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Abstract A mobile wireless telecommunications system includes base stations of a first type operating according to a first air interface, and base stations of a second type operating according to a second air interface. Methods and apparatus are provided for handing over a mobile station in the system from a first base station, which is of the first type, to a second base station, which is of the second type. A communications link is established over the first air interface between the mobile station and the first base station. Data are received from the mobile station responsive to a signal received by the mobile station over the second air interface from the second base station, substantially without breaking the communications link with the first base station. The mobile station is handed over form the first to the second base station responsive to the data received therefrom. In particular, a method of conducting intersystem handover from a multicarrier system to a direct spread system is provided. Timing synchronization is also advantageously made available through the mobile station.
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Patent Number 206914
Indian Patent Application Number IN/PCT/2002/1400/CHE
PG Journal Number 26/2007
Publication Date 29-Jun-2007
Grant Date 16-May-2007
Date of Filing 04-Sep-2002
Applicant Address 5775 Morehouse Drive San Diego, CA 92121-1714
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1 GRILLI, Francesco 4210 Palo Verde Road Irvine, CA 92612
2 GARDNER, William 4232 Kerwood Court San Diego, CA 92130
3 JAIN, Avinash 11143 Caminito Alvarez San Diego, CA 92126
PCT International Classification Number H 04Q 7/00
PCT International Application Number PCT/US2001/007390
PCT International Filing date 2001-03-07
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1 09/521,359 2000-03-08 U.S.A.