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Abstract This invention relates to a horizontal bead m ill for grinding and dispersion of fme particles in am edium such as liquid or paste which has an enhanced machine life. Further the life of the bearings are improved and the bead mill of the present invention is easy to maintain. The said bead mill also incorporates a reengineered m echan ical seal, an improved sealing for preventing leakage of the cooling fluid, a superior gap separator arran gem ent, elim ination of the entry of the process material into the rotor cham ber and incorporation of a m ore effective cooling system for the grinding chamber.
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2.1 Reduction of vibration levels and the resultant enhancement


The grinding chamber generally referred by reference numerak 13

3.5 Spindle, Sleeve and rotor ring

rings reassembled to allow the processed product to pass through

interlock switches off the main and product pump motors.

* ON/OFF push buttons for meal fluid motor, product pump motor

to introduce a high degree of uniform grain structure.

batch and also enter the bearing arrangement.

by adding pigment to the medium and stirring the mixture at high

mill of the present invention.

are resistant to breakage under adverse operating conditions.

7-6 A gap separator—mechanical seal assembly design that is easy to assemble and gives the desired mechanical accuracy of the sub-assembly.
7.7 An attrition peg assembly design with fine threads that
prevents the ingress of material being ground into the rotor
internal chamber and thereby enhances end product quality,
7.8 A more efficient heat extraction system Involving the flow of
chilled water pumped between the inner and outer walls of the
grinding chamber in a spiral path, thereby increasing safety and
reducing hazards. It also minimises solvent evaporation loss.

1. A horizontal bead mill comprising ;
a base (2) wherein a motor (3) is mounted, the said motor (3) is connected to a rotor spindle (4) through known means (5,6), a bearing housing (7) having a small drain hole to drain the leaked cooling fluid, is bolted on a machined base (8), which carries a main flange plate (9), the main drive rotor spindle (4) is being supported on double angular contact bearings (10) in the front and ball bearing (11) at the rear, said bearings being assembled in a cartridge subassembly (30) and mounted in the bearing housing (7);
a grinding chamber (3) consisting of an outer jacket (14), an inner cylinder (15) with a spiral welded channel (16) for flowing the cool water in between, the said cylinder (15) is housed within the water jacket (14), an end flange (17) carries the product inlet pipe (18) which is also used for filling of the grinding beads ; the said main flange plate (9) carries a stator ring housing (19), the water jacket (14), the inner liner of the grinding cylinder (15) and end plate flange (17);

a gap separator (20) consists of the stator ring on the main flange/(9) and a rotating ring on the rotor, a mechanical seal (21) having a seating groove is mounted on the rotor spindle (4) and located in the main flange^^ate (9), in between the bearing and flow channel of the ground and dispersed product; the rotor spindle (4) carries the rotor ring, a spindle sleeve (22), a sleeve cap (23), the said rotor ring being fixed between the two flanges of the rotor mounting plate, agitator pegs (25) being mounted on the spindle sleeve (22);
a feed pump assembly (27) is being mounted separately for pumping the product through the grinding chamber ;
a seal pump motor (28) which circulates a cooling fluid to keep the mechanical seal lubricated and cool at all times ; and
an operator station (29) consisting of monitoring gauges for monitoring the operating parameter, 'on-off push button switches for the control of all three motors, and an emergency 'stop' push button switch for the control of all three motors.

2. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in claim 1, wherein the rotor spindles (4)
being driven by the motor through matched anti-static V belts and pulleys.
3. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in claims 1 and 2, wherein the pulleys are fixed on the motor (3) and rotor spindle (4) by taper locks (12).
4. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 3, wherein the rotor
ring assembly (26) consists of a front clamp plate, a rear clamp plate and the tungsten carbide ring, all being held together by four cap screws.
5. A horizontal bead mills as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 4, wherein the
sleeve cap (23) clamps the sleeve on to the rotor spindle (4) through the end cap
6. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 5, wherein the
operator station (29) is provided with an ammeter to monitor the main motor current.

7. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 6, wherein the
operator station (29) is provided with a gauge for monitoring pressure of the
product and a gauge to monitor the temperature of the product in the grinding
8. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 7, wherein the mill is
provided with a fully wired, independent, totally closed main cabinet for the
required electrical connections.
9. A horizontal bead mill as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 8, wherein a safety
interlocked main electrical 'ON' switch and an emergency 'OFF' mushroom push
button is provided in the main panel as well as on the operator station.



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