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Abstract The playing cards shuffling and dealing machine is useul for groups of card players in homes, club houses, casinos. It takes out the monotony, fatigue and doubts about manipulations associated with manual shuffling and dealing. The actual dealing is visible but the card faces are not exposed in the process. It offers flexibility to adapt to any card games, various patterns of dealing, accepts standard cards of any size and material. The basic unit is adequately compact and lightweight for use with conventional or special handling devices.
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The following specification describes the invention.
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Patent Application 1798/MUM/2006
Provisional specification
Playing Cards Shuffling and dealing Machine.
This invention relates to Automatic Shuffling and Dealing of Playing Cards in a variety of card games.
Card games like Rummy, Bridge, Poker and their numerous variations are played by a group of persons where cards are shuffled and dealt to each player in a pre decided manner. The distribution of cards is done from a shuffled stack of one or more decks. Generally shuffling and distribution of cards is done manually by one of the players or by another person deployed for the purpose. There are some devices for automatic shuffling and dealing the cards used in casinos for games like poker where a few cards are dealt per player intermittently. Automatic machines with elaborate arrangements for random shuffling and loading shuffled stack of cards into dealing shoes are used in some casinos but dealing the cards from the dealing shoe to each player individually is done manually.
Shuffling and dealing conventionally in games like Rummy, Bridge where 13 or more cards are to be dealt to many players is cumbersome, monotonous and prone to errors. In manual shuffling and dealing there is room for manipulations. The players expect a fair randomness in shuffling and un-tampered distribution of cards to play a fair game using their skills.
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An Automatic shuffling and dealing machine is invented to satisfy the need of card players. The requirement criteria include simulation of process as done manually but carrying out automatically without human interference thereby eliminating possibilities of manipulation, adaptable to any card game, ease of selection of choice of game, flexibility to use any patterns of dealing the cards, ease of operation and maintenance, portability, compactness, smart appearance and affordable to groups of players in homes, clubs, casinos.
The invented device satisfies the requirements of automatic shuffling and dealing of playing cards without human interference in the process, is suitable for a variety of card games, adaptable to use various patterns of dealing the required number of cards to required number of players.
The standard version of the Automatic card shuffling and dealing machine has a circular dealing pattern where cards are dealt from a central rotating unit simulating the actions as performed in manual dealing but doing it automatically. A number of receptacles are mounted on two semicircular detachable trays. The dealt bunches of cards can be picked up from the receptacle by each player, or served from the trays to the group of players. While the game is played, another set of cards can be dealt and kept ready in another set of trays for next game.
Other numerous configurations are possible by using the compact dealing unit with suitable adaptation of accessories. This machine can be used as extension of any other existing shuffling machines. Shuffling of cards can be done from any other suitable machine and the shuffled deck transferred manually or automatically to the dealing unit of the invented device. The compact dealing unit can be moved around automatically in any manner using conventional devices. Some of the alternative configurations are shown in accompanying drawings. The machine controls can be actuated optionally from a handy remote unit in addition to normal provision.
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Summary of invention
The invented Playing cards dealing machine is useful to card players being user friendly and suitable for any card games played in homes, club houses and casinos. Its compact size enables using it with conventional automation devices as per the convenience of players. Preprogramming of dealing patterns for most commonly played games like Bridge, Rummy, poker can be done initially, including intermittent dealing patterns as per the requirements of poker games. Only the program code needs to be selected for changing the program.
Description of drawing:
Fig. 1. Overall view of the standard version.
Fig. 2. Sectional view of Cards Shuffling chamber.
Fig. 3. View showing card pulling arrangement.
Fig. 4. View showing card receptacles and detachable trays.
Fig. 5. Alternate arrangements of dealing patterns (a) and (b).
Fig. 6. Alternate arrangement of dealing pattern (c).
Description of the Card Shuffling and Dealing Machine.
The machine comprises a number of modules put together as shown in Fig 1. The Shuffling unit (1) is mounted at top. It has two pockets (7) on opposite sides in which stacks of cards of approximately equal height are kept for shuffling. Below this module the card separating and dispensing unit (2) is connected. The shuffled cards fall into the central chamber forming a tapered stack. The bottommost card from this stack is pulled out by a mechanism operated by an electric motor through gearing. The motor actuates a rotating segment having a friction surface coming in contact with the bottom card tangentially. The segment at one point during rotation lifts the stack momentarily and carries the bottom card along with it.
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The card further passes over a roller rotating at higher surface speed and strikes an inclined stopper. The stopper allows only the bottom card to slip out from the aperture and the card falls on the conveying chute. The inclined chute (8) carries the card further by gravity and falls into the card receptacle (6). Before falling into the receptacle the card is sensed by the sensor (10). The motor is then stopped and signal generated to initiate next action of moving the dealing unit to next position. The cycle keeps on repeating till completion of selected program.
The control circuit and rechargeable batteries are housed in the unit (3) below the dispensing unit (2). The circuitry comprises a programmable micro controller and related components. The control actuators comprising switches for power supply on/off, program selection, shuffling, start /pause/restart are placed on the side cover of unit (3).
Selection of choice of card game and number of players is to be done before using the machine for automatic dealing. The selection can ue changed anytime to be effective from next cycle. Visual indication of machine's status is shown by LED. Plug in connectors are used to connect the batteries, motors, switches, sensors, and LED to the control circuit built on a PCB. A buzzer for audio signals is mounted on PCB along with other components required in the circuitry.
The standard configuration of the machine is such that the aggregate of units (1), (2), (3) and unit (4) rotate around a vertical axis. The unit (4) is attached to the bottom of unit (3) which houses a drive motor(22) with gearing for rotation. The aggregate of units (1),(2), (3) and (4) is supported in radial and axial bearings. The bearing housing is attached to the stationary base (19) having a round top plate. There are two semicircular detachable trays held around the base. Each tray has a number of removable receptacles positioned radially. The angular position of rotating assembly is sensed by a sensor attached to unit (4). The drive motor is started and stopped as per the selected program such that the chute carrying the card is just above one of the receptacle in which the card is to be dropped.
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The control receives signals from control panel, sensors and gives outputs to the drives as per the selected program, the cycle of pulling out the bottom card from the shuffled stack into the receptacles is carried out automatically and keeps on repeating till completion of dealing process. Audio and visual signals indicate completion of dealing.
Alternate configurations
a]. A rotating table for placing the dealt cards from the dealing unit, with or without shuffling unit, kept near periphery of the table as shown in Fig 5a. The table can have 8 or more receptacles spaced as required and can rotate in either direction.
b]. An oval shaped guiding track similar to a toy train track on which the dealing unit, with or without shuffling unit, moves as per program to deal the cards at desired position. as shown in Fig. 5b. Skipping some of the stations, where no card to be dealt before or during dealing cycle can be achieved simply by taking out the receptacle (shown at no 7 position in the Fig 5b.) which will not be sensed by the moving unit. The dealing unit, then, moves to next available receptacle.
c]. The dealing unit mounted on an extendable arm moving around a vertical axis in angular and radial positions, programmed to deal the cards in any desired pattern as shown in Fig 6c. This facilitates keeping playing area clear after moving the unit to a parking position (shown as P ) where the shuffled stacks are transferred.. This device can be secured at one corner of the card playing table. Any pattern of dealing within the arm's coverage area is possible
Operation of the Card Shuffling and Dealing Machine.
The power supply is switched on/off by pressing a push button. Supply ' on ' status is indicated by a LED. Two stacks of playing cards are placed in the pockets on both sides at the top of machine. Pressing the * Shuffle ' push button throws, random cards from the two stacks in opposite directions into the central compartment. The shuffled cards are held on a card holder which can be taken out along with the cards before or after dealing. The cards can be removed for reshuffling any number of times or for using remaining cards in games like Rummy.
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The choice of game, number of players, number of cards per player is set with 3 digit thumbwheel switch. Dealing for up to 8 players and any number of cards up to 25 per player can be set simply by selecting the digits on the thumbwheel switch on the standard version of the machine.
Actuation of ' Start ' push button begins automatic dealing. The bottommost card from shuffled stack is dropped into the receptacle. The unit rotates and moves to the next receptacle as per program. Next card is dropped into the receptacle in front of the chute. The process continues after dropping the cards in as many receptacles and total number of cards in each receptacle as per the program. After completion the machine stops with an audio alarm and switching off the 'cycle on' LED. The machine resets itself for repeating the dealing process. The cycle pauses automatically in case of card getting stuck or when not enough cards are left for completing the dealing as per set program. The process can be resumed after rectifying the error and by pressing the ' restart' push button. Change of dealing program can be done anytime before start of next cycle from which tne new program becomes effective.
User friendly features.
The size and shape o* the machine is compact enough for use in homes, club houses, casinos as well as it's portability enables carrying it out to any locations. The machine operates on rechargeable batteries having hours of uninterrupted service. Recharging of batteries from domestic power supply can be done at convenience when the machine is not in use. In case of lowering the speed of operation due to run down batteries, they can be replaced with a standby set of charged batteries easily.
It accepts either Poker size or Bridge size playing cards of any material, thickness and texture. In case of any of the torn, bent or heavily soiled cards getting stuck, the machine automatically goes in pause mode giving audio and visual alarms. After removing the defect the machine can be restarted to complete the remaining cycle.
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I claim,
1. The invented machine makes use of simple, proven mechanisms developed specially for the application, appropriate use of electrical and electronic circuitry and software, non exotic materials and provides numerous features to make it user friendly. The modular construction allows adapting ready to use components or sub-assemblies, and extending the utility to use alternative arrangements of card dealing patterns.
2. The machine uses an electro-mechanical device invented for successively pulling out one card at a time from a stack of playing cards.
3. The card holder in this device has an inclined back plate for aligning the stack of cards in a manner that facilitates pulling out one card at a time.
4. The shape of stopper to allow release of only the bottom card is such that standard cards of any material, any thickness, any texture can be used without or with minor adjustment.
5. The playing card in the machine are handled always face down and the faces are not visible during their automatic movement in the dealing process.
6. The alternative configurations are devised to use the machine in totality or portions of it to enhance the utility for using the device in any suitable manner for card playing games including, Rummy, Bridge, Poker.
Dated This 30th day of October 2006. signature
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The playing cards shuffling and dealing machine is useful for groups of card players in homes, club houses, casinos. It takes out the monotony, fatigue and doubts about manipulations associated with manual shuffling and dealing. The actual dealing is visible but the card faces are not exposed in the process. It offers flexibility to adapt to any card games, various patterns of dealing, accepts standard cards of any size and material. The basic unit is adequately compact and lightweight for use with conventional or special handling devices.
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