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Abstract A tube fitting for a tube end has a female threaded member that cooperated with a male threaded member. The female member includes a tube gripping device in the form of a gripping ring or ferrule that is attached to the female member by a frangible web Upon a partial pull-up the ferrule engages a camming surface on the male threaded member and breaks off or separates from the female threaded member to become a separate piece so that the fitting then functions as a single ferrule tube fitting. Additional features include a steep camming angle on the camming surface to cause the ferrule to grip the tube end with a bite-type action and to form a primary seal between the camming surface and a front end of the separated ferrule. The ferrule front end, and optionally the entire female threaded member including the initially integral tube gripping device, are hardened to be at least about 3.3 times harder than the material of the tube end. FIG 1
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For single ferrale tube fittings, the biting action usually associated with the
single ferruls being designed to how in a radically ourward direction from the tube wall in the

substantially different from the thread pitch values of prior art ferrule-type tube fitting ruts and

as selected enhancements of the basic concepts of the invention to be used as required for
particular applications.

In general, for a tube gripping device such as a ferrule to embed into, bite and grip
the tube end, the tube gripping must be harder than the tube end. This is especially so for thick wall tubing.
The greater movement of a ferrule in a shallow angle cramming mouth of

The invention had been described with reference to the preferred embodiment.
Clearly , modifications and alterations will occur to others upon a reading and understanding of
this specification.
this specifications. It is intended to include all such modifications and alterations insofar as they
come within the scope of the appended claims or the equivalents thereof.

Having described the invention, we claim:

28. A tube fitting for a tube end substantially as herein described with
reference to the accompanying drawings.
29. A female coupling member for a tube fitting substantially as herein
described with reference to the accompanying drawings.



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