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Abstract The present invention relates to a noval herbal composition and its method of preparation for curing diseases like HIV / AIDS/ and Cancer. The present invention also relates to a process for making the said novel herbal composition. A formulation contains therapeutically effective plants (medicinal plants), minerals. Prepared out of mixture of root, bulb, rhizome, leaf ,bark, stem, stalk, twig, of medicinal plants namely RASNA, AMLAKI and minerals PARADA PUSHP AKASISA , SUL VA and Herbal Powder base (.Azadirachta Indica a. Juss., Cassia Auriculata Linn).
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The present invention relates to a noval herbal composition and its method of preparation for curing diseases like HIV / AIDS/ and Cancer. The present invention also relates to a process for making the said novel herbal composition.
In spite of extensive laboratory trials and rapid advances in the understanding of HIV/AIDS pathogenesis in the years following the identification of HIV, the pace Of discovery of an antiretroviral agent is less spectacular. Observations on the effects and adverse reaction of some drugs like Zidodudine, Dideoxycytidine. Dideoxyidnosine and others indicate the need for change in the clinical treatment strategy and development of a highly effective drug therapy. Particularly, since the virus develops resistance to drugs, the treatment of the prohibitive cost of antiretroviral drugs the treatment of opportunistic infections remains the only real choice open to a physician. Expecially in a Developing country like INDIA. It is good that certain behavioral habits like smoking, Addiction to alcohol, etc., are not linked with its manifestaion. Still it remains a global Problem.
This present invention is process of herbal based drug preparation that can arrest the progress and cure HIV/AIDS and CANCER.
Once the HIV virus was infected in to the body, gradually it turns into AIDS. This day-by-day disturbs the functioning of all the organs i.e.GIT, Brain,Heart,Liver,Kidney, Lungs,Nervous System, etc.in the body and as a result the calories in the body deteriorate. Day -by-day the virus doubles, trebles, and multiplies in the body and results In malfunctioning of organs and the patient's body deteriorates. That is why none of the Patients are able save themselves from the dreadful disease.
The person who is affected with HIV virus will have feverishness(malaise). This cannot Be cured with the usage of any stream of medicine i.e. Allopathic/Ayurveda/Homeo. Some doctors view and treat the patients bases on the CD4 count and also see that the immunity increases. Even though the patien looks healthy. The body heat remains the same since virus is not killed. In such a case the immunity gained, in the meanwhile,the weight may increase or decrease or decrease all of a sudden and the patient may die ultimately. All this is happening because the medicines are given to provide energy to the body. But not to remove the causative factor (i.e.HIV virus). The immunity gained is just an artificial one and will not stay long. Due to disturbed functioning of organs. Thereby the virus strengthens gradually. This is due to the very nature of the virus, Which develops resistance to drugs.
Due to HIV virus almost all organs in the body are affected and deteriorates the strength(immunity) of the body. With the usage of these (Allopathic) medicines the Patient may get some immunity (artificial) in his body, bu are not useful to rebuild the

Organs functionally, disturbed due to attack of virus.
The present ivention is a drug by name AVALMIC-II, rebuilds the tissues (Cells) And develops the physiological activity of cells and purifies & restores the blood. Due to one dreaded disease there may be a chance for occurance of associated Diseases. In such case, the drug goes into the organ and repairs the cells there and Makes to function normally.
This herbal based drug is also an ideal therapy in all immunological disorders and Degenerative changes of tissues anywhere in the body, such as loss of weight, eachexia and promotes cerebral and neural activity.
Ayurveda lays importance on the holistic approach both in the attempt to understand the Pathogenesis and treatment of diseases. Ayurveda considers cancer of any kind in any particular place or organ only as accumulation of proliferation or epithelial cell or tissues as the case may be in any area that becomes vulnerable to it due to the disturbed normalcy of normal immune system. Therefore, Ayurveda takes into consideration th eINTERNAL milieu of body and recommends treatment for the whole system and the local condition concurrently. In Ayurveda carcionoma and sarcoma are described as arbuda or valmeeka.
Oncology is the study of Tumors. Neoplasia menas abnormalnew growth, which May be benign or malignant. Benign tumors represent the accumulations of cells which Have been transformed to reproduce in abnormal numbers but under circumstances Where they remain with in the tissue of origin. Malignant tumors are comprised of cells, Which are capable of invading adjacent tissues and leaving the tissue of origin to disseminate and form metastases.
This present invention AVALMIC-II repairs and rebuilds the tissue structure in all immunological disorders including HIV/AIDS, Cancer and degenerative changes Of tissues anywhere in the body.
This is a specially invented process through anubhuta yoga for preparing a Herbal based drug capsule with a unique combination of natural ingredients which Enhances the natural immunity of the body. It promotes and maintains the immune mechanism. So this invention of the herbal base is the drug of choice for HIV/AIDS And early malignanceies such as carcinoma, leukemia and early secondaries.
The primary objective of the invention was to invent a novel herbal based drug For treatment of HIV/AIDS and CANCER.
Another objective of the invention was to invent a herbal based drug which is very Effective drug therapy. Another objective of the invention was to invent a process for manufacturing Herbal based drug.

Another objective of the invention was to invent a novel herbal based drug which is available at the affordable rate, does not have side effect and has long shelf life.
Further objectives of the invention will be clear from the following description:
Now the invention will be described in the following description in detail. The characteristic of the raw material and the proportion in which they are used in preparing the drug is given. The pricess of manufacturing the drug from the basic raw material is Given. The description finally explains various advantages of the invention.
This invention describes the processes of making medicinal compound for human use in the treatment of dreaded diseases HIV/AIDS and Cancer diseases. The new herbo mineral preparation named AVALMIC -II is indicated for repair of the structure by destroying the virus and to promote physiological activity of the tissues and organs .It also purifies and restores the blood volume free from virus to develop immunity It also improves the production of erythrocytes and total count of R.B.C. and acts on the infective condition caused by non-specific and specific organisms. It acts as a broad spectrum anti-biotic to increase absolute CD4 count and reducing Viral load (HIV-RNA-PCR-ULTRA-QUANT) in HIV /AIDS patients. More specifically this composition contains Herbo Mineral compounds as active ingredients in powder form filled in gelatin capsule . The 6 Herbo Mineral compound specifications are as follows
# 1 Specification Scientific Name Family Parts used
Rasna Pluchea lanceolata Asteraceae, Bark, Roots,
oliver & Hiern Fruits, Leaf
San: Yukta, Elaparni, Sugandha
This plant grows in Bengal, U.P. Bihar areas .It is bitter, heating and heavy ( to digest).This grows 2 feet height many branches, looks like a shrub, gray hairy structure is seen on the tender branches. Leaves : Oblong small petiole (2.5 XO.5-1 cm size) green color and become brown when these dry, small petiole. Flowers: Terminal, grow in bunches, with violet color (0.5-0.75 cm. Wide).The entire plant is used for medicine. In samhitas, it is described as Amapachana (digestive stimulant)Kaphavatahara( alleviates kapha vata)Shotha( inflammation), Kasa(Cough), Vatarakta shula ( Gout) , Jwaras ( Fever), hydrocele and hernia.lt is useful in the treatment of swellings and abdominal distention. The root used in the Madras Presidency is very popular and is specially used in sore-throat and cough due to throat troubles. The root is rubbed with honey and licked slowly morning and evening. It is used in pulmonary troubles as well as relief of nervous pain ,Local swellings, Indigestion, Asthma, Maniac troubles. Dyspepsia, and nervous troubles. It is a very popular drug in southern India for the treatment of rheumatism and it is combined with castor oil

#2 Specification Mineral Name Chemical name Symbol
Parada Mercury Hydragyrum Hg,
Hg is the modern chemical symbol for mercury. Mercury in the form of cinnabar remains an important component of Chinese, Tibetan, and Ayurvedic medicine. Appearance : Silvery white. Physical properties Phase : liquid Density (near r.t.) liquid) 13.534 g/cm3 Melting point:234.32 K (-38.83 °C, - 37.89 °F) Boiling point :629.88 K (356.73 °C, 674.11°F) Mercury, also called quicksilver, is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Hg (from the Greek hydrargyrum, for watery (or liquid) silver) and atomic number 80. A heavy, silvery, transition metal, mercury is one of only elements that is liquid
at room temperature. The Indian word for alchemy is "Rassayana" which means
'the way of mercury.'
Alchemists often thought of mercury as the first matter from which all metals were formed. Elemental mercury is the main ingredient in dental amalgams. Controversy over the health effects from the use of mercury amalgams began
shortly after its introduction into the western world, nearly 200 years ago.
Mercury has been used in the treatment of illnesses for centuries. Mercury was included in the treatment of syphilis as early as the 16th century, before the advent of antibiotics. "Blue mass," a small pill in which mercury is the main ingredient, was prescribed throughout the 1800s for numerous conditions, constipation, depression, child-bearing and toothaches .In the early 20th century, mercury was administered to children yearly as a laxative and dewormer. It was a teething powder for infants and some vaccines have contained preservative Mercury(II) chloride was a disinfectant for doctors, patients and instruments.
Purified mercury alleviats three doshas and removes chronic diseases of the body. It is specific drug as for as the skin disorders are concerned. It removes the diseases of tissues elements and also the toxins of the body. A good stimulant of appetite, anti-Helmenthic, increases the digestive power. Aphrodisiac, gives nourishment to the body and it increases the life span. Acts on impotence, strength and brightness to the eyes. It increases recollection capacity, complexion also increases the constitution instantly
# 3 Specification Chemical name Parts used
Pushpakasisa Sulphate of Iron FeS047H20 Crystal
Iron Pyrites,
San: Annabedi Kaseesa, Sushubhra Taste: Sour, Saltish, Astringent Physical properties : Form: blue-green crystalline solid Stability: Stable, but air and moisture sensitive Water solubility: moderate Specific gravity: 1.89. it is also called green vitriol(a mineral that commonly occurs with pyrite). Iron(II) sulfate has a blue-green color, monoclinic crystal structure, and is water-soluble. Its

molecular weight is 151.9026 g/mol. Its melting point is 64°C, and at 90°C it loses water of hydration to form the monohydrate. Medicinally used in Pulmonary and Gastro intestinal disorders. It is the drug of choice in anemia . It is also administered in central nerves system disorders.lt can also be used to treat iron deficiency. It cleanses hemopoeitic system
Specification Mineral Name Chemical Name Parts used
Sulva Sulphur S Crystals
San: Gandhaka, Bali, Sulbhari
It occurs in 4 types i.e yellow, white, red, black. Usually it appears as yellowish and posses the colour of parrot wings is considered as valuable. It is unctuous, yellowish in nature. It also appears in the form of linear or stout flakes or it may be in small crystalline form. Sulphur contains sour, astringent taste mobile and hot in nature. It increases pitta. It is used along with other any medicinal powders it cures giddiness, thirstiness, emaciation and also gives strength to eyes , nourishment to the body , increases the digestive power. It also acts on skin and venereal disorders specifically, pain in abdomen and anti- Helmentic also useful in the contraction of limbs and gout
5 Specification Scientific Name Family Parts used
Amalaki : Phyllanthus emblica Linn Euphorbiaceae Flowers, Fruits,
Bark, Roots In Ayurveda, it is described as the best fruit plant to contain rejuvenation and anti-aging properties. Amalaki is slight astringent, pungent, stimulant, heating and sweet. Action: Cooling, digestive, Astringent and tonic. Further , it is Tridosha hara and aphrodisiac. It checks fever and is a tonic. Further uses : In pitta disease, it is a favourite vehicle for administration of other medicines. In the combination of Thriphala it is a tonic. It is also used in jaundice, builds tissues, increases red blood cell count and therefore improves anemia, constipation, asthma, bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, calms the stomach, hemorrhoids. Charak mentions this herb to be supreme for anti-ageing. Today we know that an amalaki fruit has more than ten times the Vitamin C content of an orange. Moreover, it helps in Amlapitta (acid peptic diseases), peptic ulcers, anemia, constipation and lack of appetite. It is one of the important component of the famous compound -Chyavana Prash and Triphala. Increases ojas (the subtle essence of living matter, the foundation of good health, mental sanity, and spiritual growth). Strongest ayurvedic rasayana (tissue rebuilder). Promotes energy flow in the subtle body.
#6 Herbal Powder base:
(a) Specification Scientific Name Family Parts used
Cassia auriculata Linn Caesalpiniaceae Leaves , Stem ,Bark, Roots
(Syn. Tanner's cassia)
Cassia auriculata is useful for diabetes, nocturnal emissions and excessive menstrual flow, conjunctivitis. Different parts of plant sources Flower buds, Flowers, leaves, root, bark are useful. Large and predominantly tropical graces in India. Provide

benefit of medicinal and economic value. Shrub with large, bright yellow flowers. The bark is astringent, leaves and fruits are Anti-helminthic, The root is used in the treatment of skin diseases
(b) Specification Scientific name Family Parts used
Azadirchta indica Meliaceae Leaves / stem bark
(Syn. Neem, Margosa)
Azadirchta indica tree grows wild in the dry forests of deccan and almost every part of the plant is bitter it has found application in indigenous medicine. The bitter principles of neem oil is investigated. Neem has always a crucial component of home remedies. Azadirchta indica useful for building immunity,protects the body from diseases like diabetes and hypertension ,syphilis, dandruff,worms , piles, pruritis, urinary stones, post delivery care, skin care.Widely used as skin antiseptic and for several skin ailments It is also an emollient and astringent,cures psoriasis, measles, chicken pox .Neem leaves are used to soothe thepatient and prevent further spreading of the virus during the course of the infection
Due to HIV virus almost all organs in the body are affected and deteriorates the strength(immunity) of the body. With the usage of these (Allopathic) medicines the Patient may get some immunity (artificial) in his body, bu are not useful to rebuild the Organs functionally, disturbed due to attack of virus.
The present invention is a drug by name AVALMIC-II, rebuilds the tissues (Cells) And develops the physiological activity of cells and purifies & restores the blood. Due to one dreaded disease there may be a chance for occurrence of associated Diseases. In such case, the drug goes into the organ and repairs the cells there and Makes to function normally.
This invention provides process for preparing herbal based drug for treatment of HIV/AIDS & CANCER as follow.
Herbal ingredients RASNA,PARADA,PUSHPAKSISA,SULVA,and AMALAKI are Procured in their natural from and cleaned to remove dust, rotten part and or any other foreign matter. The above ingredients are dried separately to remove excess of moisture To facilitate pulvarising. The pure SULVA is mixed with pure PARADA and trituarated in a mortor until a uniform mixture is formed and then trituarated with pure pushpakasis until very thin uniform mixture is formed.

1- RASNA 15% 37.50mg
2. PARADA 0.05% 0.125mg
3. PUSHPAKASISA 5% 12.50mg
4. SULVA 10% 25.00mg
5. AMALAKI 25% 62.50mg
The above mixer of ingredients with required dosage is then filled into gelatin Capsule of appropriate size. This is the herbal drug capsule, which repairs the tissue and Normalizes the cellular activity any where in the body and is the drug of choice Along with AVALMIC-I in curing HIV/AIDS and early state of carcinoma, Leukemia, lymphoma & secondaries.
This invention AVALMIC-II pharmacologically is a unique composition of Ingredients acts on the momentary abnormal cellular circulation. In a unique way it Also activates the resistance capacity of the human body, it tones-up the tissues from Rasa to sukra. Because of this the natural immunity process will be enhanced in the Human body against the prevailed condition of any viral infection.
Pushpakasisa which is termed as high hematonic and acts pharmacologically on total Reticuloendothelium system of the human body which is termed in ayurveda as sonita-Utpattikendra or sthanam" pushpakasis is a unique ingredient. Which enhances and Regularizes the parjikapitta. Which maintains the functional activity of the long bone marrow, liver an spleen. It also forces out the formation of the blood from the digested Food material i.e.neuron. The parada along with amalaki regularizes the total neural passage and rejunevates the organs anywhere in the body.
This ingredient sulva is a thicktarasapradhan and a productive ingredient which enhances tone of the muscles and restricts the penetration of virus with muscle tissue. It eliminates the ama from tissues which is the real cause for rheumatism. Sulva with parada preparation acts on regulatory function an ineffective stage caused by non specific and Specific organism.
The ingredient rasna is also a thicktarasa oriented drug. Pharmalogically it decreases any growth in the body and relieves the pain and it is vaatasemana.

This invention also provides a procedure for treatment of the said diseases.
Before commencement of the treatment the patient will be examined with nadipariksha and ojopariksha and clinically diagnosed in ayurveda parameters. For comparative study the biological and bioptic tests will be conducted and to confirm the condition. The patient will be kept in observation for a period of 4 months.
The herbal bases preparation filled into a gelatin capsule is ready to use and easily Acceptable to the patients. The patients are instructed to follow the strict dietary Regimen to faciliate smooth recovery from the dreadful disease. The patients inspective of their background i.e.both educated and uneducated can easily follow the drug dosage Schedule and are instructed to complete the full course of treatment without failure.
1) ADULTS : 1 Cap per day after lunch for a period of 4 months.
2) CHILDREN: lA cap (50mg) to lA cap (lOOmg) for 15 days to one month daily or alternate days according to the age of the patient.
ADULTS: Lunch- rice with sweet, thick buffalo Vi ltr. Butter milk (without butter)
Upto 2 months. Later 3rd month onwards 1/3 meal with curry (with Less proportion of oil,salt & chilli powder) & 2/3rd meal butter milk and 4th month onwards V% meal with butter milk & V% with curry until negative is detected.
Same as above. The quantity is according to the age.
The dosage of this drug i.eAVALMIC-II should be taken simultaneously with the other drug i.e.AVALMIC-I for effective complete remedy.
The efficiency of the invention i.e.the herbal based drug capsule has been described with the help of the following table. Which shows on completion of full course of treatment for HIV(+Ve)/AIDS 99% of cure if, he is not having TB. Cancer like any dreaded diseases during or after treatment & follow our instructions till getting negtive. The

Listed patients are declared positive by ELISA, WESTERN BLOT, DNS PCR Qualitative and RNA PCR Qyantitative (VIRAL LOAD Test) tests, where CD4 absolute count and ratio were decreased.
By using this drugs CD4 and CD8 absolute count will come back to normal within 4 to 6 Months after commencement of treatment. Gradually the viral load comes down to absolute NEGATIVE within 1 to 3 years depending on the virus present in the body. But all symptoms disappear completely within 2 to 3 months.
Certain patients who can not afford the cost of viral load test, in such cases-if all Bands come to negative within 1 year then it is ascertained that the patient must be Having 100's of virus in 1 ml of blood i.e. gradually all bands will come to NEGATIVE: Within a period of 6 months to 1 year. On the other hand if all the bands come to negative within 2 years. It is concluded that the patient must be having 1000's of virus in 1 ml of blood i.e. gradually all bands will come to negative within 2 years similarly if bonds come co NEGAIVE within 3 years it is understood that the patient must be having 100,000's of virus in 1 ml of blood i.e. gradually all bands will come to NEGATIVE within a period of 3 years.
A male patient, aged 21 years was treated with these drugs for cure: This patient suffered from brain tumor at the age of 5 years. He was operated for the same at Nims. After That he was in better health till 15 years. Later he was attacked with fits, then he undergone (T scan and blood tests. The out come is that he is suffering with HIV/AIDS(POSITIVE) and also brain tumor, He went to NIMS, Hyderabad. . Where Neurologist informed that the tumor was growing and he cannot be operated as he was Infected with HIV/AIDS.
He was treated with the drugs (both AVALMIC-l&H) for 4 months Before treatment he got Elisa test done, whose reports showed that he was infected with HIV(POSITIVE). After 15 days of treatment anorexia, weight loss, feverishness (malaise). Diarrhea, cough, subsided. In 3 months time all other symptoms were completely cured.
After 4 months treatment with all diet restrictions , he was tested with Elisa test HIV-I & II negative. Another Elisa test was conducted , The report showed HIV-I&II antibodies negative (non-reactive) and in Western Blot test HIV-I&II all bands turned HIV "VE' (Negative)
This patient may be having viral load in Hundreds per ml plasma. So HIV-I&II Infection turned HIV NEGATIVE (-ve) immediately after the treatment.
1. This unique combination of natural ingredient boosts the natural immunity of the human body.
2. This invention promotes immune mechanism by repairing the tissue structure

I Claim:
1. A novel herbal composition consists of 30mg to 40mg of Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata Oliver & Hiern), 0.100 mg to 0.150 mg , Parada(Hydragyrum), lOmgto !5mgof Pushpakasisa (Sulphate of Iron), 20mg to 30mg of Sulva (Sulphur),, 55mg to 65mg of Amalaki ( Phyllanthus emblica.) and the Herbal powder base of quantity sufficient ;explicitly used are Cassia auriculata or Azadirchta indica or any suitable or available plant bases (Bark, Stem, Roots, Herbs, Leaves).
2. A Process for preparing a pharmaceutical composition comprising the steps of
(a), cleaning, separating the plant matter including roots, leaves, bark, seeds and flowers.
(b). preparing individual powder mixture of both plants and minerals in specified quantity .
(c). combining the individual powder mixture of both plants and minerals in specified quantity.
(d). preparing the excipient or base using plant bark, stem, roots, herbs especially of Azadichta indica Xassia aurriculata, dry powder.
(e). finally combining the unique mixture along with base for preparing a capsule.
4. The anti- infective, haematinic composition as claimed in claim -1 for treatment of HIV /AIDS and Cancer diseases obtained from the method described in .claim I
4. A Novel herbal composition for curing diseases like HIV/AIDS and Cancer. "and a




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