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Abstract A method and an arrangement for monitoring a computing element in a motor vehicle are suggested. The computing element generates, with the aid of the program modules, at least one output quantity for controlling at least one function in the motor vehicle in dependence upon at least one input quantity. At least one program module or at least a part thereof is selected for monitoring the correct function of the computing element (12). This at least one selected module or the at least one selected part thereof or a copy is run through in the computing element (12) on the basis of test data and the result of the test data computation is compared to a pregiven result for fault detection. Fig.2
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Method and Arrangement for Monitoring a Computing Element
jn a Motor Vehicle
State of the Art.
The invention relates to a method and an arrangement: for

addition to or as an alternative to the execution control to improve the monitoring of the operability of the programs of the second level. In The context of this command test, selectee

quality or the monitoring is ensured notwithstanding the increasing extent of functions.
This is achieved with the characterizing features of the

described procedure, a monitoring is provided which is known from the state of the art and which operates in the computing element in the context of a second level.
Additional advantages will become apparent from the

and/or of the motor vehicle. The corresponding drive signal quantities are cutputted to- the actuating elements 38 to 42 via the lines 32 to 36.

to be adjusted, the input of an injection trace (pre-injection, post-injeccion}, the control of a charge moving flap, et cetera so that there, in addition to the described programs, a plurality of additional programs are to be provided which have influence on the power of the engine and therefore en the reliability of the

functions present in the first level (level l'J, In addition to the command test and, if required, a procsss control, memory tests are provided which ascertain the operability of the

unit are tested independently of the function check.
The realization of this monitoring measure takes place in that individual rsilability-relevant modules and/or computing

unit are testae: independently of the function check.
The realization of this monitoring measure takes place in that individual rsliability-relevant modules and/or computing steps of the reliability-relevant modules are selected and are

monitoring the throttle flap actuator; modules for executing an analog-digital converter test; modules which execute the desired torque coordination; modules which execute the idle control;

quantities are used by the reliability-relevant modules, that is; the power-determining program modules. Furthermore, control signals for controlling the actuating elements are outputted by

executing the control functions; the level 1' to which are allocated the programs 110 to 118 or parts thereof or copies thereof which form the basis of executing the monitoring

of data are scored in the memory of the computing element 12 and are selected by the monitoring module 11 via a corresponding command, The command tast takes place via selected programs

are switched over into the position shown in phantom outline when the conditions (preferably time conditions) occur for the command

1. Method for monitoring a computing element (12) in a vehicle the computing element including program modules (110 to 116) with the aid of which the operating performance of the motor vehicle is influenced; the computing element generates, with the aid of

when there are impermissible deviations.
5, Method of one of the above claims, characterized in that the computing element functions to control the drive unit of a motor vehicle and the at least one selected program module is

electro-motoric application,
10. Arrangement for monitoring a computing element (12} in a motor vehicle, the arrangement having a computing a lenient. (1.2) , which includes program modules (110 to 118}, with the aid of

11. Method for monitoring a computing element in a vehicle, substantially as hereinabove described and illustrated with reference to the accompanying drawings.

Method and Arrangement: for Monitoring a Computing Element i:. a
Motor Vehicle




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