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Abstract A tap comprising a hollow body defining a liquid inlet, an air inlet, a liquid outlet and an air outlet, and a divider element dividing the interior of the body into a liquid flow passageway between the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet and an air flow passageway between the air inlet and the air outlet, a section of the air flow passageway being separated from the liquid flow passageway, the separate section having ari inlet and an outlet, a valve system for controlling liquid and air flow in the passageways, and a push button,connected to the body for operating the valve system, wherein the air inlet and the liquid outlet are adjacent to each other and the valve system comprises a valve element, the valve element being movable by pressure on' the push button from a first position in which it closes the liquid inlet and prevents liquid flow from the tap to a second position in which liquid flows from the tap, wherein the valve element also controls air flow in the air flow passageway and the valve element, when in the first position, is adjacent to but spaced from the outlet of the separate section of the air passageway
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Patent Number 210603
Indian Patent Application Number IN/PCT/2000/181/CHE
PG Journal Number 15/2008
Publication Date 11-Apr-2008
Grant Date 08-Oct-2007
Date of Filing 13-Jul-2000
Applicant Address Lee Road Merton Park Estate, Merton, London SW19 3WD
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 BLACKBOURN, Geoffrey 17-C West End Whittlesford Cambridge CB2 4LX
2 WOODWARD, Ian "Fir Trees" Old Lodge Lane Kenley Surrey CR8 5EU
PCT International Classification Number B67D 3/04
PCT International Application Number PCT/GB1999/000136
PCT International Filing date 1999-01-15
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1 9801006.9 1998-01-16 U.K.