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Abstract When energy after a suitable process of transformation / induction is infused / impacted into a suitable matter as carrier, energized-matter or 'Enermat' or 'Therapeutic-Transducer is formed. The energy thus impacted usually found to be retained within the matter(s) in some latent form, like latent heat of fusion / evaporation etc., which may not be possible to be measured as such. Such retention or holding of energy within the matter is usually without any change of chemical formula of the matter, but there may be crystalline or structural changes. Many inert substances with no therapeutic value have been found to develop therapeutic values after such energization for healing and cure of diseases. If the toxicity, if any, of any carrier matter is brought under control through proper dilution, Enermats have no side effects unlike that of medicines / drugs etc and chemical composition of an 'Enermat' or 'Therapeutic-Transducer' is also not important unlike that of a medicine or drug. Such treatment with energy through suitable Enermats or Therapeutic-Transducers, have been found to be able to modify / heal / cure so many diseases.
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[0001] The invention is in the field of Energy-healing that when energy is induced in a transformed state in a latent form into a matter or substance of no apparent therapeutic value, at a later stage, the energy, after a second transformation, reveals itself as a healing energy with therapeutic values. As the energy during the induction phase and subsequent phase of release undergoes transformation, the matter or the substance acts as a Transducer of energy and as these transducers reveal therapeutic values, they are called Therapeutic Transducers.
[0002] Different matters and substances absorb different types of energies in a latent form to reveal different therapeutic values on different diseases.
[0003] Energy being possible to be retained in a stable form for an indefinite period, in a latent state, within a matter as its carrier, it reveals itself when applied at a later stage, and no direct application of energy from a source is required.
[0004] The forms of energy before induction into the matter may not have therapeutic value but after double or two stage transformation reveal therapeutic values on its release.
[0005] We all know that there are different systems and processes for treatment of diseases for healing and cure, like Allopathy, Homoeopathy along with so many others of which these two are predominant and the first one is the most widely practiced in the world. Whether it is Allopathy or Homoeopathy or some other system we usually use Medicines or Drugs or some such substances in an effort to accomplish the healing and cure.
[0006] It is also our experience that with such Medicines or Drugs it has not been possible to cure so many diseases, which are called as 'Incurable Diseases'.
[0007] Though we have the experience of healing and cure with Medicines or Drugs we also have the experiences to heal or cure diseases without medicines or drugs and that is with the application of energy.
[0008] It is also true that most of such work or research on energy-healing has been carried out on direct application of energy on human body which we have learnt from the Nature or through our experience.
[0009] Some common examples of Energy-Healing in Nature, that we all know from our daily life where energy is directly applied to heal or cure disease are;
a) Radiation Energy of the Sun entering into the body is able to heal diseases of bone.
b) Sound Energy (Music) entering into the body through the ear is able to heal disease of Nerve, Brain and Mind like Insomnia, Tension, Hypertension etc.


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c) Infra-red Heat Energy entering into the body is able to heal muscular and joint
d) Magnetic Energy entering into the body to relieve joint pains of Arthritis,
e) Thermal Energy applied through a Pad on the body to be conducted in through the skin is able to heal Tonsil or Throat pain, Cough and Cold etc.
f) Electrical Energy (as shock) conducted into the brain for treatment of lunatics.
[0010] In some other instances, aqueous solution of Sodium chloride, water etc. can be energized by passing electricity or under a magnetic field to form an energized matter / substance to reveal medical benefits wherein the induced energy remains in an active form which fade / die-out after some time when stored away from their energy sources electricity / magnetism etc. Such energized-matters are formed with unstable energization. Such processes of energization are usually static energization, wherein the matter / substance are static and do not undergo attrition of molecules / particles of the matter / substance.
[0011] All these are examples that we can modify / heal / cure a disease through the application of Energy carried through a suitable substance. As energy, the healing agent, is not a substance these different types and forms of energies able to cause healing and cure of diseases are not considered as Medicines or Drugs.
[0012] It may also be noticed in those above examples that even if the different forms of energies like radiation energies, sound, heat, magnetic, electrical energies are carried by different matters and substances like ether, air, pad, water etc., the energies do not get transformed to be retained into the substance in a latent form, which can be released later under suitable conditions for the desired therapeutic effect.
[0013] The present invention of Therapeutic-Transducers' make it possible to induce different forms of energy into a substance in a stable and latent form to be released subsequently, under suitable conditions, which reveals therapeutic values. The energy undergoes the first transformation during its dynamic induction into the substance and is retained within the substance in a stable, latent form for an indefinite period. Again the energy can be released out of the substance, under suitable conditions, through a second transformation, when the released energy reveals therapeutic values to cure diseases.
[0014] No direct application of Energy - In most of the common and conventional energy-healing systems and procedures the process of healing is effected though direct exposure of the body before the source of energy. But in this present invention the effect of healing / cure is attained through indirect application of energy.


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[0015] Indefinite life of energy storage - In some other cases the energy is carried by some matters and substances in an actively energized, unstable state, like electrically / magnetically charged some aqueous solutions or Water. These energized substances are unstable and cannot be stored for an indefinite period unlike the present invention of Therapeutic Transducers, which can be stored for an indefinite period.
[0016] No risk of direct or over \ under exposure of energy - The difference of the present invention with existing other systems and procedures is that in the present invention the energy to cause healing is kept stored to a limited amount and in a latent form of a stable level within a suitable matter, whereas the processes of direct application of energy there is chances of over-dosing and energy healing with energized-matters like energized / active aqueous solutions or substances applied in its dying out phase of de-energization lead to irregular, unstable, inconsistent dosing, which may prove to be harmful or may not prove to be of any medical value. But Therapeutic Transducers with fixed and stable amount of energy do away with hazards of direct exposure of energy or effects of unknown levels of energy in a un-stably energized substance.
[0017] Consistent dosing - Therapeutic- transducers produced from a matter or substance is inducted with desired, consistently, equally quantified and limited amount of latent energy ensures desired and consistent dosing unlike direct application of energy from a source or variable, unstably energized substances.
[0018] Convenience of handling - As the desired amount of induced latent energy of a Therapeutic Transducer is related to quantity of the matter or substance desired quantity of the Therapeutic-transducer can suitably be mixed / diluted with other inert inactive substances to increase the total mixture to be compressed into suitable tablets for ease of handling with accurate dose
[0019] A dynamic process of Enrgization through attrition - In some conventional processes of energization where some substances are energized electrically, magnetically etc. the molecules or particles of the substances do not undergo through the process of attrition and those are static energization, whereas the invented process of energization is a process of dynamic energization through the process of attrition of the molecules and particles of the substance..
[0020] Assessment of Degree of Relative Latent Energization - As the degree of induction of latent energy into a substance follows a graph similar to hysterisis curve of magnetism, amount of latent energy that can be induced into unit mass of the substance is fixed which can usually be attained by processing the substance for 2 to 4 hours through the process of Dynamic Mechanical Attrition as described later and assessing the increase of chemical affinity with respect to the chemical affinity at the initial state of the substance as explained later. Thus as Humidity is assessed as Relative Humidity, Latent Energization is also assessed as Relative Latent Energization. In conventional processes of energization there are no systems to assess / quantify the degree of energization.

[0021] The invention opens up a new direction of use of energy for the purpose of healing and cure of diseases that the energy induced in a suitable matter is stored in a latent form for use at the time of need or convenience and the stored energy reveals itself as a healing agent to heal and cure diseases.
[0022] The invention opens up a new method of treatment of a wide range or variety of diseases of which there is no cure or available treatment is inadequate to meet the expectations of the people.
[0023] The invention also meets the demand of the day to avoid Medicines and Drugs for their adverse side effects while used for the treatment of diseases.
[0024] The invention has opened up a new way of knowing a matter or substance regarding its property or ability of getting inducted with an energy in a latent form to be able to heal and cure diseases.
[0025] The invention has extended the concept of energy-healing.
[0026] The invention will make treatment of diseases easier and cheap affordable even by the poorer sections of the people.
[0027] The invention will provide an alternative non-invasive treatment for diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes and Cardio-vascular diseases.
[0028] The invention allows patients neither to maintain an expensive Energy source for other energy healing processes at home nor require to visit the chamber of a doctor every now and then to receive the desired exposure of energy.
[0029] The invention makes treatment of difficult diseases safe and enjoyable whether the patient is too old and weak or a new born baby.
[0030] The invention has made it possible to carry treatment of difficult diseases absolutely harmlessly.
[0031] The possibility of the Theraneutic-Transducers. carrying the healing energy
within it, can be converted in the form of a tablet for easy administration and the procedure of treatment becomes extremely simple and handy.
[0032] Unlike one patient at a time before the source of the energy gadget, hundreds and thousands of patients can be treated simultaneously without any inconvenience.
[0033] Treatment of patients staying away can be treated without any difficulty unlike conventional energy-healing systems and procedures.

[0034] Our living body is comprised of matter and energy. When the internal
energies interact with the matters of the body and exchange their energies we are alive and when energy levels of such interaction fade out we proceed toward death. This fading out occurs when the harmonization of the internal energy of the body starts getting disturbed / lost with the energy of the environment. We know every matter is comprised of atoms and molecules and that each and every atom and molecule vibrates with its own frequency, which may go under variation under different conditions. Similarly energy that exists in our living body and in the environment propagates through vibration, frequency and waves. During energy transformation from one form to the other frequency of vibration may change but remain always interactive with energized matter. Thus the interaction of the molecules as energized with various forms of energy help the life vibrating and we live on. The process of life is a dynamic one and moves with the time. The duration of such continuous interaction is called aging and any intermission may lead to a total stoppage and is likely to require a total reorganization and re-harmonization from the very beginning, may be from a near microbial unit stage of ovum and sperm where from such reorganization and re-harmonization of energized matter and energy is only possible, which is called Birth. Now it will gather more energized matter with the basic one keeping in harmony with the energy around, which is called Growth. And the cessation of harmony of energized matter with the energy of the environment is Death.
[0035] Though our body when alive, is comprised of Matter and Energy (Life Force), within the scope of the human body, neither the matter is converted into energy nor energy is converted into matter as per Einstein's Theory of Relativity i.e. E - m x C2 . So a deficiency / disorder of Matter of the body must be compensated / replenished with suitable matter only and that harmonization of Energy / Life Force with the energy of the environment can be tuned with suitable energy only, which is impossible with application of any matter / substance in the form of Medicine or Drug. Thus idea of insertion / application of Medicine / Drug for the purpose of total and ultimate healing and cure is absolutely bogus because even if matter part of our body is considered, harmonization of the Energy part of our body is totally ignored / overlooked. And that is why Medicines or Drugs fail to cure so many diseases and are termed as 'Incurable Diseases'.
[0036] Thus for total healing and cure suitable energy must be supplemented to harmonize the Energy or Life Force within the living body with the energy of the environment which can only be performed by application of Energized-matter or 'Therapeutic-Transducers' which are similar to packets of difFerent types of energy as in Quantum Theory of Light.
[0037] The importance of energy within us and synchronization of it with the energy of the environment is so important that it can be understood / realized with a simple possibility that if the energy of the Sun is totally made off from the environment no amount of medicine, chemicals or food can keep us alive on this Earth. This fact can also be realized from a simple observation that the aggravation of so many incurable diseases, like Asthma, Cancer, Tuberculosis etc. starts increasing as the Sun goes down in the


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evening, reaches its maximum at night and again subsides, to some extent, in the morning as the Sun rises. Thus aggravation of diseases increases as the energy of the Sun in the environment decreases in that part of the Earth where it is night, and that the level of interaction of energies, internal and environmental, also comes down.
[0038] At the ideal condition the harmony of such energized matter part and energy part of the living body should be at par with the speed of light and if lags behind that, it will consume time and will be subject to aging. The more the lagging the quicker is the aging. There is another system of assessing aging, which is aging as per the time passed on the Earth. This is the time passed on the Earth in terms of years, months, days etc. While the first one is Absolute Aging, the latter one is Relative Aging, relative to the Earth.
You may happen to meet some of your old friends after a long time that he is as good and as young as before- his Absolute aging is less but Relative aging is as that of yours. You may find another friend who might have turned grey, skin hanging, and teeth uprooted- his Absolute aging is more but Relative aging is same as that of yours and that of your first friend. The energy harmony and the systemic speed of operation of your second friend has fallen back much from the speed of light and that is why he has consumed more time and his aging is more. Now what is the cause that your second friend has fallen back of the speed of time? It is due to the partial disharmony of his energized matter and energy in his body with that of the environment.
[0039] This cause of the speed / vibration of Life force falling back with the speed / vibration of Light or Time is called Disease.
[0040] Thus a disease with its magnitude, relevance and area causes the individual to consume time and aging advances. If such causes of the diseases could be eliminated and the energized body matter and internal energy harmonized as closely as possible with the environmental energy we recover and consume less time and rate of aging is reduced- our life span becomes longer as measured with the time scale of the Earth. This art of removing the causes of disharmony between energized body matter and energy with the energy of the environment is the real and true healing process. But as general process of treatment and recovery what is administered as medicine is a chemical, which may just have a pathological effect on our bodily performance. But without any consideration that the life force vibrating within is at somewhat near that of Light. These medicines, just chemicals, a non-energized substance, cannot match up with that speed of life. An example will clear the functioning.
Suppose you are moving in a train and your watch falls off the window. You are disturbed - dis-eased, but neither can you lift the watch form the ground nor someone who has lifted the watch from the ground can give it to you. To reconnect you with the watch- that is to heal your dis-ease either you are to stop the train or cause to move the watch, with the help of a car etc., to synchronize with the speed of the train and that now if that someone extends his hand with the watch towards you it will only then be possible for you to receive the watch. The ailing factor supplemented- you healed up. Here it was not possible for you to stop the train because it is not an ordinary train. It is non-stoppable


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like a furnace. Once stopped you are to re-lit it from the very beginning and to restart you require the first fire from an external source. So if you stop you are dead and to restart you require to be disintegrated and properly reassembled for that re-touch of life in a mother's womb. You are to re-born.
As is your case of dis-ease of deficiency of the watch, similar is the ailments of the body or diseases for loss, deficiency or disharmony of matter and energy. Your reunion with your watch was not so simple. Thus when your body is resting on a bed or a chair your internal energy is functioning close to the speed of light. So supplementing some matter or energy to your life force is not so simple. When you received the watch back at the window of the train the watch was having suitable kinetic and static energy to harmonize and to combine into your hand. So to supplement the deficiency, disorder or disharmony the matter in the form of healing substance must be suitably energized to harmonize it at par and transfer to serve the purpose of recovery and healing. It may be remembered that substances modifying / healing a disease is not at par with food. Food need not be energized as it is just to supply the fuels and nutrients. It is targeted towards body, essentially for metabolism. But healing Transducers are targeted towards the vital force of life not necessarily for metabolism. It must possibly be a dynamic transfer.
Thus an inactive or inert substance, which may not have much therapeutic value as such, may hold wonderful healing energy for many incurable diseases. Some such matters may be Lime, Common Salt, Sand etc. Ordinarily these do not possess any healing power or therapeutic value but when energy is impacted act most wonderfully to cure many diseases of Bone, Blood etc. very confirmingly, every time. What is the secret behind? What is this harmonization in the body system? How is it performed?
Criteria for Induction / impaction of Energy in a matter
[0041] The inherent nature and property of a matter or substance is of great importance whether a particular matter can be impacted with a specific energy to retain it in a latent form or not. It is also dependent on the type and form of the energy that is being attempted to induce into a particular substance.
For example, if a piece of Iron, a piece of Nickel and a piece of Wood are taken for the purpose of inducing or inducting magnetic energy within it, we know that when rubbed with a permanent magnet, the piece of Iron will retain full magnetic energy, the piece of Nickel will retain magnetic energy partially and the piece of Wood will not retain any magnetic energy at all. Now if this piece of Iron, holding magnetic energy is applied on the painful joints of the body it is found to modify / heal the joint pain. Here energy is the healing agent. That energy is the healing agent is once again proved by the fact that the piece of Nickel, with less amount of energy, will be less effective to modify the joint pain and the piece of Wood with no residual magnetic energy within it, will not be able to modify the joint pain at all. Here scientifically, we can measure the amount of magnetic energy that could be inducted into those pieces of Iron, Nickel or Wood. In this example it has been considered whether Magnetic energy has been retained as Magnetic energy, actively without transformation in those pieces of iron, nickel and wood.

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But what has not been considered is whether the pieces of iron, nickel or wood retained any magnetic energy in any other transformed / latent form developing any therapeutic value or not. The present invention relates to that field.
[0042] As the energy, in the form of magnetism, being infused into a piece of iron could modify / heal a joint pain, and could be measured, the same magnetic energy again being infused through a dynamic transformation into another substance, Lactose to act as an energy transducer to form a Therapeutic transducer, is again able to modify / heal the same pains of joints. In both these cases, of Iron and Lactose, the magnetic energy accomplished the same results but in the first instance of Iron, the magnetic energy infused in iron could be measured but in the second instance of Lactose the amount of latent energy infused within, is not possible to be measured by the science as yet, though there are proofs that energized lactose' /. 'Lactose inducted with energy' is able to modify / heal joint pain whether the magnetism induced can be measured or not or not known in what latent form the energy has been retained within the Lactose. This retention of latent energy is somewhat similar to latent heat of fusion or latent heat of evaporation.
Matters and substances in Nature as Minerals, substances of General Chemistry with basic elements and those of Plant & Vegetation and Animal kingdom come up as examples, which can be induced with suitable energy to form Therapeutic-Transducers. Some are mentioned herein where even if those matters and substances are of no apparent therapeutic value, are able to cure diseases when induced with energy in a suitable energy field;
Substances of Mineral Kingdom like :
[0043] SiO2 or Sand - is able to cure extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, Allergy, Diabetes..
[0044] CaCO3 or Lime - Cures Arthritis, Diseases of bone and Hypo-thyroidism.
[0045] CaSiO3 or White cement (common) - Heals Cartilages, Ligaments and
Arthritis, Diseases of Arteries & Vessels.
[0046] CaSO4 or Plaster of Paris - Arrests formation of pus cells within the body
Substances of General Chemistry like :
[0047] K2CO3 or Potassium Carbonate - can cure Asthma, Diseases of Nerve and
Pulmonary tuberculosis, Diabetes.

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[0048] K2S or Potassium Sulphide - Controls Nerve diseases and Malignancy.
[0049] S or Sulphur - Cures Hypertension and Cardio-vascular diseases also can
augment removal of worn out and stagnant cells of the body.
[0050] CaS or Calcium Sulphide - Cure cough and cold, Diseases of bone
[0051] Cal or Calcium Iodide - can control / cure disease of glands, Diabetes
[0052] Asl or Arsenic Iodide - Cures Tuberculosis and formation of Pus
[0053] Calcium Arsenite - controls and cures Malaria, Diseases of bone & Arteries.
[0054] C or Carbon - controls / heals Asthma, Allergy, Skin diseases.
[0055] BaCO3 or Barium Carbonate - cures Diabetes and Cardio-vascular diseases.
[0056] BaS or Barium Sulphide - cures Hypertension and Dilatation of tissue
[0057] Bal or Barium Iodide - cures diseases of Lymph nodes
[0058] Fe3O4 or Ferroso-ferric Oxide - Cures diseases of Blood and augments
oxygen carrying capacity of blood.
[0059] MgS or Magnesium Sulphide - Cures Diabetes, Brain, Nerve & Muscular
£0060] HgO or Mercuric Oxide - Modifies aggravation of Cancer.
[0061] Hgl or Mercuric Iodide - Relieves viral infections, Malaria.
[0062] HF or Fluoric Acid - Cures diseases of Bone and Blood, Nerve, Arterial
[0063] HCL or Hydrochloric Acid - Cures Muscular inflammations and Ulcers.
Plant &Vegetation Kingdom :
[0064] Vinegar - when induced with energy can control propagation of malignancy.
[0065] Cucumber-extract - Cures Metabolic disorders and Tri-glycerides in blood.
[0066] Papaya-extract - Modifies Metabolic disorders and Cholesterol in blood
Animal Kingdom :
[0067] Egg Albumen - in energized condition is able to cure Arthritis.

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[0068] A particular Therapeutic-transducer holding a specified energy may not be able to cover energy disorder of all the different cells of the body affected under the influence of a particular disease. So to cover the problems of particular disease a number of Therapeutic-transducers may require to form a composite Therapeutic-transducer for most effective healing / cure of the particular disease.
For example : As mentioned herein above that Diabetes is controlled by the Therapeutic-transducers formed from Sand, Potassium carbonate, Calcium iodide, Barium carbonate, Magnesium sulphide. These Therapeutic-transducers control different aspects of the same disease Diabetes. A combination of all these therapeutic transducers, forming a Composite Therapeutic Transducer acts more effectively on Diabetes than any of the above Transducers applied singularly.
[0069] Usually Energy happens to be in transformation when in action. Thus it is
preferable to use a source of energy, which gets transformed into multiple other forms when in use or in action. The most preferred such form of energy is Mechanical energy converted through Friction into heat, vibration, sound energy etc., which may easily be supplemented with energy fields of Magnetism, Electricity etc. The generation, transformation, induction of energy can be controlled under variable conditions of pressure, temperature, speed, impact and materials under friction.
[0070] Healing and cure with Therapeutic-transducer are performed through the
therapeutic value of a transformed state of energy and not through the therapeutic value of any substance. Medicine or Drug is a substance, the inherent therapeutic property of which modifies / heals / cures a disease but when energy is modifying / healing / curing a disease and Energy is not a substance Therapeutic-transducer do not fall under the purview or definition of Medicines / Drugs.
[0071] - It has already been pointed out that the matter or substance which is inducted with an energy, apparently does not possess any therapeutic value and it is the energy inducted into the matter which actually effects cure. Thus as the matter or substance is not responsible for cure, the chemical composition of the matter or substance is irrelevant for assessment of curability of Therapeutic-transducer unlike Medicines or Drugs, where the therapeutic value of the substance of medicine / drug is responsible for cure.

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[0072] Therapeutic-transducers act as healing agent through its latent energy, whereas Medicines or Drugs modify, not necessarily heal, through chemical reaction / interaction with bodily substances.
[0073] If only the toxicity of some substances of Therapeutic-transducers are controlled within 10-6 there is absolutely no side effect, where as Medicines or Drugs are almost always associated with side effects.
[0074] Therapeutic-transducers do not disturb the bio-chemical balance of the human body, whereas Medicines / Drugs invariably disturb the biochemical balance of the body.
[0075] A Therapeutic-transducer is ineffective and absolutely harmless even if applied wrongly and does not act, whereas a Medicine or Drug is always harmful whether applied rightly or wrongly.
[0076] Therapeutic-transducers stimulate the bio-chemical system of the body for corrective measures whereas Medicine or Drug interferes with that bio-chemical system.
[0077] The healing effects of Therapeutic-transducers are not predominantly
proportional to quantity / dose or number of units utilized / consumed and never produces adverse effects with increased amounts whereas effects of Medicines / Drugs are predominantly proportional to the quantity or units utilized / consumed, viz, too less quantity / dose may not produce any relieving effect and too high quantity / dose may prove to be fatal.
[0078] For a Therapeutic-transducer chemical composition is absolutely unimportant for the assessment of curability of a Therapeutic-transducer, whereas chemical composition for a Medicine or Drug is absolutely essential
[0079] A Therapeutic-transducer produces marginally beneficial / healing effects with increased amount of doses but with diminishing returns, whereas effects of Homoeopathic Medicines are not at all proportional to increased amount of doses after a standard dose. For example, whatever results could be produced by 1 drop of Chelidonium 30 will not be enhanced by 10 drops.
[0080] A number of Therapeutic-transducers can be combined to form a Composite Therapeutic Transducer for a specific disease and supplements added for variations of a single disease, but Homoeopathic Medicines are not meant for any specific disease, it goes only by symptoms.


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[0081] Therapeutic-transducer, almost always produce healing effects, more than 95% cases, whereas healing effects of Homoeopathic Medicines are almost always uncertain.
[0082] Healing effects of Therapeutic-transducers on a specific disease are nearly total whereas that of Homoeopathic Medicines may produce partial results.
[0083] Therapeutic-transducers produce positive healing effects even in many incurable diseases like Asthma, Arthritis, Cancers, Diabetes, whereas Homoeopathic Medicines are uncertain and practically failure on those diseases.
[0084] For Therapeutic-transducers dilution of a substance may be necessary to reduce / control the toxicity of the substance for energizing, whereas dilution is considered to be a process for potentising or increasing the power of the homoeopathic medicine one step above the previous power / dilution.
[0085] Healing power of a Therapeutic-transducer depends on its possible degree of energization and not dilution / potentisation. But healing power of a Homoeopathic Medicine is claimed to be increasing with dilution / potentisation which may not be possibly to be proved at all, rather it may be observed that Homoeopathic Medicines with lower dilution / Potency produces proven healing effects than the higher dilution / potency.
[0086] When a substance is to be energized or to be converted into a Therapeutic-transducer, for the purpose of healing diseases it is brought under a Field of Force or Forces or Energies which may be Mechanical Force of Friction / attrition, Magnetic Field, Electrical Field, Radiation, Microwaves etc. The field of Force / Energy may be single or in combination of two or more. In combination energization, one of the energies is Mechanical force in friction / attrition on the subject matter or substance.
[0087] While dealing with the process of impaction or induction of energy within a matter or substance for energization of matter it may be mentioned here that the energy transfer or transfusion here is a dynamic one and not just presentation of a matter before a source of energy.
If a matter is just presented before a source of energy, there may be an impact on the matter that energy enters into the matter. A matter brought before a source of heat gets heated up as heat enters into it. Again when the heat source is removed, same amount of heat energy that entered to heat the matter gets dissipated out and the matter gets back to its original state, as no heat remains within the matter as latent energy. This is a reversible transfer of energy into and out of a matter.
When mechanical energy acts on a matter to cause it to move, mechanical energy is transformed into heat and other energies due to friction etc. This is an irreversible transfer or transformation of energy.


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[0088] We will deal herewith such a process of irreversible transfer or transformation of energy while a part of the energy during the process of transformation is impacted / induced through a point where such energy transformation takes place. This is the point of contact or friction surfaces. This is the point where the energy undergoes transformation and this is also the point where the inter-molecular attrition takes place. Both the points of interactions are superimposed. This is the unique characteristics of this point that point of contact, point of friction, point of energy transformation and point of molecular attrition is superimposed or are the same.
[0089] When the molecules of matter or substance are repeatedly passed through this point of superimposition, as stated above, there is impaction or induction of energy into that matter in a latent form, the therapeutic value of which is revealed later on application when the base matter decomposes.
[0090] Therapeutic-transducer is a product which is obtained through a process of dynamic transfer and transformation of energy inducted in a latent form into a substance.
[0091] The invention of the process is result of exploration of the possibility to invent a suitable process through which common substances of Nature may be caused to act like Retentive Energy Transducers wherein a part of the energy induced in them is retained within them in a transformed state in a latent form which is revealed later with another transformation of the latent energy, released under suitable conditions. The invention relates to only those, which reveal therapeutic values during release of energy.
The conditions of the energy transformation and induction simultaneously into a matter under molecular attrition at the same point is described here. This is predominantly a system of Mechanical Energization, which may be superimposed with other fields of energy as Magnetic field for Magneto-mechanical or Electrical field for Electro-mechanical process of energization.
[0092] Mechanical Energization :
This is the simplest form of energization. For such energization two hard inert surfaces are brought in contact under pressure and caused to move generating mechanical friction. One of the surfaces is usually a circular flat bottom porcelain vessel, which is centrally placed on a rotating platform. The other hard inert surface is one or more moving porcelain rods, hemispherical at the bottom end, inserted from the top into the vessel to touch the flat bottom at a point. The point contact of such porcelain rod allows higher contact force per unit area for maintaining better contact of the two surfaces under friction as also at the same time acts more effectively to cause further pulverization and intermolecular attrition of the matter particles under energization. The relative motion of the inserted porcelain rods in touch with the rotating flat bottom porcelain vessel produces the necessary continuous Mechanical friction or attrition to transform Mechanical Energy into other forms of energy like Heat, Sound etc. with vibration, which get impacted into the matter(s) / substance(s) at the point of friction / attrition.

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It has been observed that if the Mechanical energization is performed on the solid form of a matter it becomes impossible to achieve inter-particle or intermolecular attrition in the thinnest thickness and steadily maintaining the actual contact at the point of contact of the porcelain rod at the bottom of the porcelain vessel if the process is carried in dry condition. For this for best results such mechanical energization is performed in liquid or semi-liquid state with the addition of water or ethyl alcohol with minimum viscosity of the mix.
Operational Data For Mechanical energization
[0093] Dimensions : The flat bottom porcelain vessel used conveniently is around 400mm in outer diameter with inner depth of 200mm and thickness 20mm. Diameter of the flat bottom of the vessel is 300mm rounded at the corners. The porcelain rods are 50mm diameter, 250mm long hemispherical at the bottom ends. For faster and more effective multi-point energization through a wide area, the porcelain rods are also made to move in a circle of 100mm for each, making a inter-relative motion of the points of contact and friction to all particles / molecules of the matter under attrition.
[0094] Speed of attrition: As mentioned above the porcelain vessel is fixed on a platform to rotate around its own axis through gearing system, at varying speeds ranging from 10 rpm to 100 rpm from a 1/2 hp electrical motor. The porcelain rods, though do not rotate around its own axis but are made to move in peripheral circles of about 100 mm diameter through additional mechanism interconnected with the mechanism of the rotating platform. The circling speed of the porcelain rods is nearly twice the rpm of the rotating platform with the porcelain vessel.
[0095] Contact Pressure: Contact pressure between the surfaces of the flat bottom of the porcelain vessel and the porcelain rods inserted into it is of great importance to generate friction to convert Mechanical energy into other forms of energy during operation. Apart from the own weight of the rod the contact pressure is made adjustable with the help of a spring between ranges of 0.5 Kg, 1 Kg, 1.5 Kg and 2.0 Kg for each rod.
[0096] Duration of operation: The duration of the operation of energization is dependent on various factors like the Speed of attrition, Contact pressure, Particle size, in case of solid matters insoluble in common liquid medium of attrition of water or ethyl alcohol, hardness and brittleness of the matter under process and viscosity of the liquid maintained in the porcelain vessel during operation of energization.
[0097] The level of energization of any matter / substance is hardly appreciable on application below a duration of 10 minutes of energization. An optimum set of parameters for energization is at Vessel speed of attrition - 30 rpm with 4 porcelain rods, Contact pressure - 1 Kg on each, viscosity - 40 SAE at room temperature, the duration is
2 hours,

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[0098] Degree of energization: The energization starts reaching at its peak after duration of attrition of 1 1/2 Hrs. and after that the energization occurs at a diminishing return with time or duration of operation. Saturation point of energy induction is usually reached after 3 hrs. of operation but with very minimal benefit over the duration of 2 hrs.. The energy induction curve with respect to time is somewhat similar to induced magnetism curve with relation to applied ampere-turns on a piece of iron, that after the point of saturation is reached further continuation of the processing is ineffective.
[0099] Contact / Friction surface preparation: The surfaces of the porcelain vessel and that of the rods under contact should be of smooth mat finish and never a glossy one to generate desired level of attrition when in friction during the relative motion of the contact surfaces.
Usually after 2 hours of operation of the surfaces under friction, at an optimum platform speed of 30 rpm and 1 Kg contact pressure the surfaces become partially glossy and the effectiveness of friction, attrition and energy transformation or process of energization of the subject matter starts reducing. As the speed of rotation and / or contact pressure increases such duration of minimum matness of contact surfaces reduce and as the speed of rotation and / or contact pressure reduces, such duration of mat surfacing increases.
[0100] Restoration of mat surfacing of the Porcelain surfaces under friction
When after a cycle of attrition, friction and energization the contact surfaces of the porcelain components attains glossy, it is washed with 10% diluted hydrofluoric acid and a reaction time allowed for 5 minutes to turn the glossy surface to mat again. Those are then rinsed with cold water for next cycle of operation.
Charging of the Mechanical Energization System
[0101] In the Mechanical Energiation System as described above, a solid charge of 0.2 to 0.005 Kg. in the form of powder or liquid matter or substance can be handled properly in a non-reactive / inert liquid medium of 2 liters.
[0102] The quantity of solid or liquid substance as charge, mentioned above, for energization is taken based on the calculation whether a dose of 1 gm. in the form of 2 tablets of 0.5 gm. each is to contain 2 deci-gram to 5 micro-gram as the case may be of the Therapeutic Transducer to be formed.
[0103] After the process of energization is complete, for proper dosing and ease of handling inert solid powdered substance like lactose or starch is poured into the porcelain vessel containing the liquid, so that the weight of the substance added with the amount of lactose or starch is lKg. and it is allowed to be mixed with the Therapeutic Transducer properly and homogeneously. The mixture is then taken out of the porcelain vessel for granulation and subsequent conversion in the form of tablets.


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[0104] Magneto-Mechanical Energization :
It may be mentioned that Magnetic or other forms of energization or impaction of energy in latent form is not possible without the simultaneous process of mechanical attrition. Thus Mechanical Energization is super imposed with simultaneous other forms of energization. When Magnetic Energization is required to be super imposed on such Mechanical Energization, it may be called Magneto-Mechanical Energization. In this system the porcelain rods that are inserted from the top are made hollow but closed at the bottom as before and a suitable magnet in the form of a rod is inserted into the cavity of the porcelain rod so that the magnet is as close as possible to the point of friction / attrition. We can make such other arrangements also with different types of magnets.
[0105] In actual practice the changes that has been incorporated in the Mechanical energization system is that as mentioned above, the porcelain rod of about 50mm dia, is made hollow of 32mm dia. and rare-earth disc magnets of size 30mm dia. x 5mm thick, 4 nos. in coupling to increase the field strength, is inserted in the hollow bores of each of the porcelain rods, other parameters of Mechanical energization remaining same.
Effects of superimposition of Magnetic field on Mechanical energization
[0106] It has been found that when plain Lactose or Sucrose (common sugar) is crushed in the process of attrition as described in Mechanical energization superimposed with Magnetic energization as described above, in a liquid medium of ethyl alcohol, the solution thus formed when administered in doses of 1gm., twice daily has been found to reduce joint pain, cramp and swelling of different joints of the body. But if either lgm of. Lactose or Sugar is administered with 1 gm of alcohol without energization there is no effect or relief of joint pain, cramp or swelling.
In a similar review when Lactose or Sugar was treated only under Mechanical energization, the result was not so prominent but when Magnetic energization was superimposed on Mechanical energization the results are miraculous.
Decomposition of matter releases the latent energy
[0107] Another similar review was conducted with Lactose and Sugar with Water in place of Ethyl alcohol. The result was similar but apparently, the solution of Sugar in Water looses its effectiveness gradually with time within 3hrs and requires to be made fresh every time for equivalent results with that of ethyl alcohol.
This proves otherwise that as the base matter holding the latent energy is decomposed or takes place in further chemical reaction the latent energy held is released or lost.

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Clinical Results Observed with Magnetic Energization
[0108] On application of oral doses of l gm of Sugar-water or Sugar-alcohol, twice daily, on a patient of affliction with arthritis has augmented the blood circulation through the blood vessels in and around the painful joint reducing the rheumatic effects of water accumulation within the tissues of the joint thereby reducing the swelling and pain.
On pathological tests it has been observed that Therapeutic-transducer prepared from Lactose has been able to reduce the RA Factor, which means that the same has been able to control the degenerative changes of bone and cartilages of the joint but it has not been able to reduce the ASO-titre, which is another indicator of arthritis. This means otherwise that this Therapeutic-transducer, even if is able to control or modify some afflictions of joint but is unable to control tubercular arthrosis.
[0109] Electro-Mechanical Energization :
Electrical Energization also can be undertaken only as superimposition on Mechanical Energization, which may be termed as Electro-mechanical Energization. For such Energization two small holes are made around the central axis on the hemispherical bottom of the hollow porcelain rod at a radial distance at a position diametrically opposite to each other. Two electrically conducting hard metal electrodes of tungsten are placed there to touch the matter(s) to be energized near the bottom of the vessel. These two electrodes are connected through two wires to a power source suitable for applying variable DC voltage for passing an electric current of 5 mili-ampere through the liquid material contained in the porcelain vessel for Electro-mechanical Energization.
Technical regimes for Super imposition of Electrical Energization
1. Diameter of the two electrodes - 3 mm each
2. Radial distance of the electrodes from the central axis - 5mm
3. Position of the electrodes - Diametrically opposite
4. Placement - flushed with the bottom hemispherical surface of the porcelain rod.
5. Applied voltage - 0 to 50 Volt DC variable (stepless)
6. Current passed - 5 mili-ampere
Other parameters remaining same as in Mechanical Energization.
Clinical implications and fields of application
[0111] It may be noted in the above that Electro-mechanical energization, in both the instances, have been very effective, absolutely harmlessly, to control / resist foreign microbial invasion or infection. Thus many other anions and cation when energized through Electro-mechanical energization can be used very successfully for other microbes or viruses. Thus Electro-mechanical energization is more applicable for infectious or contagious diseases due to microbial or viral infections.


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[0112] Other Forms of Energization :
Energization of matter to form Therapeutic-transducers can also be with other forms of energies like Sonic, Nuclear & other Radiations, Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, X-Ray, Micro-wave etc.
[0113] It is felt necessary to estimate the induced energy level into a matter or substance to be able to predict the effectiveness of a Therapeutic-transducer to be able to cure diseases and also for the quality control of the product. Even if it may not be possible to measure the exact amount of energy that could be induced which is estimated to be in terms of micro-joules per gram, still it is of importance if at least we can get an estimation of relative level of energized state. Some of the processes are described to determine the relative state of latent energy level of non-energized matter in comparison to its elevated level of energy. The enhanced latent energy level of a matter usually augments the chemical reactivity of such energized matters though marginally.
Some of the testing procedures related to the matters or substances mentioned earlier for cure of some diseases for the estimation of enhanced reactivity after energization are described as in the following;
[0114] C or carbon was mentioned to control or cure allergy etc. Carbon in ordinary or non-energized form as available in Nature does not usually react with oxygen content in hot air even up to 200°C, but when the same carbon is energized it reacts with the oxygen of hot air at much lower than 200°C. When mechanically energized under the conditions as referred above, carbon energized for 1 1/2 hrs. starts reacting with oxygen at 155°C, when energized for 2 hrs. reaction starts at a lower temperature of 141°C and when energized for 3 hrs. reaction starts at marginally lower temperature of 137 C.
Clinical Impact of Therapeutic-transducer Produced bv Energizing Carbon
[0115] This statistics provide us a clear picture of the relative state of energized level of material, Carbon so far as the effects of energization is concerned. On actual application the energized carbon of 2 hr. duration has proved to produce consistent performance to cure allergy levels of blood to control diseases related to blood toxicity like those in asthma, skin diseases etc. On pathological tests it has been found to reduce the Immuno-globulin-E (lg-E) of blood, which indicates the allergic nature of blood of a person.
[0116] Si02 or Sand was referred to control / cure extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. Sand is also an inert substance for all practical purposes but it reacts with and dissolves in dilute hydrofluoric acid. To determine the enhanced reactivity of energized sand the following procedure is adopted.

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Ordinary or non-energized sand in fine mesh is put into a dilute solution of hydrofluoric acid after measuring its pH factor. As the sand reacts with the acid, the pH factor changes with the time of reaction. A graph can be drawn pH factor Vs reaction time allowed. Similarly another such graph may be drawn with energized sand of same amount into same amount of acid solution of same initial pH value under the same conditions of temperature etc. The differential quick reactivity of energized sand provides a relative state of enhanced energy level of energized sand, which proves its ability to control extra-pulmonary tuberculosis at various places of body.
One gram non-energized sand in 200 mesh got dissolved in 100CC 25% hydrofluoric acid at 100°C in 57 seconds, whereas same one gram of energized sand completed reaction with the acid under same conditions within 48 seconds. The enhanced latent energy level makes the difference.
Clinical Impact of Therapeutic-transducer Produced by Energizing Sand
[0117] On actual application of Therapeutic-transducer prepared from energizing sand, in one gram doses containing 5 centi-gram of energized sand, twice daily, has been found to reduce the Anti-TB Immunoglobulin-G (Ig-G) of the human body which is the indicator of the degree of infested tubercular infection.
[0118] Of the innumerable substances available in Nature and as common substances some are toxic though most of them are non-toxic. It is not that all toxic substances are poisonous or harmful always. Our body is comprised of almost all the elements with various proportions, some in large quantities while some in micro proportions, but all are most important and so vital for its own field of application. Thus poisoning or toxicity of a substance may be defined only after the limiting proportions or doses applied on a living body exceed the tolerance limits, otherwise it may prove to be extremely beneficial.
[0119] It has largely been observed for long that there are no substances as yet in Nature that revealed toxicity on any living body in a dose of one micro-gram. Thus if a tablet is made of one gram containing one micro-gram of any toxic substance of Nature it has proved so far to be of no harmful effects.
[0120] As no synthetic pharmaceutical substances are used for energization, and if only the substances of Nature and common substances of inorganic and general chemistry are considered, only a few compounds show toxicity that require control for selecting the suitable doses. Of these substances most remarkable are arsenic and mercury compounds, of which various arsenic compounds, when energized, cover a wide range of diseases of general disorders and mercury compounds control some stages of malignancy and microbial infections. Care should be taken if at all these substances are required to be used, even in micro-doses in energized forms to save lives.

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Clinical Data and Application
[0121] Arsenic - It has been found that Common salt or Sodium chloride, that we consume regularly, can prevent and cure malaria. But when the affliction is from its severe form of Malignant malaria, Therapeutic-transducer prepared from Calcium arsenite in micro doses of 5 - 20 micro-gram, revealing no toxicity, if supplemented with Therapeutic-transducer prepared from Sodium chloride cures Malignant malaria more effectively showing signs of recovery much early. Another important effect to be noticed with its application is that there is no subsequent reduction of blood hemoglobin, which is usual with other methods of treatment of malaria.
[0122] Mercury - In cases of tubercular infections it has been referred in the examples of common substances that Sand or Silicon oxide, Potassium carbonate in energized form can control or cure pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. When the Therapeutic-transducers produced from both these and combined for administration, the combined Therapeutic-transducer proves to be more effective than either of the single ones. This combined Therapeutic-transducer also may fail in some advanced cases of tuberculosis, wherein Therapeutic-transducer prepared from Mercuric iodide in doses of 5 - 20 microgram in addition to silicon oxide and potassium carbonate proved to be much more beneficial.
Thus a judicious use of some known toxic substances, like those specially of arsenic and mercury in micro-doses, without being harmful proves to be immensely beneficial for the treatment of critical diseases.
[0123] As the best process of energization is achieved during and nearest to the intermolecular attrition, before going into the actual process of energization of a matter there are some prime considerations to be taken care of so that suitable conditions are maintained during attrition of matter particles under the force of Mechanical or combined
[0124] Physical state of the material - We will consider here only the two states;
Solid and Liquid states
[0125] Solid state - When the matter, desired to be energized is of solid state it is preferred to be taken of particle size below 200 mesh size to reach early to zone of intermolecular attrition.
[0126] Liquid state - When the matter or substance is in liquid state it should be determined whether it is soluble in either of the common media, as mentioned, Water and Ethyl alcohol. In place of going in for energization in its pure form it is desired to be


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done so in dissolved form for administration in doses of maximum 1 deci-gram of the energized matter in one gram dose i.e. 10% energized matter in one gram dose. It is recommended to use the medium in which the liquid substance to be energized is soluble.
[0127] Therapeutic-transducers as a matter of fact is a common substance in Nature or in our daily life, the difference being only that it contains very small amount of energy in latent form, not possible to be appreciated as such. For an estimation, the energy content per gram of Therapeutic-transducer may be less than 1/1000th part of heat energy contained in a tea spoon of warm water. This latent energy starts being released as the base matter of the Therapeutic-transducer starts decomposing in contact with water or liquids of our body containing water, say, saliva in mouth or gastric juice in stomach. As the tablets decompose, the micro-energy is released to supplement the life force and effect healing or cure diseases.
[0128] It has been mentioned earlier that a dose of 5 to 20 micro-grams to a 1 to 5 deci-grams of Therapeutic-transducer is sufficient to maintain the process of healing of a disease. As handling and dosing in terms of centi / micro-gram is difficult to administer, for ease of handling and dosing it has been found to be convenient to add another carrier substance of no therapeutic value, like lactose, sucrose, fructose, starch etc. with the matter / substance energized to increase the volume so that it may be shaped in the form of a tablet of, say l gm.or 1/2 gm. and that proper or desired amount of Therapeutic-transducer is made to contain within that 1 gm. Such a tablet can be handled easily.
[0129] To continue the process of healing it is often required to repeat the dose once or twice daily for a few days and in some cases of acute aggravation three times daily to control, heal / cure a disease at the earliest.
[0130] Usually tablets of Therapeutic-transducers are made of weight 1/2 gm. and size 10mm dia. for easy administration and that two tablets weigh 1 gm. which contain the desired dose of 1 micro-gm to a few centi-gram as the case may be for best results. Thus for a full dose two tablets may be consumed at a time.
Preservation of Therapeutic-transducers
[0131] The base matter of the Therapeutic-transducer or the matter energized to form Therapeutic-transducer starts decomposing or releasing the latent energy in contact with water. Thus for the preservation of its therapeutic values, Therapeutic-transducers should be preserved in dry conditions away from moisture or polluted conditions.
Thus the preservation of the strength and effectiveness of Therapeutic-transducer starts from the point of energization of the matter in a liquid medium, which usually contains water. So after the process of energization, Therapeutic-transducers formed within the liquid or semi-liquid state should immediately be added with the other inert

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carrier substances for ease of dosing and handling as described earlier, quickly converted into granules and dried at the earliest to prevent the process of decomposition. The granules then are converted into suitable tablets.
[0132] As the energy contained within the Therapeutic-transducer does not react with the dry environment, the shelf life of Therapeutic-transducers are long enough and indefinite if not decomposed by moisture etc.
Clinical Effects on Diabetes
[0133] lst Apr 04 - A patient aged 48 years was suffering from Diabetes, Type - II for 14 years. Came for treatment with the following symptoms and condition;
a) Without any medicine his blood sugar level was PP - 472 as tested on 23.01.03.
b) With a dose of allopathic medicine Glynase5 of 2 + 2 tablets daily hts blood sugar level was maintained at Fasting - 102 & PP - 119,
c) had Blood Pressure - 130/85 with medication of Stamlo
d) and had pain under sole
e) with occasional cold.
When treated with Composite Therapeutic-Transducer for Diabetes (Diabetes-Cura) 13th Jul 04 - With 1 + 1 tablet PP comes down to 110 10th Aug 04 - Diet Control relaxed
09th Nov 04 - PP comes down to 85 advised to stop allopathic medication. 21th Dec 04 - PP comes to 86 without Diet Control and without allopathic medicine.
[0134] 17th Aug 04 - A lady aged 52 years was suffering from Diabetes for the last 7 years from NIDDM with the following symptoms;
a) blood glucose level PP - 247 with Diet Control and daily allopathic medication of
1 1/2 Daonil,
b) had pain in left hand with frozen shoulder
c) with symptoms of vertigo.
d) Blood Pressure - 130 / 82 & Pulse Rate - 81
When treated with Composite Therapeutic-Transducer for Diabetes (Diabetes-Cura) 26th Aug 04 - PP comes down to 102 and Died Control relaxed 17th Sept 04 - PP goes high to 208 but General Conditions better 08th Dec 04 - PP goes down to 108 without Diet Control. Advised to stop allopathic
medication. 22th,Dec 04 - PP goes high to 156 but without D.C. and allopathic medication 14th Jan 05 - PP comes down to 117 without DC and medication

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Clinical Effects on Arthritis
[0135] 19th Aug 2004 - A lady aged 33 years suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis came for treatment with following complains;
a) Pain & swelling of joints - wrists, ankles, knees and fingers bent, locking
b) Insomnia
c) Ecchymosis - right eye more than left eye.
d) Blue and black spots on skin with sub-cutenous hemorrhage.
e) Headache - Occasional right side.
f) Acidity.
g) RA-Positive. h) Persistent cough
When treated with Composite Therapeutic-Transducer for Arthritis (Arthra-Cura)
23rd, Aug 04 - There was mild aggravation of the joints but Acidity much relieved. 01st. Sept. 04 - Joint pain much reduced, swelling of fingers and wrist much reduced. 09th. Oct 04 - Pain and swelling of knee and ankle much better. Sleep normal. 23rd. Nov 04 - No more pain and swelling of joints and no more locking.
Clinical Effects on Asthma
[0136] 29th. June 2004 - A patient aged 67 years suffering from chronic Asthma for 40 years using inhaler occasionally along with Diabetes and Arthritis came for treatment with the following complains;
a) Lungs full of phlegm.
b) Oppressed breathing round the year
c) Oral medication of very little benefit.
d) Suffering from Diabetes for 22 years with PP - 160 with Glynase - 3 tablets
e) Retinal problems.
f) Arthritis - Pain both knees, Cervical spondelytis, Sciatica - right side
When treated with Composite Therapeutic-Transducer for Asthma (Asthma-Cura):
17th Sept 04 - Asthma better. No inhaler required.
25th. Nov 04-No more breathing problem like previous years.
Clinical Effects on Heart
[0137] 22nd. Sept 2004 - A lady aged 40 years was suffering from angina along with the other symptoms as in the following;
a) Trembling in the region of heart.
b) Pain shoulders.
c) Pins and needles extremities
d) Blood Pressure - 118/69 with allopathic medication, Stamlo
e) All aggravation at night
f) Palpitation with urge for stool

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When treated with Composite Therapeutic-Transducer for Heart (Heart Restora) :
1st Oct 04 - Angina better, Palpitation much improved 23rd. Nov 04 - Angina OK, Palpitation very little 24th. Dec 04 - Pain shoulders OK, Angina OK
Clinical Effects on Skin
[0138] 12th. Nov 2004 - A Patient aged 45 years as suffering from Psoriasis for the last 16 years with the following symptoms;
a) Spread over whole body and different joints
b) Aggravation specially in winter, also in Spring
c) Was also suffering from Arthritis-deformans- fingers bent, deformed Started after auto-vaccine
When treated with Composite Therapeutic-Transducer for Skin (Skin-Care) :
22nd . Nov 04 - Eruptions of Psoriasis is softer and smoother
2nd. Dec 04 - Can open fingers, palm better, pain reduced 28th. Jan 05 - Eruptions of Psoriasis much improved and at places totally smooth left with black marks
[0139] In the philosophy part of this energy healing we had mentioned that when the internal energy of a living body is in harmony with that of the energy of the environment we live healthy free of diseases. As close as the life force vibrates to the frequency of Light, the living body consumes less time and aging is delayed.
Thus when our internal energy suffers set back towards stagnation, which is death, our vigor and vitality is reduced proportionally and the living body is diseased or starts suffering from diseases due to partial stagnation of functioning of the body systems.
[0140] So to go into the depth of the process of clinical functioning of Therapeutic-transducers with latent energy stored in it, it requires to understand the other compatible energy systems functioning behind our living body of which the most predominant ones
1. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)
2. Ions and ionization of Blood electrolyte

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Adenosine Tri-phosphate - augmented synthesis
[0141] Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a multifunctional nucleotide primarily known in biochemistry as "Molecular currency" of intra cellular energy transfer. ATP serves as the major source of energy within the cells to drive a number of biological functions of which muscular contractions and protein synthesis are two of the most important ones. When ATP is broken down through hydrolysis to Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP) huge energy of the order of 12 KCal/Mol is released. This energy in different forms drives the systems sustaining the life force. ADP again can be broken down to Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP) with further release of energy. Though ATP can be broken down to AMP in two stages, the release of energy is much higher from the third phosphate to second, as mentioned above, and it is much less in comparison when ADP is broken down to AMP.
The breaking down of ATP to ADP and to AMP is reversible and new ATP can be synthesized from ADP using the energy released from the breakdown of the fuel molecules in the body system, such as sugar or glucose, fats or triglycerides. The process of oxidation of glucose to carbon dioxide is known as 'cellular respiration' and it is about 40 to 45% efficient in transferring the chemical energy of glucose to re-synthesize ATP.
The total quantity of ATP in a human body is 0.1 mole and for the daily need of energy for the human cells, 200 to 300 moles of ATP is require to undergo hydrolysis. Thus each molecule is to be recycled 2000 to 3000 times every day. The most important consideration to be attributed to ATP is that it cannot be stored. Its consumption must be closely followed by its re-synthesis. The consumption of ATP is nearly 1 Kg very hour and the same amount requires to be re-synthesized within that one hour for our healthy living with vigor and vitality and here lies the problem.
It has already been mentioned that at any instant the amount of ATP in a healthy human body of full vigor and vitality is required to be 0.1 mole i.e. 50.7181 gm (Molecular mass of ATP = 507.181 gm / mol). This means otherwise that a living body runs with the reserve fuel for only 50.7181 gm / 1 Kg per hr. i.e approximately for just 3 minutes, what an alarming balance! This may mean otherwise that, technically, time distance between full life and death is just 3 minutes. As the re-synthesis of ATP must closely follow the consumption / hydrolysis of ATP to maintain the optimum reserve ATP in action to sustain the functions of life and life force, any delayed re-synthesis reduces the functional ATP within the body and the vigor and vitally is accordingly reduced. In diseased or other conditions a point may be reached when the optimum amount of ATP reduces and may reduce alarmingly towards zero to cause death. Before this alarming point is arrived and if there is severe reduction of the rate of re-synthesis of ATP, then ADP starts breaking down to AMP to supplement the energy requirements of the body systems and sustain life force and ADP-AMP cycle starts functioning more and more to compensate ATP-ADP cycle.


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Thus if the process of recycling of ATP-ADP is derailed in any way that ADP is not quickly or readily re-synthesized to ATP or if the body energy requirement is met increasingly within the ADP-AMP cycle instead of high energy cycle of ATP-ADP, the vigor and vitality of the living body reduces and some sort of partial stagnation of the functioning of the systems occur. The situation is also aggravated by the fact that ATP acts also as a neurotransmitter and its reduced level of functioning pulls down the nervous system of human body. Thus it is very important that body system function predominantly in the ATP-ADP cycle and reserve 50.7181 gm ATP is maintained in the body system, and here lies the importance of induction of catalytic energy in the form of suitable latent energy through Therapeutic-transducers to augment re-synthesis of ATP from ADP to maintain energy balance.
[0142] The effect of the energy released from the Therapeutic-transducers for catalytic re-synthesis of ATP becomes more appreciable as much as the ionic structure of the matter energized, is close to or more compatible with that of ATP. Thus the effects of augmented ATP synthesis and consequent re-vitalization of the body systems responds within less than an hour when Therapeutic-transducers made from tri-basic phosphate, specially that of potassium is administered in few mili-gram doses. This undoubtedly proves functioning of suitable Therapeutic-transducer over non-energized tri-basic potassium phosphate in the same or even higher doses proves to be of no such effect.
[0143] The effects that the Therapeutic-transducers produce through augmentation of ATP synthesis are mainly to control / cure diseases due to dysfunction of body biochemistry, stagnation of cellular / glandular functions, disharmony of the functions of the different organs. This keeps the body resistant against general degenerative diseases like diabetes, arthritis, hernia, obesity, thyroid, cancer, aging etc.
Ions and Ionization in Blood Electrolyte - Energized
[0144] In the water of the blood of a living body remains dissolved many salts, acids, alkalis and other life sustaining enzymes, hormones, chemical etc. Of these the salts, acids and alkalis when dissolved in water remains broken down in ions partially, depending on the internal conditions of the system and balance.
Ionic balance is a critical criteria for normal functioning of our body systems. As the ions are anion or cation, it is also mono-valent, di-valent or tri-valent. Mono-valent ions like sodium, potassium are more active than di-valent or tri-valent ions. During interactions of our body with Nature or intake of food and others there may occur loss of balance of the ionic pressures. For example, if we take excessive common salt with our food the sodium and chloride ions tend to increase in the blood to disbalance the ion equilibrium in blood. The enhanced activity of sodium ion tends to push out weaker divalent ions like calcium, barium etc., even to strong mono-valent potassium ion also.
Another function that the Therapeutic-transducers perform is restoration of ionic balance among the various anions like Sodium, Potassium, Calcium etc. and cataions like


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chlorides, phosphates, carbonates etc. Activated functioning of each of these ions to maintain its natural balance is of vital importance to keep a living body resistant to or keep immune to external micro-organisms causing invasion or infection to result in diseases. The latent energy carried by different matters and substances augment the energy levels of compatible molecules to be activated in the form of ions in the blood for normal functioning of its part to provide immunity from related sections of the foreign microbes. Here the Therapeutic-transducers function against infectious virus, and prevent / cure diseases by restoring the ionic balance of blood.
[0145] A simple example may be used to explain the enhancement of the ionic proportion to restore the balance to provide immunity from a violent infectious disease or to control / cure it. Potassium is a very important anion in our blood. It comes to the normal level of 3 to 4.5 mEq/1 in blood when 0.55% of the body weight is the total potassium content. Thus for a body weight of 60 Kg, the potassium content is around 330 gm. only. Now if the blood contains only 3 or less mEq/1 of potassium, the human body becomes susceptible to infection of tuberculosis. Now if Therapeutic-transducer prepared from potassium carbonate, a compatible energy charger of blood potassium ion, enhances the blood potassium level nearly to 4.5 mEq/1 the human body becomes immune to tuberculous infection. It may be noticed here that administration of a few mili-gram of energized potassium based Therapeutic-transducer raised the blood potassium level, where as the addition of few mili-gram of potassium is nothing appreciable in any way to 330 gm total body potassium content. Thus it is not the potassium physically supplemented potassium in blood but activated or energized the residual potassium within the body to impart tubercular immunity.
[0146] The clinical affinity or onset of malaria may be explained as the ionic imbalance of sodium ion in blood. The range of sodium in blood is 136 to 140 mEq/1 under normal circumstances. If the ionic equilibrium is lost in such a way that sodium in blood is 134 mEq/1 or less the human body at that period is prone or susceptible to malarial infection from malaria parasite. Though the total sodium content in the body, which is 0.65% of the body weight, may not undergo much changes, it becomes prone to malaria. Under such circumstances if few doses of Therapeutic-transducer made from sodium chloride is administered, the blood sodium rises over 136 mEq/1 and the conditions of malarial affinity of the body is rectified and the disease is cured. Possibly the malaria parasite has similar intolerance of sodium ionic pressure like that of leech for sodium chloride. Here the total sodium chloride that may be required to be administered may be within 20 mg. Which is practically nothing in comparison to the total sodium content of a human body, of say 60 Kg, which is 0.65% of 60 Kg. i.e. 390 gm. Thus it is not the addition of sodium chloride of the Therapeutic-transducer that increased the ionic activity of blood to provide human body immunity from malaria, but it is the latent energy within the sodium chloride of the Therapeutic-transducer that activated the residual sodium content of the body to effect malarial immunity or cure.


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I claim :
1. A process of induction of energy transformed in a latent form into a matter or
substance of no apparent therapeutic value, revealing therapeutic value, acting
as Therapeutic-Transducer, which is comprised of subjecting the matter or
substance to a source of Mechanical energy under transformation through
friction caused by hard, inert, one or more moving surfaces in contact with
pressure for 2 to 6 hours.
2. A process as claimed in Claim - 1 wherein the matter or substance includes SiO2, CaC03, CaSiO3, CaS04, K2CO3, Potassium sulphide S, CaS, Cal, AsI, Calcium Arsenite, C, BaC03, BaS, Bal, Fe3O4, MgS, HgO, Hgl, HF, HCl, Vinegar, Cucumber extract, Papaya extract, Egg albumen or a combination thereof.
3. A process as claimed in Claim - 1 and 2, wherein when the substance is solid it is taken of size below 200 mesh in an inert liquid.
4. A process as claimed in any of the preceding Claims, wherein the matter or substance being induced with Mechanical energy is optionally or preferably superimposed with Magnetic and / or Electrical energy.
5. A process as claimed in any of the preceding Claims, wherein the substance after
the induction of energy is subject to a step of removal of the inert liquid, when
applied, in a known manner.
6. A process as claimed in any of the preceding Claims, wherein the Therapeutic-
Transducers formed is optionally combined with one or more such transducers
to form Composite Therapeutic-Transducers for the treatment of different
diseases as applicable.
7. A process as claimed in any of the preceding Claims, wherein therapeutic value
includes treatment and curing of Asthma, Arthritis, Cardio-vascular diseases
and Hypertension, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Diseases of Blood and Bone, Diseases
of Nerve and Skin, Metabolic disorders.
8. Matters or substances having induced with energy in a latent form, acting as
Therapeutic-Transducers or Composite Therapeutic Transducers, produced
according to a process as claimed in any of the preceding Claims.
When energy after a suitable process of transformation / induction is infused / impacted into a suitable matter as carrier, energized-matter or 'Enermat' or 'Therapeutic-Transducer is formed. The energy thus impacted usually found to be retained within the matter(s) in some latent form, like latent heat of fusion / evaporation etc., which may not be possible to be measured as such. Such retention or holding of energy within the matter is usually without any change of chemical formula of the matter, but there may be crystalline or structural changes. Many inert substances with no therapeutic value have been found to develop therapeutic values after such energization for healing and cure of diseases. If the toxicity, if any, of any carrier matter is brought under control through proper dilution, Enermats have no side effects unlike that of medicines / drugs etc and chemical composition of an 'Enermat' or 'Therapeutic-Transducer' is also not important unlike that of a medicine or drug. Such treatment with energy through suitable Enermats or Therapeutic-Transducers, have been found to be able to modify / heal / cure so many diseases.


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