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Abstract Method of constriction and improving the drainage and flood protection of river wherein the drainage of the river is improved comprising the constriction of the width of river by suitable means of long construction such as a wall or embankment of a height higher than the highest possible flood level and a depth deeper than the deepest possible scour level constructed on the riverbed along such alignment so the resulted constricted width of the river is sufficient to pass the highest possible flood discharge without flooding.
1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to method of constriction and improving the drainage and flood protection of river for the purpose of improving their drainage together with carrying on developmental activities on the land reclaimed from River bed after constriction.
2. Description of the Related Art
The notion that rivers should be widened for improving their draining capacity does not hold good for rivers in Gangetic plane. The notion is so strong that while improving riverfront such as in implementation of Ganga Action Plan care was taken not to encroach riverbed, assuming that this will hamper flow of river.
Constriction for improving drainage of river will always be along a long length of the river very much different from local constriction under taken for the purpose of decreasing the length of bridge or barrage.
Flood protection embankments were constructed on firm land along a line little away from riverbanks as in North Bihar. The flood started spilling over the embankments after some years as the level of land between the embankments raised itself due to settlement of silt. Settlement of silt at higher rate was caused by slow speed of rivers flowing in the wider than required width over the land between the two embankments.
To solve the above-described problems, it is an objective of the present invention to make the present invention more advantageous and technically sound than the present systems and the defect has been removed.
Method of river constriction for improving drainage allows embankments to be constructed in the riverbed constricting width for flow of water of river for better flood routing.
Following this method of River constriction for improving drainage a new river front may be created by an embankment or a wall structure constructed in riverbed, parallel to the old banks either close to bank such as to accommodate only a road, a canal etc or at a distance sufficient to accommodate underground sewer pipeline, sewage treatment plant etc. in the riverbed and ghats, roads, parks, buildings etc. on the ground obtained after filling the riverbed.
Method of River constriction for improving drainage relates to constricting rivers by means of continuous or intermittent embankments, walls or structures along the bank of river on one side and in the riverbed parallel to the other bank on the other side or in the riverbed parallel to banks on both sides.
The means of constriction such as embankment, wall or structure may carry sewerage or other pipeline or may itself be in shape of a drain.
The reclaimed land between the means of constriction and the khadir permanent bank of river may be utilized to house sewer or other pipeline, swage treatment / disposal or other under ground plants. Over the means of constriction and over lands obtained by filling the reclaimed riverbed developmental works such as construction of roads, parks buildings etc. may be carried out.
Method of River constriction for improving drainage will automatically deep dredge the river as such it will improve the navigation along the river without dredging.
It will help drain out fast water logged areas making possible one extra crop on land which previously used to be water logged during cropping season.
So this invention is a useful process of utilization of the bed of rivers flowing in Gangetic plane for the purpose for improving rive front and reclamation of land from the river bed still improving the drainage capacity of the river.
This invention is also a useful tool to contain the presently spilling out rivers flowing in the Gangetic plane in their respective channels thus eliminating floods still reclaim land from the river bed for agriculture and other developmental purposes.
Method of constriction and improving the drainage and flood protection of river comprising constricting a wall or embankment along the width of river having height higher than the highest flood level/dancer mark and deepest than the scour level
To assist the understanding of the invention, reference will now be made to the accompanying drawing, which shows one example of the invention.
The above objective and advantages of the present invention will become more apparent by describing in detail preferred embodiments thereof with reference to the attached drawings in which:
FIG. 1 shows one example of constriction of a portion of the length of river according to this invention and some optional utilities below the ground level of the reclaimed land.
FIG. 2 shows the same example of the constriction of a portion of the length of river with optional utilities above the ground level of the reclaimed land.
Now, River constriction method according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to the attached drawings.
In Figure 1 only a portion of length of the constricted river is shown. Lines (1) denote the position of permanent Khadir banks of the river.
Portion (2) denotes the new width of river narrowed by means of two structures (3) constructed one on either side. The structures meant for constriction on one side contains drain of sewer or other pipeline (5). On the other side the constricting structure itself is designed to function as drain (6).
Under ground land (4) reclaimed from the riverbed between the structure of constriction (3) and the Khadir (1) has been utilized for housing under ground sewerage (7), other pipeline (8), under ground sewage disposal & treatment plant (9) or other under ground plant (10).
FIG. 2 shows the over ground land (12) by filling the underground land (11) Road (13), riverside park (14), building (15) and other settlement (16) can be constructed over this land and over the structures (3) meant for constricting the river.
Application Advantages and Examples Cleaning of Yamuna at Delhi
The invention can be applied for cleaning of the river Yamuna at Delhi. It will improve the speed of river thereby light debris will be automatically carried away by the stream making the river cleaner. The river bed reclaimed on both sides shall contain and dispose sewage from habitations leaving the main stream much cleaner.
The reclaimed bed on both banks shall be filled up by earth over sewage pipes and sewage disposal system to do developmental work such as construction of parks, roads, building and other habitation. Finance obtain from disposal of land reclaimed for developmental purposes shall be about hundred times more than the expenditure of constricting the river and filling up of side land.
Eradication of flood from North Bihar
This invention can also be applied in eliminating flood from North Bihar. The present flood protection embankment constructed on either side of river shall be removed
from present location and shall be constructed in the bed of river constricting the stream to flow only in the Lacy's width required for full flood wherein width =19/4 (Q)1/2 = 4.75 Q1/2.
Where Q is the discharge of river in cubic meter per seconds. It gives width in meters.
The highest flood shall pass at higher speed within the channels of river without
spilling thus eliminating floods.
The lands reclaimed between the present and new location of the embankments are at much higher level than the average land of North Bihar. As such they shall sell at much higher cost than the cost of the operation of shifting the protection embankments from old to new location.
Land for Greater Patna from bed of Ganga
This invention shall be utilized for getting land for Greater Patna from the bed of river Ganga by constricting the river and forcing it to flow in a permanent channel close to Northern bank of the river Ganga known as Mahanar channel where it used to flow in 1880's.
The means of construction shall function as a beautiful and useful riverine road along the South bank of so constricted Ganga. The present Patna shall extend 2-4km in the bed of Ganga. Bridges on Ganga shall be much smaller in length, less than one fourth of the present length. Price of land reclaimed from the rive bed and reduction in cost of bridges shall be about ten times more than the cost in constricting the river.
The present invention has been described relative to an illustrative embodiment. Since certain changes may be made in the above constructions without departing from the scope of the invention, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description or shown in the accompanying drawings be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.
It is also to be understood that the following claims are to cover all generic and specific features of the invention described herein, and all statements of the scope of the invention which, as a matter of language, might be said to fall therebetween.

I Claim
1. Method of constriction and improving the drainage and flood protection of river
comprising constricting a wall or embankment along the width of river having
height higher than the highest flood level/dancer mark and deepest than the scour
2. Method of constriction and improving the drainage and flood protection of river
as claimed in any of the above claims substantially as described in the
specification and illustrated in the accompanying drawings.






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