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Abstract In order to mount a diamond in a dop so that the diamond table is level and at a predetermined height, the diamond is positioned in an injection moulding tool so that the table is engaged with the underside of a top plat, the diamond being pushed upwards by an insert. An elastomer is injection moulded into a dop ring and holds the diamond securely in the dop ring in that there is elastomer both in front of and behind the girdle of the diamond. Although some shrinkage of the elastomer can occur, the table of the diamond is set strictly parallel to the upper and lower surfaces of the dop ring and the table is just slightly below the plane defined by the top of the dop ring. In this way, the dop can be placed on the table of an apparatus for forming the mark by micro lithography, after applying a photoresist to the diamond table.
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Mounting and preparing a gemstone or industrial diamond for the formation of a mark
on the surface thereof
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The surface should also be set generally at a particular height, though quite a large error

Regarding the choice of the hardness of the elastic or flexible holding material, e

temperature can be accurately controlled. The gemstone or industrial dismond is in good thermal contact with the holding meterial.

Figure 2 is a schematic vertical section illustrating a method of setting a gernstone in a second holder.

It may be desirable to subject the resist to a post-exposure bake. A process of diffusion

The dop ring 92 itself can be made of stainless steel or of aluminium alloy or alernium.

The present invention has been described above purely by way of example, and modifications can be made within the spirit of the invention which , extends to equivalent of the features described.


planar with said locating surface.

4, The method of Claim 3, wherein the opening of the container is uppermost and the gemstone or industrial diamond is lowered into the container.

40. A gernstone or industrial diamond which has been mounted by the method of any of Claims 1 to 26.

46. The holder of Claim 45, wherein the holding material has been injection

47. A gemstone or industrial diamond which has been prepared by the method of any of Claims 27 to 30 and 39.

48. A method of mounting a gemstone or industrial diamond for the formation of a mark on a surface substantially as herein described with reference to the accompanying drawings.
49. A gemstone or industrial diamond substantially as herein described with reference to the accompanying drawings.


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