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Abstract A synergistic fungicidal composition for crop protection which comprises as active ingredients consisting of Carbendazim of the formula: and Mancozeb of the formula: wherein x and y are natural numbers (positive integers) viz: 1,2,3,.. and wherein said Carbendazim and Mancozeb are present in a gravimetric weight ratio of 12:63, and the balance if any, comprising of one or more optional ingredients selected from adjuvants, dispersing agents, wetting agents, stabilizing dye and filler(s).
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"A Synergistic Fungicidal Composition of Carbendazim and
We, UNITED PHOSPHORUS LIMITED, a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at 3-11 GIDC, Vapi-396 195, State of Gujarat, India and having its corporate office at Uniphos House, CD. Marg, 11th Road Khar (West), Mumbai - 400 052, States of Maharashtra, India;
The following specification particularly describes the nature of the invention and the manner in which it is to be performed:

The present invention relates to an Fungicidal composition, being the combination of two fungicides Carbendazim and Mancozeb with a stabilizing dye which displays a synergistically enhanced activity against fungi.
In general the active components are being used or may be applied on plants individually, in immediate succession i.e. one after the other as may be necessary.
The protection of plants from plant diseases which causes great and irreparable loss, damage, harm and injury to plants is essential for healthy growing of the plant and enhancement of agricultural produce.
With a view to combating and overcoming such problems, various chemicals and combinations or formulations thereof have been developed for the control and management of plant diseases.
The present composition consists of two active components which belongs to two different chemcial classes, namely, Benzimidazol Carbamate and Alkylenebis dithiocarbamate.

: 3 : The fungicide Carbendazim, namely, methyl Benzimidazole 2-ylcarbamate.

The fungicide Mancozeb, namely Manganese Ethylenebis (Dithicarbamate) (Polymeric) complex with Zinc Salt.
where x and y are natural numbers (positive integers) viz: 1, 2, 3,
The stabilizing dye Stabmet XE Blue (SXB) is a stabilized copper phthalocyanine pigment [CAS 147-14-8] which provides and affords the safety to users against any unintended or accidental exposure or consumption, by way of noticeable and visible distinct appearance and identity.
The stabilizing dye (SXB) also significantly assists and is conducive to reduce the generation of Ethylene Thiourea on long-term storage of the product and maintains or increases the fungicidal activity of Mancozeb which, in turn, has the same effect or action on the new and original fungicidal composition.
The new and unique composition or combination of the two Active Ingredients gives the product or enable it to possess a high degree of activity against assorted Phytopathogenic Fungi.

: 4 :
The 'Carbendazim' belongs to the benzimidazole group of fungicides and it is described as a chemical substance in crystalline powder form having a solubility in water at 24°C, 29mg/l (pH4), 8 mg/1 (pH7), 7 mg/1 (pH8). In dimethylformamide 5, acetone 0.3, ethanol 0.3, Chloroform 0.1, Ethylacetate 0.135, Dichlormethane 0.068, Benzene 0.036, Cyclohexane
Methyl benzimidazole-2-ylcarbamate The " Mancozeb" belongs to Alkylenebis (Dithiocarbamete) group fungicide and it is described as a chemical substance which is a greyish yellow powder having a solubility of 6.2 mg/1 (pH 7.5, 25°C) in water; insoluble in most organic solvents; dissolves in solution of powerful chelating agents but cannot be recovered from them. It has a melting point of 192-204°C which, is also the decomposition point.

where x and y are natural numbers (positive integers) viz: 1, 2, 3,
Manganese Ethylenebis (Dithiocarbamate} (Polymeric) complex with Zinc Salt.

: 5 :
It is well known and recognised that the scopd of fungicidal activity of a substance can be widened or broadened by addition of a second fungicide which has a different direction of action on disease complex. It is also well known that systemic fungicide develops resistance in the fungi. The resistance can be delayed or broken down by addition of another fungicide, with contact action..
•i The Combination of the individual components is chemically compatible with each
other and acts as a Plant fungicide by virtue of different biological mode of action.
/> Surprisingly, it has been found that the two well known fungicides Carbendazim 1 and Mancozeb belonging to different groups,: exhibits an extremely enhanced : fungicidal activity, along with stabilizing dye (SXB), when employed in
admixture. Not only is this activity of the composition is superior to that of ;' individual components themselves, but also it is distinctly greater or higher than ^ the mere arithmetical aggregate thereof. Therefore, the composition is synergistic.
Moreover, Pathogens with a diminished sensitivity to fungicide can also be fully and effectively controlled with such a composition or combination of the two active ingredients. Therefore, the present invention is new and original and .constitutes a substantial contribution to enrichment of the state of art.
The combination of active components Carbendazim and Mancozeb in this invention has a very useful activity by preventive and curative control of the diseases with systemic and contact fungicide properties for protecting cultivated plants.

: 6 :
With the use and application of the new or invented composition or product, it is also possible to destroy or inhibit the microorganisms which occur in plants or parts of plants (fruits, blossom, leaves, stems, tubers, roots etc.) in different crops of useful paints, while the parts of plants which grows later are also protected by such microorganisms. This also applies in particular to microorganisms that have developed slight resistance to the fungicides.
In the preliminery pilot studies or trials of various combination of strength of Carbendazim and Mancozeb it was found that Carbendazim 120 + Mancozeb 630 g/kg exhibits and gives rise to the optimum optimum synergistic results. The active components of composition in the invention are synergistically associated according to a wide range of relative concentrations.
The preferred proportion is 12 parts by weights of Carbendazim for each 63 parts by weight of Mancozeb (on the basis of Active Ingredient concentration) which is very effective and shows a broad spectrum activity against disease complex such as effective against leaf-spot, rust diseases, blast disease and the like as extensively tested on groundnut and paddy.
The composition aforesaid can be applied in accordance with the recommendations prescribed on the label of the product by mixing the fungicide and water in the prescribed proportion. The product should be sprayed immediately on appearance of symptoms of the disease. The product may be sprayed by using a High Volume Sprayer, namely, Knapsack Sprayer, using 500 to 750 litres of Water per hectare or with low volume sprayers with 170 to 250 litres of water.

: 7 : The composition has both contact and systemic action. The composition can also be used as a seed-dressing agent for protecting seeds and plant cuttings against fungus infection which occurs in soil. The combination or composition which is the subject matter of the invention is especially well tolerated by plants and above all the composition is ecologically not-harmful.
Without prejudice to the generality of forgoing or implying any limitation, the target crops to be protected within the scope of the present invention are interalia for example, rice and groundnut.
The composition or formulation is prepared by known or recognised methods for example by homogeneously mixing and grinding the active components with extenders, e.g. solid carriers, surface active components, dispersants, wetting agents, thickners, stickers, stabilizing - dye, and the like. The solid carriers used are normally natural mineral filler(s) such as Kaolin precipitated silica, Kaoline etc.. Composition
Ingredients Qtv (% w/w) % (w/w)
Carbendazim 12.00% active ingredient @ 98 12.25
Mancozeb 63.00% active ingredient @85 74.12
Dispersing agent 2 to 5 % 2.00
Wetting agent 2 to 6 % 2.00
Stabilizing dye lto 6% 5.00
Filler(s) q.s. 4.63
100.0% w/w 100.00 % w/w

On the basis of the experiments conducted, it is possible to recommend the use of following initial doses, of the product:
Crop Disease Dose Waiting
(g/ha) Period
(in days)
Groundnut Leaf spot and Rust 500 72
Paddy Blast 750 57
The synergic effect which is the base and foundation of the present invention, namely, composition of Carbendazim and Mancozeb along with dye (SXB), has been demonstrated by way of the results of the field-trials undertaken and carried out in 1996-98. The results of the field-trials are described as follows.
The proportion by weight or specific number of each component - Carbendazim 120 and Mancozeb 630, etc. corresponds to grams of each ingredients in a admixture 1000 gm of formulation in the ratio (by weight) 12:63.

: 9 : The experiment shows and establishes that the compatible formulation-mixture of Carbendazim 120 and Mancozeb 630 exhibits a definite and added good effect. The product assists in reducing the fungal infection as compared to other two standard treatments applied and tested on groundnut and paddy.
In evaluating the new composition or product, a preliminary fungicidal evaluation is undertaken or carried out by applying the product at an application rate of 1000 ppm and spraying the plants to run off in a carrier volume of about 500 to 750 litres per hectare.
The following procedures are applied in evaluating the fungicidal activity of the product of the product which is the subject matter of this invention.

Concentration (g/kg) Performance a. ib. c. Residual Cone.
Carbendazim 100+Mancozeb 540 G G G BDL
Carbendazim 112+Mancozeb 588 G G G BDL
Carbendazim 120+Mancozeb 630 VG VG VG BDL
Carbendazim 128 + Mancozeb 672 VG VG VG BDL
Note :G - Good VG - Very good BDL - Below Dectectable Level.
a. Groundnet leaf spot disease
b. Groundnut rust disease
c. Paddy - Blast disease

: 10 :
The experiment of the application on groundnut and paddy establishes that the combination Carbendazim 120 and Mancozeb 630 and Carbendazim 128 and Mancozeb 672 exhibit and show great efficiency and efficacy in controlling at par to each other, and is superior than with a combination of Carbendazim 112 and Mancozeb 588. (all in g/kg of formulation).
Having regard to the foregoing it is inferred that a combination of Carbendazim 120 and Mancozeb 630/kg is good and effective and preferable to a high concentration combination of the two as it had been observed that the higher concentration combination did not exhibit any great or considerable difference in results. Thus, the higher concentration do not .have any advantage, but may, in fact, only add to the unnecessary loss and wastage of active ingredient and resulting in environmental pollution.

1. A synergistic fungicidal composition for crop protection which comprises as active ingredients
consisting of Carbendazim of the formula:

and Mancozeb of the formula:

wherein x and y are natural numbers (positive integers) viz: 1,2,3,.. and wherein said Carbendazim and Mancozeb are present in a gravimetric weight ratio of 12:63, and the balance if any, comprising of one or more optional ingredients selected from adjuvants, dispersing agents, wetting agents, stabilizing dye and filler(s).
2. A composition as claimed in claim 1 wherein said dispersing agent is an alkyl naphthyl sulfonate derivative.
3. A composition as claimed in claim 1 or 2 wherein said wetting agent comprises salts of alkyl aryl sulfonate.
4. A composition as claimed in any preceding claim wherein said stabilizing dye comprises a stabilized copper phthalocynanine pigment.
5. A composition as claimed in any preceding claim wherein said fillers are selected from one or more of precipitated silica, china clay and kaolin.
6. An enhanced fungicidal composition for crop protection substantially as herein before described with reference to the foregoing examples.
Dated this the 21st day of June 2000.
Of Subramaniam Nataraj & Associates
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