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Abstract Solar disc reflector electricity production plant in which by projecting sun rays on a solar disc or concave lenses in a water boiler where water is filled directly or in lanes steam is made which is flown through a safety wall lane to a steam engine of a special technique which is self created to operate an engine through whose wheel any electricity production equipment or any equipment can be operated. Electricity produced can be used directly during the day in the form of A.C. and may be used in the night by filling the batteries in the form of D.C. The electricity produced through this plant can be used directly in the city or help the farmers in irrigation of fields. By this method single phase or three phase electricity can be produced. In this procedure there is no pollution. The cost of making steam through solar energy is minimal. This method by giving a new source of income while fulfilling the shortage of electricity grants a new power to the nation.
Full Text Invention is related to Solar Disc Reflector Electricity Production Plant
Preface:- In modern age new new techniques are being adopted to obtain electrical energy in which to obtain electrical energy expenditure is incurred like from Diesel, Petrol, coal etc. machines are operated through the energy obtained & electricity is produced through the operation of Dynamo, Generator etc. in the same context electricity production form the speed (velocity) of air through wind mill, electricity production from the water current etc. have been major sources. Today we consider electricity is an inseparable tool of our lives that nothing is possible without it in our life. Today our need of electricity has increased so much that it is difficult for the electricity department to supply. The cost of electricity has increased so much that we are making its payment with a lot of difficulty. Thefts of electricity are increasing day by day. Due to this theft of electricity and the cost incurred on the loss of electricity in the maintenance of electricity the cost has to be born by the honest consumer even then we are not getting electricity on time and as per our requirement.
In this environment scientists developed a new technique to produce electricity from the solar plates in which electricity is obtained in the sunlight by fitting a panel plate of solar cells on a specific angle in the south direction on the roof of the house in the sunlight. The electricity obtained like this is D.C. which is received in low voltage which is stored in the battery through electricity charger instrument and later on through D.C. light instrument and inverter D.C. is converted to A.C. appropriate volt is increased A.C. light instruments are operated which stop automatically when the battery is discharged after sometimes which does not fulfill our needs regularly and from the electricity obtained by this method only single pace electrical equipment of less power can be operated.
Through this technique of mine after considering that electricity obtained by this method is not utilized fully developed a new technique. In this technique sun rays are collected and set in the water boiler from the solar disc reflector from the heat of the collected electric ray steam is generated which operates the steam engine then from belt and pully necessary R.P.M. is set electricity is produced from the operation of three phase electricity production machine generator. A.C. electricity obtained like this is converted through A.C. to D.C. transformer different phases of electricity is stored in batteries and later on in absence of sunrays or in the night this D.C. electricity is converted to A.C. all types of A.C. single phase, double phase or three phase electrical equipments are operated.
A.C. electricity generator received like this all single phase domestic equipment can be directly operated from generator in the day and all three phase equipment can also be operated directly during the day and in the night or in the absence of sunlight stored electricity which is converted from D.C. to A.C. and used for domestic & other purposes from electricity obtained like this twenty five to fifty percent need of our daily requirement of electricity may be met and we will get rid of the disturbance arising in our work due to absence of light. More solar disc reflectors may be installed in this plant to make necessary steam from whose rays more steam can be generated from more heat. This solar disc reflector rotates automatically in the direction of the sun from east to west through the pendulum watch which collects the sun rays points them on a specific point on the boiler from which definite heat is produced.

In this technique of solar disc reflector electricity production plant disc reflector umbrella automatically rotates from east to west from a pendulum watch system which is installed (according to the diagram).The sun rays which are accumulated their temperature is very high, from this temperature water in water boiler boils and is converted to steam. There the steam pushes the piston of the engine from its pressure. A safety wall is installed in the steam boiler and steam goes through the exit pipes to the piston chamber of the steam operated engine (steam engine). There steam pushes the piston of the steam engine from its force. A safety wall is installed in the steam boiler by which steam engine runs with its speed. The number of solar disc reflector may be increased according to the temperature required. It may be more than one.
Electricity production generator is run by steam engine's wheel through belt. To run generator on required RPM from the steam engine's wheel RPM is set through Pullys from which necessary electricity is obtained. This generator single phase, double phase three may be of any power of kilowatt of electricity production as required.
Single phase, double phase or three phase electricity can be used directly during sunlight through the generator is converted from A.C. to D.C. through the transformer may be stored in all types of phases in different different batteries which later in the night or in the absence of sunlight is converted from D.C. electricity to A.C. electricity through Altinator transformer in single phase, double phase or three phase and may be used as per requirement. Both these types of A.C. & D.C. (A.C. electricity which is received directly from the generator and D.C. electricity which is obtained from battery storage) are joined to a changer electricity switch which runs electrical equipment as required through lines.

Description of Solar Electricity Production Plant
(1). Solar disc reflector :- It is an oval shaped plate in which glass mirror's fiber strips, or nickel, steel polished mirror plates are fitted on the inside which like a mirror reflector reflects the recurring sunrays and centers them on a certain point on the steam boiler gives energy (heat) as required. These solar disc reflectors may be installed more than one as per requirement to gain more heat. Steam is generated in the steam boiler through these rays only.
(2). Weight Pully :- After setting the solar disc reflector in East direction this pully rotates the disc towards west.
(3). Pendulum Watch:- With the help of this watch only the disc reflector rotates @ per second along with the sun and reflects the recurring sun rays in the right place on the steam boiler and doesn't let a difference in the temperature come and steam is generated continuously.
(4). Weight:- This weight is tied on the pully through a rope and is hanged on the pully which to the pully by its weight rotates the solar disc reflector in the west direction.
(5). Weight Rope :- It is made of cotton or steel wires or nylon by which weight is hung on the pully by tying.
(6). Pendulum :- It is a pendulum in a watch which by its speed limits the movement given by the solar disc reflector's bearing by limiting @ per second through the ball bearing of the watch.
(7). Solar disc reflector stand :- It is an iron stand on which solar disc reflector is fitted in a certain direction on a certain angle.
(8). Mirror of solar disc reflector :- It is a glass, steel polished disc plate from which the recurring sun rays are reflected.
(9). Water boiler :- In this boiler steam is made by the water which is boiled by the heat of rays coming from the solar disc reflector. This boiler is made of important and strong metal.
(10). Water boiler stand :- Tank of the boiler is fitted on this stand.
(11). Safety wall :- It is a safety wall in the boiler which expels unnecessary steam outside when extra steam is made in the boiler because of which boiler is always protected.
(12). Wall:- This wall is installed in the pipe which fills water through the boiler, it starts & stops the water.

(13). Steam outlet pipe :- Through this pipe steam goes from the boiler to the cylinder of the steam engine and pushes the piston of the engine.
(14). Water pipe :- Water is filled in the boiler from the water tank through this pipe.
(15). Valve :- This is fitted in the steam pipe which works towards going or stopping of steam in the engine.
(16). Engine cylinder :- It is a main part of the engine where steam comes from the boiler and pushes the piston of the engine forward & backwards.
(17). Piston :- It is the piston of the engine which rotates the wheel by moving forward & backward from the push of the steam.
(18). Connecting rod:- It operates the generator by connecting the speed of the piston with the crank of wheel.
(19). Wheel :- Wheel of the engine which through belt operates the generator produces electricity.
(20). Belt :- This operates the generator by connecting with the wheel of the engine. It can be installed minimum one or two, three as necessary.
(21). Water tank :- This is a water tank in which water is filled.
(22). Water pump :- This water which works towards giving water from the water tank to the boiler.
(23). Steam's steam exit pipe :- After pushing the piston through this pipe the steam cools and converts into water which is then collected in the water tank (21).
(24). Steam regulator wall :- After steam is filled in the piston cylinder and piston moves this steam regulator wall allows the steam to come to the border of the piston and thereafter while closing stops the steam, works continuously like this and starts steam. This regulator is operated through the connecting rod of the wall engine.
(25). Electricity generator :- It is an electricity producing generator which works by connecting through belt (20) to the wheel of the engine which produces electricity. It is single phase, double phase or three phase and can be installed according to the power capacity of kilowatt engine.
(26). Meter board :- Meter board to which volt meter and ampere meter and main switch are attached by which produced electricity's power is measured and is switched on and off and from here only AC electricity by converting into DC electricity AC electricity is given from AC to DC transformer.

(27). AC to DC transformer :- It is used for after conversion of AC electricity to DC electricity it is used for storage of DC electricity in the Battery in three separate phases.
(28,2930). Battery :- These batteries store electricity received on different phases. The batteries may be of any capacity more than 12 according to need.
(31). DC to AC transformer :- DC electricity stored in batteries is transformed to AC electricity through this transformer and sent to main switch board.
(32). Changer switch board :- Through this changer switch the AC electricity coming directly from the generator and the AC electricity which is converted from the DC electricity which is converted from the DC electricity coming from the battery are protected which does not let the two lines meet which come from the generator directly or form the battery in presence of sun rays or in the absence of sun rays respectively and operates by protecting the operation of equipments.
(33,34,35) :- Electricity demonstrating bulbs :- Presence of electricity of different phase is demonstrated through emission of lights from these bulbs.
Note :- In the above mentioned illustrated description in the electricity service lines the one way diodes working in the lines have not been shown by any number. These can be installed anywhere on the service lines according to the power as per requirement.

I claim :-
1 - In th solar disc electricity production equipment through solar disc reflector (1) or recurring lenses sun rays are collected and directed on a point on the boiler (9) in this boiler there is a net of spiral pipes in which water flows, on the net of these pipes of the boiler zero point rays of the sun are directed through the solar disc reflector or lenses by which the water filled in these pipes starts heating and turns into steam, this steam is sent to the piston chamber of the engine through exit pipe, the piston of the engine is operated from the pressure of this steam from which the wheel of the engine rotates and operates the electricity production equipment (generator) produces one phase or three phase electricity. After operating the piston the pressure of the steam decreases, this steam is sent from the exit door of the piston chamber through exit pipes to the water tank and cooled so that the steam again turns into water. From this water tank water is sent to the pipes of the boiler through a small electric water pump. There again the procedure that water filled in the pipe is turned into steam from the heat of solar reflector disc or lenses and is sent to the chamber of the engine is repeated. Solar disc reflector is an oval shaped disc of 12 foot by 18 foot in which 6 inch to 12 inch long and 2 inch to 3 inch wide big mirror or steel plate which can convert sun rays are installed. The mirror or steel plate is fitted on an angle in the solar disc reflector that can focus and direct the sun rays on zero point on the middle axis of the solar disc reflector a spring is attached by which in the morning by rotating towards the sun in the disc the key is wound up, the wound up key in the spring rotates the disc immediately from west to east but pendulum lever ball bearing box is installed below in the solar disc reflector through which obstruction is produced in the pressure of rotation of the spring. This obstruction rotates the solar disc reflector or solar box of lenses along with the sun from east to west at a certain point. Next day again the solar disc or box made of solar lenses is directed towards east direction by which the spring key is wound up. in the same way this process goes on every day from morning to evening.
2. - In the piston (which is described in the claim one) of the steam engine of the solar disc reflector and in the connecting rod at least three-three groups are made which protects the pressure form getting outside and maintains the pressure.
3. - To store electricity in batteries after conversion from A.C. to B.C. received through solar disc reflector or lenses (to use during the night or in the absence of sunlight) or after converting D.C. of batteries to A.C. to run A.C. equipments one way diode of appropriate power are installed to complete circuit is made into use.


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