesel/CNG/Bio-Diesel engine driven vehicles, from two wheelers to so on, diesel locomotive trains, aeroplanes, ships, engine driven boats, steamers, tractors, pump sets (Diesel or Petrol) for irrigation, portable generators rum on Petrol/kerosene to produce electricity.
The principal and process is same for all engines, but the difference is only in the size of the invented machine is according to the power of engine of the vehicle. In this technique waste hot flue gases convert into fuel for cooking purposes. This process helps economic development and

employment generation for Global Society. With the help of this advanced technology there would be acceleration in industrial development in this era of globalization and liberalization of trade. My mission is not only hopeful, but 1 am sure that the high-tech device would accelerate in industrialization of the country. It would emerge as an unique experiment and example for innovative prosperity through high-tech silencer cooker. In future silencer cooker device may first choice in old and new vehicles.
There is a great scarcity of conventional energy sources such as coal, petrol, electricity in our country/world. With ever growing demand for fuel, these energy sources (conventional) are fast depleting. So, these scarce energy sources can be better utilized for meeting high quality of need in industrial and transport sector of our society. The resultant increased environment pollution did not leave any option with us except to go for development and adoption of alternative and non-conventional source of energy. I recognized the need of the hour and with the long term perspective in mind make a innovative silencer cooker which would be beneficial to numerous people of the universe.
This process helps in environment restoration to make the earth healthier and clean. It is our near-last chance to save the earth by all practical means. With the help of this process of steam-cooking no damage to human beings, environment, safety, health, other living creatures, plants, property, water, air, land and micro¬organisms. No environmental pollution is used in this hot flue gas technology to cook/boil the food material in the shape of any solid, liquid or gaseous substance present in such concentration as may be or tend to be injurious to health or environment. In the manufacture of machine, process of cooking no environmental pollutants are used. But in contrary the environment would improve.

Feature of the innovated process is that it eliminates the need of the non¬renewable energy directly to cook the food with great success. In this era of modernization the silencer cooker may become an integral part of our life, business and would help ecological and biological balance.
Though every humans beings knows about the hot gases of the silencer which are exhausted again and again. But I found it like a little silent volcano and a source of tremendous energy. Now, flue gases are not a hot, useless smoke but a new friendly energy source or new life line energy. Energy of any type which may be used for constructive work is a life, money and international property. Energy is the drive force of civilization and should be saved at an all practical means.
By use of this newly hot flue gas technology, no activity leads to the unscientific and unsustainable development and ecological destruction at all. This process would help to protect the health of the present and future generation and also improve the environment.
The invention may helpful or source of income to the Government, industrialists, contractors, engineers, artisans, work-persons and also a source of money saving to the common man. In this new process no naked or hidden fire/flame is used to cook the food. So may be used by the defence/military staff with great enthusiasm and pride, at far away petrolling duty. They can recharge their body stamina by taking fresh hot food or tea/coffee. I think this process may be great helpful to the drivers/occupants of that vehicle at the time of road blockage which may be caused by snow fall, rain, land sliding or by any other ways. Only one vehicle in engine on position can help to prepare good plenty of food, soup, coffee, tea within short time without loss of fuel at large scale. The prepared food may be served to occupants of the vehicle and other people who are also entrapped on the pitiable manner. The stranded people at

the time of risk of life for long hours or days continuously may get the facility of this invented machine like Life Save Machine.
In these days fuel prices are so rising high and their supply is limited. For non-vegetarians the attraction of money saving is much. The silencer cooker soft the hard to cook flesh in a little time and make it tasty. The user can bought the hard to cook flesh which is comparatively cheaper than other flesh without thinking that how much time or fuel would be taken. The soft parts of the flesh are costly, but the hard flesh have same taste and nutritious as the soft parts. The user can be truly proud of her/his contribution to save energy and save atmosphere from pollution.
Health is more importance than business. On long route the drivers/occupants of the vehicle generally face the problem of almost out of flood/starvation. At this time it would be a dream to use this process and helps to relieve some of the strain. The excellent food can be prepared whenever/wherever. Unfamiliar about the machine can be trained in some time. The process have no confusion on the operators life. During emergency need the user/operator can off/on the machine by using hand lever of the flue gas regulator from driver seat of the vehicle sharply. The hand lever of every machine would be at shake-hand distance from the driver seat.
It is acknowledged fact that the food is essential requirement for the survival of mankind. This is a self-cooking process. So no adulteration and no doubt of hurting the religious sentiments. So many people do not like to eat outsider food. They prefer to remain starve. Due to language problems, difference in eatables in other states/countries tension/problem. They cannot satisfy with the outsider food.
For example, the truck drivers remains on roads for long time continuously. On long route, normally two drivers and cleaner/helper

remains on the truck for goods transportation. One driver sleeps and the other drives the vehicle turn by turn. They work for their family and nation day and night continuously. To stop and wait for tea, lunch/dinner wastes precious time. By keeping in mind, the problems of these nation builders, I create this device. The saved time can be used for other useful work to earn money because time is also money.
By using this machine the cooking place remains neat and clean. The utensils remains free from blackish, helps to create clean atmosphere. Increase the taste and nutrition of the cooked food. Helps in healthy and safe food and it is friendly and clean cooking method.
This process reduce the risk of exposure to food borne diseases. It does not affect the body's natural immunity in anyway. The user can get rid of from microbiological food. Safe from bacteria and viruses which causse diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, indigestion, gastro-enterities and so many abdomen diseases. Save from difficult breathing (totally smokeless cooking technique). So, can get their food pure, fresh, odourless and contamination free.
The steam cooked food does not result in increased fat in the body and keeps it healthy. Sick persons can prepare their food without use of spices, salt and sweet. According to scientific view the steam cooked food have more stable vitamins, proteins like elements. The people who want to care more and more for their beautification for them the created method be a boon.
When cooking with very hot steam but slowly, the taste of fish, vegetables, remains naturally and have pleasant fragrance. When the outer layer of pulses break down thoroughly with the effect of steam, the atom of the taste came out and mix homogeneously after cooking and becomes delicious.

In mobile ambulances the generated steam can be used for steralization of syringe, bandage, cotton and other material which is used for treatment, normal water can be boiled with the help of steam.
Milk bottles for the infants can be steam washed and milk can be steam boiled at the time when the family is on its way to road in their vehicle. They can preserve their food hot in the steam chest after switching off the engine for long time.
By this method the food cooked at 121°C by steam. At time temperature all the germs, even paracytes of bird flue die completely. The raw food material if contains germs before cooking also steralize at this temperature.
The generated steam can be collected and use for drinking/ medical purposes, can also be sued for batteries. This distilled water can again be used in the same steam generator to some extent. This distilled water would keep the interior of the machine free from sacking. The flue gas can also be used for heating the water. The hot water can be used for batting, cleaning the clothes purpose. So, this way it works like a geyser. The vent pipe of the silencer goes thoroughly through the sealed (all around) tank of capacity 5 to 20 litres according to need or the type of the vehicle. The tank should be insulated thoroughly. The water in the geyser tank takes the heat of the flue gases and becomes hot. But on the other hand the flue gases in cool condition goes out in the atmosphere. This helps the cooling of global warming which is going up day by day. The need of hot water in cold region/season remains more. With 20 litres water tank in bus/truck have no load on the engine. So, we can save previous fuel by using the flue gases for heating the water.
The new generation should trust my imagination. The silencer-cooker is an evergreen gift. It has a new type of value and must for friendly

environment. It would be in the service of mankind generation after generation.
Today's generation which is more vigilant about their health would get more and more relief from this created device. It is said that, "A sound mind in a sound body*. "Health is Wealth". So, the user would get more hygienic food by this method. Make own a dream reality with the use of any direct fire. So, no burns or mustiness in the food and can be prepared fast than conventional cooking. This new process may earn foreign exchange. So this innovation is profitable. The day is not far away when the farmers, labourers plough their fields, with tractors, irrigate their crops with the help of diesel/kerosene engine driven sets would get the facility of the invented machine, when they feel hungry or thirst of taking fresh hot tea/coffee/soup within few seconds. They can refresh themselves according to their wish and taste at any time of machine working (when the tractor or diesel pump in starting position). After switching off the engine or tractor the steam would remains live for 15-20 minutes. So, can be used within this time.
In local buses of big cities, long route or luxury/tourist buses. In diesel engine trains, plenty of food and tea/coffee/soup can be prepared. The prepared food can be sold to the passengers at low reasonable rates (because cooking heat is free) and the surplus food should be sold on the shops specially for the scale of the steam cooked food. The shops sould be made up of transparent glass slabs. These glass cabins should be on the road side, on the bus stands, at the railways stations. Board of "Steam Cooked Food" should be fix on these cabins. More and more buses in service, more and more food can be prepared free of cost. The steam cooked food may also be supplied to hospitals, for patients, sports institution, because steam cooked food have no germs and have low calorie food. The passengers of luxury buses can steam bath in the small cabin in moving vehicle. It would gave great relief specially in the cold region /climate.

All the passengers of the vehicle in which they are traveling may get sufficient amount of eatables of their choice/wish. At proper convenient place the vehicle may be parked for taking eatables. In this way new employment to contactors/cook would create. New source of revenue of the transport department.
This of what you want to do! The silencer cooker do it. Once this zero cost technique would takes place in the public use than doors of new employment would be opened and it helps to brighten the lives of million and millions of this globe.
Steam cooked food takes the least amount of energy to digest and gives the body most in return. User can take diet according to her/his wish or diet plan like high fibre, low colestral food, low salt, low sugar, protein and minerals. These all are available in raw shape in ready made packing. Use would have the complete knowledge about what he has taken/eaten.
By using this type of the cooker no need to worry about the damage or bend of innovated pressure cooker out of shape because direct heat is not used. Pressure cooker having flat, concave or convex based type can be used easily by giving a proper modification. So, metal strength of the pressure cooker remains ineffective. No worry about burning of food. No need to heavy based pressure cooker. In this process metal material can be used in less quantity.
Due to unemployment, the living standard of people going down. It is very difficult for them to make both ends meet. In India maximum people are poor. Only the only science is the solution to eliminating the wall of unemployment.
By use of this machine, new doors of employment would be opened. This would create source of income to the Government, to the people. It will help the people to prosper.

By use of this creating the user would feed the sensation of self-freedom. Freedom form waiting in the hostels/dhabas. The system of keeping the stove (LPG/Kerosene oil) in the vehicles would be eliminated completely. So, tension free from the fire-hazard in the vehicle. Moreover, no bad effect on the user's life and helps to live free from disease life.
My thought is to make provision of a small cabin made up of glass slabs having shelves near the engine/driver seat of heavy vehicles (bus/trucks) where eatables in raw condition can be placed and prepared. In the transparent kitchen/cabin all the required raw material should be kept like rice, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, sugar, salt daal, spices, maggy powdered milk, tea leaf, coffee, dry tomato, chicken, vegetable soup, vegetable oil (edible) ghee & fried spices etc. with essential utensils. According to world trade law the raw materials in packets are available any where in any country easily. So many raw food can make able to eat/taken only by coiling or dip for some time in hot water. To make good taste the fried spices can be mixed with the raw material before cooking in the cooker. This would helps to promote the new business of packaging of fried spices/masala and create new employment in the open society.
By keeping in mind the velocity, temperature and pressure of the flue gases of the awakening engine/started vehicle, I choose Bajaj Legent Scooters for live demonstration. It is 2000 model having one cylinder, four-stroke and 150 CC (BHP), two seater (including driver) and have unladen weight 112 kg. Petrol is used in the engine as a fuel and it is atmospheric air-cooled. The pressure cooker used is normally available but used pressure cooker is innovated and having capacity 1 1/2 % 3 litres separately.
The cooking equipment is fitted on the levelled floor of the scooters on the kick-starter side, secured firmly with the floor and outlet of the engine so that it does not toppled during vehicle or engine vibrations/on uneven path.

The innovated silencer cooker have mainly four parts, which are as follows:-
1. Flue gas control value/controller.
2. Steam generator/ boiler.
3. Steam channel.
4. Pressure cooker.
Parts 1, 2 and 4 are self innovated.
1. Flue gas control value is made up of mild steel and silver steel. This valve controls the flow of hot flue gases of the engine in three positions, "ON", "OFF", and "MEDIUM". On engine side it has one inlet passage and on other side it has out passage in two numbers. One outlet for direct connection with silencer and the other outlet connect to the steam generator and than to the silencer. This regulator can operated with the hand lever of the regulator which is covered thoroughly with insulation except hand lever.
2. Steam generator/boiler is made up of brass pipes. Two brass pipes horizontally connected with two brass tubes vertically. The end/open sides of both brass pipes are welded with bulging-out lids. The steam can revolve easily, the lower pipe of brass have a copper tube which passes thoroughly. This is the tube from which hot flue gases passes. This copper pipe remains submerged with fluid /water. So this is a hot flue gases tube steam generator. It is portable. This copper tube on one side is connected to the outlet of the regulator and on other side it is connected to the silencer. The copper metal is good conductor of heat and good dissipator of heat. The unit/boiler is manual operated. The steam generator have fitted with four valves. One for water inlet and other for water outlet and two for steam outlets. These four valves can operated with the help of knobs. On the top of the pipe, pressure gauge

and safety valve are fitted. The steam generator is connected with the regulator in alignment and is insulated thoroughly except gauge, safety valve and four nos. of knobs. Just as the engine of the vehicle starts the raw water instantaneously starts to heat up and converts into steam energy step by step.
3. Steam channel give way to steam from steam generator to the pressure cooker. One side of the steam channel is connected to the steam generator with the help of flare nut and on the other side it is connected to the steam channel of the pressure cooker with the help of the flare nut. This steam channel is insulate completely.
4. Pressure cooker have a steam channel and is fitted tightly on the periphery of the pressure cooker vertically. From upper side of the steam channel, which is made up of brass and is for inlet of the steam is fitted with one end of the steam channel and the other end opens in the material to be cooked. This is fitted in vertical position. The end point of this steam channel have a nut which is in the inner side of the pressure cooker 8B have twelvs holes for steam. The pressure cooker with this brass steam channel is covered thoroughly by insulation except upper lid and handle. In the pressure cooker the steam spray nut can be removed and cleaned with wire.
Brief description of drawing;
The equipment is comprising of four parts:-
Referring to figure-1 on sheet No.l can be seen that the flue gas control valve is a 3-way controller. The flue gas enters from the single inlet passage and goes out through two outlet passages. This is made in such a way that one outlet only works a time 8s the other closed with the help of a hand-lever. But, if the user wants to reduce the flow of hot gases then it can be done by turning the hand-lever on the "medium" position. At this place half of the flue gases goes out directly in the silencer 8B the other half would go through the steam generator firstly and then through the silencer of the vehicle.
Referring to Figure-2 on Sheet No. 2 can be seen that the steam generator has a copper pipe which goes thoroughly into the lower drum. The steam generator is made up of two drums. According to need it may be of three of four drums. It has 4 valves which works with the help of knobs. Two for steam outlets and each one is for inlet of water and outlet of water. On the top the steam generator have pressure gauge and safety valve, which are fitted vertically/in upright position. It has two flanges on both sides. One side is fitted with one out let passage of the hot flue gas regulator and the other side is fitted to the silencer of the vehicle with the help of flanges air-tightly for making steam. Second outlet passage of the hot gas flue regulator is fitted directly to the silencer which is not shown in the Drawing.
Referring to Figure-3, Sheet no: 3 shows a steam channel. It has two numbers flare nuts on both ends which can be fitted on one side with the steam outlet of the steam generator and on the other side with the steam channel of the pressure cooker.
Referring to Figure-4 on Sheet No. 4 can be seen that the steam channel is fitted tightly on the periphery of the pressure cooker. The steam channel is fitted only for passage of steam directly into the food ingredients.
Referring to Figure-6 on Sheet No. 6 can be seen that the hot flue gas regulator is fitted with the lower drums copper pipe of the steam generator with the help of flanges air tightly and the other end of the copper pipe is flange fitted with the silencer of the vehicle. The steam channel is fitted with the flare nuts in between the steam outlet of the steam generator on one side and with the inlet of the steam channel of the pressure cooker on other side air tightly.

Fig. 7 shows Geyser of the present invention.

Detailed description of the preferred embodiments;
Referring to Figure-1 can be seen that the silencer cooker device part 1 is a flue gas regulator, steel pipe 1 on one side for inlet of flue gases and steel pipes 2, 3 on other side for outlet of flue gases. These pipes are permanently fitted in the regulator Flange 14 and 15 are for connecting purposes. Screws 4,5,6,7 for closing the regulator. Center pin 12 on which the handle 11 revolves for ON, OFF and MEDIUM 8,9,10 positions.
Referring to Figure-2 can be seen that the silencer cooker comprises of steam generator. The lower drum 7 have a copper pipe 1 and flanges 3,4 for fitting purposes, and valve 12 for water outlet 16. The lower drum is connected with vertical pipes 5,6 and upper drum 8. The upper drum have three valves 9,10,11 which work with the knobs. Two steam outlets 14, 15 and a water inlet 13 are provided on the upper drum. On the top of the drum pressure gauge 17 and a safety valve 18 are fitted vertically/in upright position.
Referring to Figure-3 can be seen that the silencer cooker comprises of steam channel 3. It has two numbers flare nuts 1, 2 on the both ends of the channel for fitting purposes.
Referring to Figure-4 can be seen that the silencer cooker comprises of pressure cooker. It has a steam channel & which is fitted air tightly on the periphery of the pressure cooker with the help of nut 1. The upper end 3 of the steam channel which is vertically, fitted can be connected with the steam channel.
Figure-6 shows the silencer cooker in operation. It can be seen that the complete equipment is comprised of four parts. The flue gas regulator can be fitted with the help of flange 14 to the outlet of the engine. It can

be operated by the handle 11. It is manual operated regulator. The flue gas regulator is fastened with the steam generator with the help of flanges 15, 3 air tightly. The steam generator can be fastened with the silencer with the help of the flange 4. The steam channel is fitted air tightly with the help of flare nuts 1, 2 on one side with the outlet 15 of the steam generator and on other side with the inlet 3 of steam of the steam/pressure cooker.
The device is fitted with nut and bolts on the levelled floor of the scooter on the kick starter side. Now, check all the valves in closed position with the help of turning knobs gently. Pour one end half litre raw water through funnel 13 by turning the knob 10 in anti-clockwise gently. Close the water inlet by gently turning the knob 10 in clockwise direction. Open the lid of the pressure cooker and put the ingredients or load the cooker with eatables and water. Close the lid of the pressure cooker. Now the silencer cooker is ready to use. Now, turn the hand lever in "ON" position. Start the scooter and move for your desination/work. Within 10-15 minutes the gauge shows 35 lbs/in2 pressure. If the user wants to make tea, coffee, soup or milk than he should stopped the vehicle at convenient place. Suppose she/he wants to make coffee than pour coffee powder from sachet in the jug, mix water and keep it near the outlet 14. Dip the steam out pipe end in the liquid material. Than gently open the steam valve by turning the knob in anticlockwise gently/slowly. Within few seconds the material would boiled. Now close the valve by turning the knob in clockwise direction.
If the user wants to cook the eatables in the pressure cooker than she/he should open the valve 11 slowly at that time when the pressure gauge shows pressure near 35 lbs/In2. Suppose the material to be cooked is rice. Within short time the whistle will blown off. The rice takes one

whistle as in our home kitchens. Now after one whistle close the valve of steam outlet 11 of the steam generator. Turn off hot flue gases with the help of hand lever of the flue gas regulator. With a spoon or fork, lift vent weight to release steam. When all steam is released, unlatch handle and remove lid. Disconnect the steam channel.
By turning off the hot flue gases to the steam generator, the flue gases make their way through the silencer of the vehicle directly. No connection of hot Flue Gas supply with the steam Generator. Remove vent weight wash the inner side of the pressure cooker (Because the other side of the Pressure Cooker is insulated Permanently), lid and vent weight. Wipe dry, Store without closing the Pressure Cooker. Keep the steam channel at proper place. Only the Hot flue gas regulator, steam Generator and silencer are fitted permanently. The steam channel & the Pressure Cooker are Portable. Accessories of the steam Generator/Boiler are fitted on the top of the upper drum of the Boiler in Vertical/upward direction. There is on Pressure Gauge. Its main function is to show maximum pressure of the steam in the Steam-Generator. The user can see/check the movement of Generator Internally. Its dial is indicated by lbs/In2 and Kg/cm2 and have a clear glass fitted in front of the Gauge to check the Pressure with help of Pointer.
Other accessory is the safety valve. It is attached directly to the steam Generator on the top side in upright position independent of any other steam connection and without any unnecessary intervening pipe or fitting. It is automatic relieving device. It lift with Pressure increase. The upward Pressure of Steam suddenly lift the part against the compression spring of safety valve. It acts as a guard against over Pressure to the Steam-Generator. Safety valve is Automatic and precisely engineered it automatically maintains the pressure of the steam at 35 lbs/In2. Excess

steam Generated is periodically released. This pressure can be checked from the pressure gauge. This safety valve guards against a Possible Explosion from Excessive Pressure to the user, occupants of the vehicle and passers by.
In heavy Vehicles the user would load the Pressure Cooker with food gredients and would fit the Pressure Cooker with the help of Steam Channel of the steam Generator. After move she/he can operate the equipment from the Driver seat, because the Equipment would be fitted within the reach of the Driver seat or right to say with in an arms length. The Pressure gauge can be seen easily. The steam Generator can be of three or four Drums (The Equipment which is used in the demostration have two drums) according to need.
The Copper tube is used in the Equipment. It is good conductor of heat and good dissipater. It is a nonferrous metal, which has resistance against rust.
The Drums/ pipes of the Steam Generator are made up of metal. Which is non-ferrous metals (Brass). This also resists Rust.
The Connecting tubes are made up an non-ferrous metal. It also resists Rust. The main reason of this used type of steam Generator is that these vertical tubes are of small diameter helps the steam to go up easily. Helps the condensed steam to go down easily. But Resist the water at the time when the water goes upward on uneven path and at the time of splashing. The condensed steam pulled by the Gravitational force of Earth. At the time of moving of the vehicle the water would vibrate and
agitate in all directions and tends to move in open space in the downward direction. But this time the Gravitational pull works/effects on the water. The steam in pure state would be used for cooking purposes.
It is to be noted that the present invention is susceptible to modifications, adaptations and changes by those skilled in the art. Such variant embodiments employing the concepts and features of this Invention are intended to be within the scope of the present invention, which is further set forth under the following claims :-

1. A silencer cooker comprising of a flue gas regulator connected to a silencer and also steam generator wherein the flue gas regulator comprising of atleast one inlet in communication with atleast two outlets for passage of flue gases covered with a lid provided with a revolving handle, which can be set for ON, OFF and medium position; and the steam generator comprising of atleast two drums in communication with each other in which the lowest drum is provided with a water outlet and the top most drum is having atleast one water inlet and atleast two steam outlets regulated by corresponding valve/knob.
2. A silencer cooker as claimed in claim 1 wherein the inlet of the regulator is connected to outlet of engine of a vehicle.
3. A silencer cooker as claimed in claim 1 or 2 wherein the top most drum of the generator may be connected to a cooker by means of a steam channel.
4. A silencer cooker as claimed in claim 3 wherein the drum is provided with a pressure gauge and a safety valve.
5. A silencer cooker as claimed in any of the preceding claims wherein the steam generator is detachably attached to atleast one pressure cooker.
6. A silencer cooker as claimed in claim 5 wherein the cooker is detachably connected to a steam channel on its periphery.

7. A silencer cooker as claimed in claim 6 wherein the cooker is provided with a pressure gauge and safety valve on half portion of its cover having a weld sealed vent tube to prevent leakage.
8. A silence cooker as claimed in any of the preceding claims is mostly insulated such as herein described wherein the connecting point on the cooker side is provided at higher level than the connecting point on the steam generator side.
9. A silencer cooker as claimed in any of the preceding claims wherein the steam generator is connected to the silencer of the vehicles.
10. A geyser comprising of an insulated tank with a vent pipe therethrough in which the tank is provided with a water inlet, spring loaded safety valve and temperature gauge on its top and a water outlet at its bottom.












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