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Abstract ABSRACT A turnierone enriched essential oil of turmeric and purified curcumin and subjected to an art, method and manner that increases the bio-absorption of curcumin by blending it with turnierone enriched oil to enhance the bio-availability of curcumin from the bench mark level of 65%. Normally the bio-avahabilily of curcumin is only about 60-65%. By blending it with Turmerone enriched fraction of the essential oil the bio-availabihty increases to 95-97%. This is of natural origin with practically no harmfld side effects.. The essential oil is fractionated by high vaccum distillation for cmiching the turmerone (xxntent The turmerone enriched fractions are collected afbr Gas chromatogrEphic analysis. The de-oiled residue obtained is powdered, dried and extracted to get curcuminiods. All Ihe washes are combined and concenitatd to 30-60% strength . From this curcuminQids are collected were collected by crystallization. The czysrtalli2ed curcuminiods ae separated, srtipped and blended to get 95% curcumin. To this the turmerone enriched oil part is added and blended to get the product having bio-availabihty of 90-97%.
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The following apecification describes the nature of this invention:
1. A technique that facilitates the enhancement of the absorption of curcimiin and enhances its bio-availability and punty over traditional limits.
2. A syn€igeti.c process of blending Curcumin with Tmmetone enriched oil to enhance the bioavailability of Curcumin from benchmark level of 65%.
3. An eco friendly metfiod and manner of extracting high absorption and maximum bioavailability of Curcumin in See flowing ingestible yellow granules.
Curcumin, the active ingredient present in the turmeric is responsible for the biological activities of turmeric. It has been reported to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-artfuitic, anti-aUergic, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor activity. It helps to prevent^etEffd various cardio-vascular, viral and other duronic diseases like arftiiitis, cancer and AIDS by neutralizing existing &ee radicals. These properties are chnicaUy proved.
Currenfly Turmeric (Curcumin) is used for different ailments and its anti-oxidant property is well established. It is being isolated from Trnmedc rhizomes and is used for different cppHcations such as food additive, internally as a blood purifier, tonic, externally for the treatment of skin diseases and wound healing. Tuimedc consists of dried as well as, fresh ihi2x>mes of a plant known as "Cuncuma longa (Zingiberacxie) ". It has been used for centuries in Indian traditional system of medicine, as a spice and a natural food colour. Turmeiic has also been used internally as a tonic for the stomadi . Turmeric is used externally for the treatment of skin diseases and wound heahi^. Traditional Indian medidne claim that the use of Turmeric for curing many disorders like anorexia, cough, diabetic wounds, biHaiy and hepatic disorder. Turmeric has also got a place in Chinese traditional medicine against diseases associated with abdominal pains, icterus etc.
Curcumin intake depletes substance 'P a neuro transmitter of pain in^ulsion in the nerve endings and potentates adrenal gland, vdiich produce anti-inflammatory hormones. When used orally Curcumin has several effects on flie body like inhibition, leukotriene formation and platelet aggregation, promoting and stabihzbig the cell membranes.
Current studies proved Curcumuioids possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-artiuitic, anti¬allergic and anti-rheumatic activities. This is due to the anti-oxidant property and thereby prevent cell and tissue destruction due to free radical activity.

Essential oil used is firacdonated by high vacuum disliUatLon for enriching the Turmerone content IXmnerone and betaaflon induce intermucleosomal DNA. firagmentation in association with progranimed cefl deadi in human mydoid Leukemia HLr60 cells.
The bioavailability of Curcmmn is only about 60-65%. The object of tfie invention is to improve Ihe bioavailability to 95-97%, reduce dos£^ and also minimize utilizedion of raw turmedc.
The present inventional study seeks to prove the absorption of up to 97% Curcuminoids by a eco-fiiendly value engineered method out of a dosage of 400 mg of Curcuminoids, when blended with the Tumecone enriched fraction of its essential oil.
Drawing No. 1 illustrates the method and manner of obtaining the turmerone enriched fraction The crashed dry/fresh Turmeric is steam distilled to obtEon the volatile oil. The inventive step is the drying and fractionation of the essential oil The volatile oil by high vaccum distillation. The different fractions are collected at different temperature zones. The Turmerone enriched fractions are collected after Gas chromatpgr^)hic analysis.
Drawing No. 2 illustrates the method and process of extraction of curcuminoids . The deoiled residue obtedned is powdered, dried and extracted to get Curcuminoids. For this any of the solvents such as acetone, hexane. Ethyl acetate, Dichloroetfiane are used. The inventive step is the extraction at a veiy high temperature range of 50 to 55 C. The extraction is continued for 4 to 5 times or till flie extraction medium becomes color less.
All the washes are combined and concentrated to 30-60% strength. From this Curcuminoids were collected by crystallization.
The crystallized CurcuminQids are separated, solvent stripped and blended to get 95% of Curcumin. To this the THmnerone amched, oil is added and blended to get the product which is having bioavailability of 90-97%.
The following e3q)eriment bear testimony to incareased bio-availabiHty of curcumin by mixing with the turmerone fraction

For tins purpose Albino rats weighing 100 to 120 gm of both sex were kept individually in propylme cages and maintained in a well ventilated room and imder uniform conditions like 12 hours light and dark cycle and at a temperature of 26 plus 2 d^ee centigrade. Water and food were given. The animals were divided into seven groups and four animals were used for reach group.

The art, method and manner that increases the bio-aibsorplion of curcumin through a synergetic process of blending curcumin and tumierone enriched oil to enhance the bio-availabilily of curcumin. An eco-jfiiendty method and manner of extracting high-absorption and maximum bio-availability of curcumin in free flowing ingestible yellow granules.
The product is free flowing yellow coloured powder or granules or granules. An eco-friendfy value engineered process obtains this characta:. Chemically it is the Turmerone enriched essential oil of turmeric and purified Curcumin.

Drawing 1 - Process for Bio-Ciircumax
The &esh or dxied Turmeric is cleaned and subjected to stema/acqua distillation. The essential oil collected is dried and then it is fractional distilled to get the enriched Timnerone Fraction.
Drawing 2 - Extraction of Curcmninoids
Then Ihe de-oiled turmeric is dried and then extracted with solvents such as. Alcohol, Acetone Hexane, 1 So Prophyl Alcohol, Dichloroediane, Meflianol etc.
The extract is concentrated and the cooled kept for crystallization and the crystals collected and desolventised to get Curcumin. The Turmerone enriched fraction of the oil is blended with Curcumin under controlled condition and afber Homogenis blending it is granulated or powdered to get Biocuicumax.

I. An art, method and manner of manufacturing optimally bio-available
curciumin through
i. firacrtionation of essential oil of tumeric through high vaccum distillation under controlled conditions to obtain enriched tuimerone collected afier gas chromatographic analysis
ii. powdering, drying and extracting curcimunoids at very high temperature of 50-55 degree centigrade jfrom residual de-oiled turmeric four to five times until extraction is completely fulfilled.
iii. Solvent stripping and blending of crystallized curcuminoids for yielding 95% curcumin.
iv. Adding enriched turmerone to crystallized curcuminoids to enhance 90-97% bio-availahility of curcuminoids.
II. An art, method and manner of granulating and dispensing 97% ingestible
bio-available curcuminoids as per claim I
III. An eco-fiiendfy method and manner of extracting 97% bio-available


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