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Abstract This invention relates to a mosquito larvicidal preparation comprising a cell mass obtained from a seed of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis bacterial strain in sodium alginate and water aid extruded as granules into calcium chloride solution.
Full Text This invention relates to a mosquito larvicidai preparation of bacillus- thuri noi ensvi. s. var. israel ensis.
Baci i i us thur i noi en si s var . i srael erisi sis » known bacterial strain and processes for the prepai'"fation t hereof «. i'm obtect or this invention i e- to propose a
a oiosqui to larvicidal preparation o-f bacillus
thur i noi ensi y. visr . i sraerl e-nsj B havina e-ui tebl e le-vet of .(. arvicida.l activi tv.
A further object of this invention is to propose a mosquito larvicidal preparation -for preparina a SE} ow—rel e«»e floatinq formulation of bacillus thur i nai ensi s var. i srael lansis to serve as a more efficient agent for des-trovinct mosquito larvae,
At the outset of the description follows. it i 5- to be understood that the- ensuing description only .illustrates a particular form af this invention. However, such « particular form is only an exemplary
embodiment. and without intend!nq to implv any limitation on the scope o-f this invention. Accordinoly. the deavcr i pti on is to be understood «s an exemplar v embodiment and teach!no of the invention and not intended to be taken restrict!velv.
According to this invention, there i« provided a mosquito larvicidal preparation compri si no a cell In accordance with this invention comprises in subjection a seed oi bacillus thurinoienais var. israelensis bacterial strain to the step of population growth. Preferably but without imply!no any Limitations thereto, the step of population growth is effected in three staoes. In the first staae the seed of said bacterial strain is suspended in a medium at a pH 7.0-7,.5 for a period of 6-9 hour to obtain a culture. The culture is transferred to fresh nutrient media having constituents similar to the medium of the first stage in at1 east a further two stages for each a period of 6-8 hour to obtain an inoculum. The inoculum so obtained is
subjected ta the step of fermentation in a nutrient medium containing s-oyaflour, peanut oil and sterile water at a pH of 7. (he stfsp of formulation consists* in « first
step of mixina ceii mass with sodium aloinat.e. said
mixtv>re JK diluted with vjater. extruded && aranules^ into
calcium chloride solution and »aid qranulcs allowed to
cure. She granules are then dried and packed ir«
perforated sachets with polystyrene heads.
A mos-qu i to larvicidel preparation of bacillus
thur.i ngiensis var. :i. sraelensi » acc.ordinci to a preferred
embodiment is herein described «nd illustrated in the
accompanyino drawings wherein:-
Ficj.l shows the flow chart of the process.
The process proposed by t.he present invention and as shown in the flow of chart of fiq.1 comprises transferrino the seed/spores of the strain, obtained from the lyophilized seed lot, into a test tube
having 8--12 The seed medium comprises 0.8-.1, 2"/, peptone* 0.8-1. 27. yeast ex tract, 0. 3-0. 77. q 1 uc ose, 0. 8-1. 27. sa 11 solution and sterile water having pH 7-7.5, The salt solution comprises 1.3X calcium chloride, IV. magnesium chloride. 0,29X /nanqanese sulfate. CJ.S/i sine sulfate. 0.0IX ferrous su). fete. 0.017V copper sulfate, 0.03% nodiiim chloride in (8. i molar hydrochloric acid.
the qrown culture so obtained is transferred into a conical -flask havinci 80--120mi preferably 100ml of seed medium as herein described above and sterile water at s pH 7. Aqain the grown culture so obtained is transferred into another conical flask having 1800-2200ml preferably 2000ml of seed medium as mentioned hereinabove and sterile water at a pH 7-7.5 so aa to all the orowth of the culture at a temperature 28-32°C -for 6-9 hr. at 225-275 r.p.m. stirina/ahaking speed.
The qrown culture so obtained is then transferred into a iomenter/bioreactor having 55-65 litre of production medium containing, 2.5% soya-flour or 1^5"/. Jaggery, 0.5V. yea»t extract, 0.01% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.05X magnesium s-ulfate, 0.3X sodium chloride The growth up cellmase so obtained is then harvested from the above culture either by continuous cen^ri fugation at 2S000-3(30
solution and is subjected to the step of curino for 3-6 hr. Vhe cured granules are dried at a temperature 30-40°C for 24-29 hr and the dried granules »o obtained are then packed in perforated aacheta alongwith polystyrene beads at the ratio of 100:1.

1. A mosquito iarvicidal preparation comprieinq A
cell mass obtained from a seed oi bacillus thuri nolens is
var . i E-rael e-nsi s bacterial strain in sodium alqinate and
water and extruded aa granules into calcium chloride
sol uti on,
2. A mosquito Iarvicidal preparation as claimed in
claim 1 wherein sodium alginate comprises a 3 ho 8/.
solution &f s»odiu(Ti alqinate in water.
3. A mosquito Iarvicidal preparation substantially as
herein described and illustrated,


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