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Abstract This invention describes the synthesis of simvastatin from lovastatin by converting the lovastatin to lova amide using a secondary amine and subsequent reaction with a metal amide base generated from n-butyl lithium and pyrrolidine and followed by treatment with methyl iodide to give desired C-methylated intermediate. This intermediate was further transformed to the final product, simvastatin. This method of production consumes lesser quantities of metal amide, gives fewer side reactions and a lowered overall cost of manufacture of simvastatin than other procedures reported.
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Patent Number 199164
Indian Patent Application Number IN/PCT/2002/583/CHE
PG Journal Number 23/2006
Publication Date 09-Jun-2006
Grant Date 27-Feb-2006
Date of Filing 22-Apr-2002
Name of Patentee M/S. BIOCON LIMITED
Applicant Address 20th K.M. Hosur Road, Hebbagodi, Bangalore 561 229
# Inventor's Name Inventor's Address
1 SAMBASIVAM, Ganesh B-3, Kudremukh Colony Kuramangala Bangalore 560 034
2 SRIDHARAN, Madhavan D1, Srinivas Residency K.R. Gardens Murugeshpalya Bangalore 560 017
3 ACHARYA, Poornaprajna No.1002, 12th A Cross 35th Main J.P. Nagar I Phase Bangalore 560 078
4 MATHEW, Joy No.362, S.G.R College Road Munnekolala Bangalore 560 037
PCT International Classification Number C07D 309/30
PCT International Application Number PCT/IN1999/000063
PCT International Filing date 1999-11-11
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