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Abstract Abstract The invention operates on electricity. The first bulb which is green in colour will, always, be burning to show that the invention is working and ready to operate. When the earthquake starts, the silver-thread inside the glass chimney and the silver-ball in the glass jar starts swinging and touches the first ring and instantaneously the second bulb burns and calling bell starts ringing. When the intensity of the earthquake increases, the silver-thread with silver ball swings fastly touching the second, third and fourth rings acording to the intensity and the bell ring with greater sound. When the silver-thread touches the fourth ring, the fifth bulb starts burning and the alarm bell sounds. The light burns and the alarm goes on till the earthquake subsides and normaly comes to stay.
Full Text This invention is made with a view to fore-cast the occurence of the Earthquake which may occur sporadically on the surface of the Earth. It has universal application as the Earthquake is a universal phenomina. As every one knows that the Earthquake creates catastrophies to life and properties and ended with devastating results. To get rid of from such distraction, the 'Earthquake Cautioner' - is invented. The new device warns the people, in advance, by signalling the intensity of the Earthquake at its different stages. In this respect the * Earthquake Cautioner' is of great help to humanity by protecting their life and properties to a great extent.
The 'Earthquake Cautioner' has twelve main parts. The main organs of this device are the following.
1. Silver Insulated Coil Ring. The invension has four Silver Insulated Rings. The First Insulated Silver Ring is at the top of the Pink Jar just bellow the wooden plate. F: 6 (1)
2. Silver Insulated Square Ring.' The Second Insulated Silver Ring is square in shape therefor it is called Square Insultated Silver Ring. As it is placed inside the hole of the third woodn plate of the stand, it is not visible externally. F: 6 (2)
3. Silver Insulated Cup Ring (Small) The third Insulated Silver Cup Ring is fitted on the surface of the wooden plate of the third stair of the stand. This Ring is the shape of semi - circle or cup. So it is called Cup Ring. F: 6 (3)
4. Insulated Cup Ring (Big) The Fourth Insulated Silver Cup Ring is the largest Ring of th Divice. As in the case of the Third Ring, it is also semi- circle in it's shape. It is also fixed on the wooden plate of the third stair of th stand. F: 6 (4)
5. Silver Chain. It is made of silver and it is hanged in a hook inside the chemmini and jar
6. Silver Hook. The hook is hanged at the tip of the tongue of the temple Bell. It is also made of silver F: 1 (7)
7. Tongue of the Temple Bell It is made of metal (Good Conductor of electricity) F: 1 (8)
8. Temple Bell (Metal) It ismade ofmetal (bronze)F: 1 (9)
9. Pink Coloured Glass Jar (air tighted) It is made of glass. It is airtighted. F: 1 (10)
10. Air tighted Chimmini. It is made of glass. It is airiited. F: 1 (11)
11. Wooden Stand. It is three storeyed and made of wooden plates F: 1 (12)
12. Silver Ball. It is made of silver. It is inside the glass jar. F: 1 (6)
The Device is arranged on a three Storeyed wodden stand. F: 4,1 At the highest stair hanged the Temple bell with a tongue inside. F : 4,8. A silver hook F: 1,7 Chain and a ball hanged from the tip of the Tongue. An air tighted Glass Chimmini F: 1, ll;covers the bell, tongue and the chain up to the second stair. From the bottom of the stand up to the second stair there is an air tig+Pink Jar F: 1,10; that covers the rest of the chain and the ball. The most important part of the device is the working of the Insulated Silver Rings, four in num¬bers F: 6,; and arranged in intervels. The first Silver Ring is on the top of thePink Jar. It acted as a rid of the Jar. The second one is inside the wooden plate of the third stair of the stand. The Third and the Fourth Rings are arranged on intervels on the wooden plate of the third stair of the stand. AC/DC current is connected to the tongue of the Temple bell which is

a good conductor. .Sheet :4
1.Device. 2. Stage Indicator (i) Main current and Coloured Bulbs (Big) (ii) Colour Bulbs
Connected to the Solar Panel (Small bulbs) 3. Bell (240 V) worked in Ac 4. Solar Panel /
Batary. 5. Bell (12v.) worked in Solar Panel/Batary 6. Connected wires (hook up) F : 3,
The device works on the principle of a broken Pendulum - (a hook, a chain and a ball hang in a liver) The invention is meant for signaling in advance the Earthquake to occur shortly. It is operated both in AC/DC. The Device can also work in Solar Panel. DC and Solar panel are used to avoid any break in the function of the Device F: 3 FIRST STAGE (Seismograph - Richter Scale - 0)
The Device is arranged in proper positiion F: 3 'The Earthquake Cautioner' is connected to an electric circute system F: 3, 4 The first bulb which is green in colour will always be burning to show that the invention is working and ready to operate .The green light has nothing to do with the Earthquake. During the first stage the Chain does not touch any insulated Silver Ring. F:7 SECOND STAGE (Seismograph-Richter Scale - 0 to 2)
Even the slightest vibration of the earth's surface due to the Earthquake can be felt though this Device. When the Earthquake starts, the Tongue of the temple bell inside this instrument began to/oscillate, The silver chain and the ball which is connected to the Tongue of the bell with a silver hook acted as a moving Pendulum and started osillation in accordance with the vaibration of the earthsurface. When Earth's vaibration due to Earthquake increases the osillation of the pendulum increases and the chain touches the first ring.
As already stated in the previous para, the whole system is connected to AC/DC or Solar panel. When the Pendulum touches the first ring the electric current passes from the chain to the Ring and there by completed the electric circute and the yellow bulb began to burn and the bell began to ring as the yellow bulb and bell are connected to the the first ring (the insulated silver ring which is fixed at the top of the Pink Jar.) The burning of the yellow bulb and the ringing of the bell are indications of the occurrence of the Earthquake and a warning to take necessary precautionary measures to avoid calamities. F: 8 TlDRD STAGE (Seismograph - Richter Scale - 2 to 3)
When the vibration and the intensity of the Earthquake increase, The Broken Pendulum bends and touches the Insulated Square Silver Ring. No sooner did the Chain touches the Insulated Square Silver Ring than the circute of the Eleetric system completed. The Bulb Rose in colour, began to burn togethr with the green and yellow lights. If the switch of the green and yellow bulbs are put off, the Rose bulb alone burns. As the Square Insulated Silver Ring is also connected to the Bell, the electric circute to the Bell is completed and the bell also began to ring. F: 9 THE FOURTH STAGE (Seismograph-Richter Scale - 3 to 5)
The fourth stage indicates the dangerous position of the Earthquarke. In this stage the intensity of the earth and its vibration are very high. The Tongue of the Temple Ball Oscillate 30° to 40°. The Silver Pendulum touchs the Samll Insulated Cup Ring, the Pendulum bends further more than the previous times and slowly began to rise upward with the Silver Ball. The Silver Ball rise upward in proportion to the bending of the Chain. When the Silver Pendulum strikes the Small Insulated Cup Ring the circute of the electric system completed and Red Light began to burn along with the previous buarning Bulbs, green, yellow and rose. The Bell also continued to work. During this stage the people are cautioned that none could enter the building exeept one or two who are engaged in rescue measures F: 10

FINAL STAGE-THE DISTRUCTION STAGE (Seismograph - Richter Scale - 5 to 6.5)
The Fifth stage is the distraction stage. It is called so because during this stage started the collapse of the buildings and other structures. The Broken Pendulum strike strongly at the Fourth Insulated Silver Ring together with other Rings. During the Final stage the sec¬ond red bulbe began to burn with other bulbs. The danger bell also began to ring. At this stage the seismograph Richter Scale records 5 to 6.5 F: 11

1 BULBS- In this device there are two types of bulbs are used. 100 V. bulbs are connected to AC and 3V. to DC or Solar panel. DC or Solar panel are used to avoid any break in the function of the Device.
(i) AC Bulbs (Big Size) - There are five 100 V. bulbs. They are arranged in a row on the stage indicator. Each bulb is connected to a switch for on and off. The first switch controls the first bulb green, second yellow, third orange, fourth red, the last red respectively. As already started, each bulb is connected to each Silver Insulated Ring except the green. Each bulb burns when the circute of the electric system completed. The Pendulum touches the respective ring of the bulb in accordance with the intensity or vibration of the surface of the earth. If the intensity of the vibration of the surface of the Earth is minor the yellow bulb burns, if it is major, the red two bulbs burn with all other bulbs. If one wants a particular bulb not to burn he may off it's switch. But the inventer of the Device warns the people not to switch off the Red Bulbs. (ii) DC OR SOLAR BULBS - The 3 V. Bulbs burn at the time when Alternate Current fails. The DC or Solar Panel works in the absence of AC. The electric connection, machanisam and colour of 3 V. Bulbs are the same as that of the 100 V. Bulbs. The difference is this 3 V .works in DC or Solar Panel.
(2) Bells - (i)There are two types of Bells aredrrected on the Stage Indicator. Big size bells are having 240 V., worked on AC current. In this Device four Bells can be connected. There is no harm in connecting bells of different sounds. All bells can control by switches. For warning one bell is essential, (ii) Bells of 12 V. are also connected to the Device. These bells are small in size and work on low voltage - D.C or Solarpanel. In this device four 12 V. bell can connect, each bell to each ring. Usually one bell is needed as in the case of the AC Bell. The Bulbs and Bells are connected to the insulated Rings by Hook up Wires

An Earthquake Cautioner for signalling the occurrence of earthquake comprising of a base plate 12, disposed to detect the vibration and communicating to an oscillating means which touches the ring means 1, forming four closed loop depending on the vibration intensity and displaying the same with glowing bulbs wherein four closed loop is corresponding to below 6.5 Richter scale.
'An Earthquake Cautioner' as claimed in claim 1 wherein chain and rings are made of silver.
'An Earthquake Cautioner' as claimed in claim 1 wherein alarm is provided for all the four close loops.
'An Earthquake Cautioner' as claimed in claim 1 wherein it works on DC and Solar panel.
'An Earthquake Cautioner' as claimed in claim 1 wherein four closed loops corresponding to 0 - 2 Richter scale represented by Yellow bulb; 2 to 3 Richter scale represented by Orange; 3 to 5 Richter scale represented by Red I; 5 to 6.5 Richter scale represented by Red II.


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