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Abstract Automatic energy and automatic battery re-charging car system comprising. No any car engine and gear box in this system the new car with 48 volt 180 amp and 1800 rmp dynamo main motor with speed regulator along with leg pedal pressing speed accelerator. This invention will be used in 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, 4 wheeler, and other heavy vehicles. Any kind of fuel is not necessary for this new system. No pollution no noise and ozone friendly car. No value of heavy expenditure. For running of 24 hours on the road only one bottle of distilled water for Rs.5/- is enough.
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2-3-4 Wheeler Light Vehicles
(01) 24 Volt. 7 HP 1800 R.P.M., 180 Amp. Electric Main Motor; 48 Volt. 12.5 HP 1800 R.PM., 180 Amp. (02) 24 Volt. Alternative Dynamo. (03) 24 Volt. Alternative Dynamo. (04) 24 Volt. Alternative Dynamo Gear \wheel. (05) 24 Volt. D.C. Main Motor Gear Wheel. (06) Shaft Main Gear Wheel. (07)Shaft Rod Connection. (08) Pillow Ball - bearing. (09) Pillow Ball - bearing. (10) Shaft Main Gear Wheel and (11) 24 Volt. Dynamo Gear Wheel Connection. (12) (13) (14) (15) 12 Volt. -180 Amp. Tubular Serial Batteries. (16) Control Switch Board.
Items : (01) 55 - 55 Ampere Meter (Forward and Reverse Meter). (02) 50 Volt Meter.
(Items -1) Volt. Control Equipment: No. (01) Relay for 24 Volt. 250 Watts or Relay for 48 Volts. 500 Watts. (02) Diyod 4007. 2 Condensor 100 MF 50 Volt. (03) 100 MF 50 Volt. Condensor. (04) Diyod - 4007. (05) 1-5E Resistance. (06) 2K 2 (24 volt.) - Variable or 4K 7 (48 volt.) - variable. (07) 100 MF - 50 Volt.

Condenser. (08) CL 100 Transister. (09) IN. 1448- Diyod. (10) 5K6 Resistence. (11), (12) Volt. Control Equipment Relay Action Current supply wires.
SHEET No.3 (Item - 2) Relay Box. (01) Relay Box U Clamps Fix Board. (02) Positive. (03) Negative. Volt Control Equipment Relay Action Current Supply Wires. (04) Relay Up & Down Current Connection Silver Conduct. (05) Down said Current connection, 'U' clamp. (06) Up said Current connection, 'U' clamp. (07). Main Current connection, 'U' clamp. (08) Relay Action Magnetic Coil.
SHEET No.4 Items : (01) Main 24 vol. or 48 Volt. D.C. Motor. (02), (03), (04), (05), (06) 24 Volt. 55 Amps. Alternative Dynamos). (07) Shaft Rod. (08), (09), (10), (11). Pillow Ball Bearings. (12), (13), (14) Shaft Main Gear wheels. (15) D.C. Motor Main Gear Wheel.
SHEET No.5 Items: (01) Car Chasis. (02) 24 Volt 7HP1800R.PM. 180 Amp.
or 48 volt. 12.5 HP, 180 Amp. 1800 R.PM. D.C. Electric Motor. (03), (3A) D.C.
Motor Grip Belt Angles. (04) D.C. Motor Current connection plug point. (05)
Star. (06) Yoke. (07) Propeller Shaft. (08) Battery Cell Lead. (09), (10), (11), (12), (13), (14), (15) & (16) Tubular 12 Volt. 180 Amps. Wet Batteries.
SHEET No.6 Items : (01) 24 Volt 7 HP 180 Amp. 1800 RPM or 48 Volt. 12.5 HP 180 Amp. 1800 RPM DC Electric Car Driving Motor'. (02) Star. (03) Propeller Shaft. (04) (Milling movable coupling) Yoke. (05) Driver Seat including for 4 members. (06). Battery Box (8 Battries - One set, 4 Batteries - Total 16 Batteries). (07) Back Seat. (08) Re-charging automatic energy battery box. (09) Car Chasis. (10) & (11) Main Motor fixinig grip clamp. (12,13,14 & 15) Car

Wheels. (16) Speed Control Low speed and High speed Padle Accelator. (17) 1 to 16 Automatic Energy and Automatic Battery Recharging Car - No Petrol, Diesel, Oil or any other fuel Engine. This system driving DC Electric Motor only.
Sheet No.1 : (12, 13,14,15) Nos. Tubular 12 Volt. 180 Amps. Two batteries connected by Serial makes 24 Volts, charged condition. No.(16) is Control Switch Board for running the Generator Main Motor Current Supply 8 Batteries current and then 48 Volt. 180 Amps. DC Electric Driving Motor current supply, 8 Batteries Total 16 Batteries. (5,6,7 & 10) Makes the Gear Wheel to run. (2, 3) Alternative Dyanamos by running, produces current in (12, 13, 14 and 15) batteries and charges. From the batteries of (14 and 15) - 24 Volts, current will be supplied to 24 volts Generator D.C. Alternative Dynamos. When the batteries are fully charged the production of current supply from No.2 Dynamo alternatively automatically will cut-off. Batteries (14 & 15) will discharge the current to the Generator Motor. No.3 Alternative Dynamo will automatically recharge the batteris of (14) and (15) Nos. on running he voltage while discharging to 20 volt. Sheet No.2 : When the current reduced 20 volt, in the volt, meter. The meter will show only 20 volts. Sheet No.3: The variable Control Board connected with sheet No.2 Item No.2 on connectin of 50 Volt. Meter indicates the reduction of 20 volts. The Board automatically will cut-off the relay. The current going to Generator from the batteries of (14 & 15) through the relay will be automatically cut-off. Secondly when the current dropped from batteries (14 & 15), the current

will be supplied from the batteires of (12 and 13) to the Generator through the relay. Till the closing of working system by Driver, this system will be continously automatically working to run the Car. Sheet No.4 : Item Nos. (3, 4, 5 & 6) alternative Dynamos connected with Generator and Shaft Gear produces 24 Volt. 55 Amps. Current, Supplies to the 4 batteries as shown in the batteries is of Charges No,5. Items. (9,10,11,12,13,14,15and 16) charges condinously. By serial connection all the batteries of Item Nos.(9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and 16). All the 4 battereis after connected with serials, the batteries gies increased production of 48 volts. 180 amps, and continously supply the current to the running by driving Car on driving DC Motor. Sheet No-6. 1 to 16 Automatic Energy and Automatic Battery Recharging Car - No Petrol, Diesel, Oil or any other fuel Engine. This system driving DC Electric Motor only.

This system is called as "Automatic Energy and Automatic Battery Recharging Car System".
This system requires no Petrol, Diesel, Oil or any other Fuel, Ozone Friendly Car, No Pollution to make the Cars/Vehicles (2 wheelers, 3 Wheelers, 4 Wheelers and heavy vehicles etc.,) to run on the Roads. It will not produce heavy noise and thereby no disturbance to the Public and it is a smooth running device. The present usages of Petrol, Disel and other fuel causes pollution to the environment and thereby peoples are suffering by various kinds of ailments. It not only creates problem to the Public, but also causes much expenditure for consumption of petrol, dieseal and other fuels. But by using my new system, the expenditure will be reduced very much. It is no doubt that when an accident occurs, there is a great deal of risk of vehicle catching fire, due to usage of fuelS But in now my new system there is no such possibility of fire to the vehicles human life and properties, since there is no fuel is used in my system. Further by using my system the vehicles will be runned very smoothly and both young and old peoples can easily drive their vehicles. Hence this system Is very much needed for this Modern World. Further the Countries which are not producing oils will be greatly benefited by this system. The crores of Rupees given in Foreign Exchange by the Countries which are not producing Oils will get great benefit by this system and they can save their foreign exchange and their economy will be boosted. The moneys saved from procuring oils from the oils producing countries, will be utilsed and driversified for the Countries' Welfare Schemes and more particularly

humanitarian aspects of the citizens will be fulfilled, (a) This Re-chargeable Generator does not require any EMS current which presently run by Electricity Board & Depts. (b) Any 5 Star Hotels, Apartments can use this new Inverter Rechargable Battery Generator subject to Consumption of Electricity Power.No. of Equipments and Generator can be used with D.C. Current. Same D.C. Current can be used through Transformer converted as A.C. Current, (d) This Generator E.C. Current which using Pump set motors minimum 3 H.P. Power maximum to 10 H.P. increased power by increasing No. of Equipments used, (d) In the case of expenditure side. On operating Generator only Grease, Machine Oil and distilled water for Battery. Daily the the operation on Generator is very very Meager expenditure, (e) The same Generator (my devices) can be used in Car. in which the D.C. Generator current connection Car driving Motor speed. Can go upto 120 Kms per Hour, after 350 Kms the Generator requires 15 minutes Rest. Again



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