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Abstract ABSTRAT IMMERCIBLS WATER PUMPSET Immercible water pumpset comprising of the Inlet valve, diaphram. Vibrator plates, main shaft,'E'core and 'I' core, auto cutoff circuits, and steel or fibre case. The copper wires wound on 'E' core and the two leads of the copper wires are connected to the 230V AC supply than magnetic flux induced and 'I' core changes, and the Vibrator plates vibrates also vibrator diaphram continously vibrates resulting in water passing through the inlet valve and water is pumped through the outlet pipe.
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An enviable type of lmmercible motor is hereby introduced, MIR hitherto not seen in the market. This is based on the simple magnetic principle. The salient features are that it is less heavy, very economical yet superbly effective.
Unlike the other motors it is operated at a low voltage of current. There is no question of polluting the atmosphere by an irritant sound when operated. The utility stands unchallenged. For all Irrigational purposes it is highly advantageous for the farmers.
Cost of Productiont-
Produced at a considerable low cost. On a large scale it will com.e to lower than Rs 1500/-.
Description of the mechanism;-
A single layer winding is used. The A C Voltage is
converted into +ve voltage and -ve voltage. Which is
sine wave frequency. In this single layer windings when
the 230 V AC Is applied the soft iron core is changed Into
electromagnet. Only laminated soft iron core is used In
this winding coil. The permeability Increase safeguards
the motor from getting over heated or burned up. The
electromagnet is regulated which in turn regulates the level of water. That is as the magnetic power increses an equa.l
Increase in the level or force of the water is effected.
The permeability is of utmost inportance, A low permeability might cause the burning up of the motor. The result Is the bent loss, power loss and efficiency loss. A laminated soft iron core used in the system, protects the motor. This quarantees greater permeability than any other mot t-. Such a machine can be operated at will far any length of tlm.p without any loss of heat or efficiency, ' the same time a free, non_ stop flow of water la pumped

through outlet pipe of the motor.
The larrinated soft core attracts the other laminated soft iron cores. To this coil the 230V Ac is applied to produce the dectromagnetlc power. Thus the electromagnets and the laminated soft iron core creat the vibration. At once the rubber sheets or the vibrator plates alao get Vibrated, Pulling and pushing the steel plates or the steel cases. Thereby the air is pushed into the outlet pipe which then escapes through the socket and adopter. An inlet valve serves the purpose and saves an outlet valve, A foot valve device is also out of place. The parts and the handle of the motor are fitted by means of 4 or 6 screws. The handle is fitted on inlet valve of the steel plates. This being an Immercible type, leek proof and water proof are tested. Otherwise the case of the motor causes a shock, cutting off the electric circuit in the phase wire and the neutral wire. An electronic automatic cutt off circute fitted inV" the motor, prevents such a shock.
Working principle in brief;
The ir,otor working is based upon the principle of the changes in electro magnets. The channle is effected by means of a coil applied to the 230V Ac, Thus the electro¬magnets and the laminated soft iron core get mutually attracted. At once the laminated soft iron core is vibrated leading to the same in the vibrator plates as well. Ulimately this causes the pumping of water through the . outlet pipe, threded socket and the adopter.

Inductor is another basic Conponent conrronly used in Electronic & electrical circuita. It Is nothing else but a coll would on a soft Iron core or former of soir.e sultabe taterials. Iron core inductor in which a coil of wire is wound over a solid or laminated eoft iron core. Putting iron inside on inductor has the effect of increasl IKI its inductence as many times as the relatieve permiability (u ) of iron. In order to avoid eddely current loss, iron core is laminated i e It is made up of thin iron laminations pressed together but insulated from each other, Som.e times, such an inductor is also calleddchoke. The iron core has been found to work m.ore efficiently particularly at low frequecles If it is in the form of a closed core i.e if the core not only goes through the center of the coil but also socround.s if on Its two sides.
Incuctance of a inductor is found that whenever current through an inductor chanqes ( ie Increases or decreases) ? counter em.f if induced in it which tends to oppose this

which is Teala (T), Mangetlc flux reaerrbles current in an electric circuit, it conHlnta of niaynetic foice resenblps voltage or eir. f In an electric circuit & it is responsible for producing magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit, it's value is given by the product of current through the coil & its number of t turns i e N.I. It's unit is ampare-trns,
r Magnetic field strength is also in density of magnetic field or (more comronly) magnefising force. As we know, each magnet has its own magnetic field consi£?ing of lines of force which start from itp N Pole, pass through the sorrounding medium., re-enter the S pole & complete their path from.'s to'N pole through the body of the magnet. When a magnetic m.aterials is placed in the magnetlc field, it becor.es magnetised whereas non-k1 m.agnetic matprinle remain uneffected. The strength of a m.agnetic field at any point is measured by the force experienced by a N N poles of 1 wb place theie. A uniform, magntic field is one

Permiability 1P the ability of a magnetic rr.aterials to conduct magnetic flux through It. If It allows the flux to pass through move easily or readly It Is said to have greater permlability. The permlabillty of a substance is measured both in absolute terrs & in relative terns with respect to vacum (or approxinntely air). suppose there is a uniform magnetic field of strength 'K' established in air. Further suppose that a bar of .1 magnetic m.aterinli; of the core, The iron bar gets magnetised by induction. suppose it developed by it is also m. Weber, The lines of induction flux ellmate from, its 'N' pole, go round & Re-enter it Is 'S' pole & ten continue from, 'S' to 'N* polf,within m.agnets,. These lines are seen to be In opposition to the lines of force of the main field 'H' outside the magnet but in the sam.e direction within It. If is the flux passing through the bar & 'A is its pole area, then flux density within

I claim that;-
(1) The folowing materi als/components are not necessary
as used in other type of water pump set;-
(a) Armature
(b) Foot valve
(c) Impiller
(d) copasitor
(e) Sectional pipe

(2) in other type cf Water pumpa two types of coils are used. One for starting and other for running coils. But in immercible pumpset, I used only single layer winding.
(3) other types of motor required to rotate, but in the motor inventend me does not rotate.
(4) This immercible pump makes very little noise,
(5) This subject pumpset works on low voltage at 50 VAC but other pumpsets require 230 V Ac,
(6) The permeability increases safe guards the motor from getting over heated or burned up,
(7) In the case of the motor causes a shock, cutting off the electric circuit in the phase wire and neutral wire,
(8) An electronic automatic cut off circuit fitted in the mctor, prevents such a shock,
(9) Other type of normal motor weighs about 15 Kgs and above, but in the case of my pump set weights on 3 kgs,
do) In the open market 1.5 HP motor pumpset costs about
Rs. 7,000/- but my pumpset costs about RS. l,500/- only. It's capacity is 1.5 H.P,
(11) In my pumpset there is no need to pour water to keep the water in motor level because it lays bottom of the water level,
(12) Altogether, This new motor pumpset require a very few materials/components and can easily carry one place to another place even for repair.


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