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Abstract Process of preparation of blood sugar regulating/ anti-diabetes and Antiobesity product from Phaseolus aureus/Moong/Mung seeds comprising the following steps: a. soaking the Mung seeds, b. germination of Mung seeds, c. optionally if required, drying the soaked/germinated Mung seed to reduce the water content of seeds, d. optionally if required, grinding the dried soaked/germinated Mung seeds, e. optionally if required, extracting the active ingredients from said seed by known methods.
Diabetes is a disease where the sugar level of the blood increases. This increase
in the sugar level of the blood causes many other physiological problems. Some
of the physiological problems become fatal while others reduce the life span of
the individual by 10 to 15 years and in certain cases by even more than this.
Obesity is another physiological problem faced by many people. Obesity many
times become the causative factor for diabetes, cardiac problems, high
cholesterol and high blood pressure. The exact reason for diabetes is not yet
known. But its apparent cause and its control give us indication for some of the
probable factors like increase in stress, change in lifestyle, malnourished diet and
increase of fatty acids in the body, which create resistance in Insulin action.
Diabetes is broadly classified in two types, type-1 and type-ll. Till today diabetes
is mainly controlled by allopathic medicines, which comprises oral drugs and
insulin injections. But unfortunately these medicines are not able to control
diabetes perfectly rather they increase the severity of the disease and many
times the side effects of these drugs are fatal. I have seen many simple diabetes
patients just dying because of the adverse side effects of the drugs for controlling
diabetes and hypertension.
Blood plasma can retain only 2% of sugar. When the sugar concentration rises beyond this 2%, blood becomes thick and it exerts pressure at the wall of the blood vessels. The proteins of the blood come out of the blood to provide space for the extra sugar and thereby PH of the blood falls. This condition many times induces blood pressure.
Drawbacks of Prior Art:
Treating diabetes patients with allopathic drugs is not a desirable thing always, proven by the scientific world. The side effects of allopathic medicines can be seen widely in diabetes patients. Diabetes patients are left with no option; if they do not control their blood sugar they may die of some or other physiological problems and if they take medicines their blood sugar is temporarily controlled but actually they are becoming severe diabetic from mild. This invention provides a healthy alternative to the diabetes treatment.
Insulin resistance is the main cause of the diabetes today. 90% of the diabetes patients are having type-2 diabetes, where insulin resistance is the main cause and 10% are type-1 diabetes, where insulin producing pancreatic B cells go
under cell death. Yet no natural therapy is available for overcoming the resistance faced by Insulin. This invention provides a natural therapy for overcoming Insulin resistance. No natural plant product yet is able to control diabetes effectively. This invention provides a simple natural product, which treats diabetes effectively.
Object of Invention:
Oral drugs and insulin injections are harmful for the body. An early diabetes patient who is controlling his/her blood sugar by various natural plant products is apparently better than a patient who is controlling his or her blood sugar by drugs or insulin injections. This invention is an attempt to achieve the desirable components by applying certain process to natural raw Moong seeds. When a specific process is applied to Moong seeds it turns to an effective anti-diabetes product.
Summary of invention: Novelties and inventive step:
Inventive step of my process lies in the germination of Moong seeds for developing antidiabetes and antiobesity product. By germination I mean facilitation of seed development, the process which starts with removal of seed dormancy and development of the embryo along with enodosperm/cotyledon. Throughout in this specification (including claims), 'germination' shall be conceived as a mere synonym of 'facilitation of the process of seed development (i.e. removal of seed dormancy) by any known method.
I used soaking (which is the most obvious method) as the method of germination. By embryo development/germination nutrients of the seed enhances many fold. Phenolic components, proteins and phosphoinositides of the seed are enhanced/synthesized; what is inducing antidiabetes and antiobesity activity in Moong seeds, hence germination of Moong seeds achieved by any method will lead to an antidiabetes and antiobesity product. During embryo development some important ingredients are synthesized or increased in amount which reduce high blood sugar in blood. Phosphoinositides and their derivatives including phosphatidyllnositol compounds are most important among them. I am experimentally investigating whether these ingredients can reduce high blood sugar in isolation without producing any significant harmful effect. By germination blood sugar regulating activity of Moong seeds is enhanced. By this process certain compounds are generated which activate tyrosine phosphorylation and thereby stimulate insulin receptors. Germination itself is a very complex phenomenon. Many ingredients are synthesizedfmcreased as baby plant has to grow, which help in controlling excess sugar in the blood, for
example, Many inositols including Phosphatidyl inositol 3 phosphate (PI3P), phosphatidyl inositol 3 kinase (PI3K), phosphatidyl inositol 4 kinase (PI4K), phosphatidyl inositol 4 phosphate (PI4P), phosphatidyl inositol 5 phosphate (PI5P), many proteins myoinositol dehydrogenase, tyrosine dehydrogenase, leptin, lectins, lecithin, phytic acid, vitamins of B group, vitamin C and essential amino acids.
Detailed Description of the Invention:
Here is the process invented by me for obtaining an effective natural product for treating diabetes and obesity and other related numerous biological complications. I developed the embryo of the Moong seeds. When the embryo is developed certain in vivo changes take place. Some of these changes are regulating the blood sugar/are antidiabetic and manging the lipid metabolism and are antiobesity. Mung bean starch is considered to be a low glycemic index carbohydrate (Juliano et al. 1989; Lerer-Metzger et al. 1996; Kabir et al.1998, 2000). When tested in Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) cooked noodles from mung beans were shown to have a lower glycemic index. In healthy rats feeding of mung bean starch for 5 weeks led to lowered non fasting plasma glucose and free fatty acids. In both healthy and diabetic rats the mung bean starch reduced plasma triglycerol concentrations and adipocyte volume was decreased. This indicates the use of starch from mung beans beneficial for modifying both glucose and lipid metabolism.Kabir et al. 1998 showed that starch from cooked and powdered Chinese noodles led to Iwer fatty acid synthase activity and mRNA expression in adipose tissue but not in liver of healthy rats. After germination Mung seeds become potent antioxidants. I am experimentally investigating whether these ingredients can reduce high blood sugar in isolation without producing any significant harmful effect. Certain phosphoinositides, derivatives of phosphoinositides, phosphatidyl inositols including phosphatidyl inositol 3 kinase(PISK) and PI3P, phosphatidyl inositol 4 kinase (PI4K), PI4P, PI5P are important. Myoinositol dehydrogenase, tyrosine dehydrogenase, leptin, lecithin, lectins, phytic acid, vitamins of B group, vitamin C and essential amino acids are biologically active compounds obtained by the embryo development of the Moong seeds, which help in reducing blood sugar in synergy or in isolation.
Moong seeds are germinated. After developing the embryo of the seeds to get optional product it is further processed. It is dried to get the dry product. It may be coverted into liquid form to get the liquid product, converted into gel to get gel product

I claim:
1. Process of preparation of blood sugar regulating product/antidiabetes and antiobesity product from Phaseolus aureus (green gram/moong/mung) seeds comprising the following steps:
a. soaking the moong seeds
b. germinating the soaked moong seeds
c. drying the soaked and germinated moong seeds to remove the moisture
d. grinding the dried germinated moong seeds to get the powder.
2. Process as claimed in claim 1 , wherein the product is further processed to get the convenient optional product.


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