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Abstract A method for preparing of a detergent composition the steps of adding to a detergent mix, prior to the process of drying, a soluble alkali silicate; characterized in that 0.01-25% by weight of a compound from the group consisting of amorphous calcium silicate and/or amorphous magnesium silicate, or a mixture thereof, based on the soluble alkali metal silicate; optionally calcium carbonate is added to the detergent mix in the from of silicate or silicate granules or silicate suspension.
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Patent Number 200791
Indian Patent Application Number 1831/CHENP/2003
PG Journal Number 30/2009
Publication Date 24-Jul-2009
Grant Date 06-Jun-2006
Date of Filing 21-Nov-2003
Name of Patentee SHRI. OSINGA, Theo, Jan
Applicant Address Bemelerweg 50 NL-6267 AN Cadier en Keer
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 OSINGA, Theo, Jan Bemelerweg 50 NL-6267 AN Cadier en Keer
2 OSINGA, Theo, Jan Bemelerweg 50 NL-6267 AN Cadier en Keer
3 OSINGA, Theo, Jan Bemelerweg 50 NL-6267 AN Cadier en Keer
PCT International Classification Number C11D7/14
PCT International Application Number PCT/EP2002/004419
PCT International Filing date 2002-04-18
PCT Conventions:
# PCT Application Number Date of Convention Priority Country
1 01201492.4 2001-04-24 EUROPEAN UNION