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Abstract A mounting plate is provided, having a receptacle for a wiper drive and having bearing points for wiper bearings as well as fasteniing points for nstallation in a vehicle, wherein the mounting plate comprises at least two components, including one half-shell-like bent sheet-metal part connected by injection molding to a plastic body that braces the bent sheet-metal part on the inside.
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Patent Number 214464
Indian Patent Application Number IN/PCT/2001/213/CHE
PG Journal Number 13/2008
Publication Date 31-Mar-2008
Grant Date 12-Feb-2008
Date of Filing 14-Feb-2001
Name of Patentee ROBERT BOSCH GMBH
Applicant Address Postfach 30 02 20, D-70442 Stuttgart,
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 ZIMMER, Joachim Uhlandstrasse 5, D-77880 Sasbach,
PCT International Classification Number B60S 1/32
PCT International Application Number PCT/DE00/01722
PCT International Filing date 2000-05-26
PCT Conventions:
# PCT Application Number Date of Convention Priority Country
1 199 27 067.8 1999-06-15 Germany