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Abstract This invention relates to a transgenic, glutosmate tolerant rice plant cell, which is characterized in that: a) the genomic DNA of said plant, cell, tissue or seed is capable of yielding the following restriction fragments or pairs of restriction fragments as herein described wherein each of said restriction fragments is capable of hybridizing, under standard stringency conditions, with the 1327 bp fragment obtainable by EcoRI digestion of the plasmid having the nucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO 8, said standard hybridization conditions are as herein described; and/or b) a DNA fragment of between 290 and 350 bp, preferably of about 313 bp can be I amplified from the genomic DNA of said plant cell using a polymerase chain reaction.with two primers having the nucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO 4 and SEQ ID NO 5, respectively.
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