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Abstract The new device comprises of strong nonheating plastic shield (2) fixed atop a frame (13) fitted to car top. Below the shield is the box( 1) with a lock(4) fitted side lid(3) and heat, dust, waterproof, washable fabric cover(6) provided with hooks(lO) on the top and fixing Velcro(9)on lower edge. A rope (11) attaches all hooks, travels over pulleys (12) of the frame and ends in rolling (16) and unrolling (17) drums. A motor via belt (19) rotates drums pulling the rope with hooks and fabric on pulleys (12) to spread or uncover the vehicle with switch (18). To use, the lid is unlocked, cover pulled down, motor started, fabric covers the car, lid locked. To store, lid unlocked, motor reverse rotated, fabric rolls back, stored and locked. Heat shield cools cabin in summer. The device easily covers at all times and places saving on corrosion unlike difficult old covers.
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Technical field
This inveniion relates to four wheeler covers. It particularly relates to an easy, heat, dust,
rain proof cover without need for transport, carrying the same for covering the vehicle faster
and easier, with built in pilfer proof features and anti heat shield with cooling in summers.
State of art
Existing car covers are made of thick tarpaulin or plastic that is difficult to spread,
fold, carry, store and do not protect the vehicle at all times and places! So the vehicle collects
dust, rain water and gets corroded wasting life of vehicle and costly repairs. In summer, our
hot sun, heats the vehicle for unpleasant travel, increasing cooling costs.
Constraints in use of the existing covers are:
1 .Covers cannot be transported to all places and time.
2.It is difficult to apply or fold manually,
3.It does not protect the vehicle at all times, as it is not inbuilt.
4.Covers are hard to clean, but easily pick up dust and dirties if carried inside.
S.Covers are not easily washable, not in attractive colours. 6.There is no protection from sun's heat.
It is the object of the new invention to eliminate these major defects. An extensive search of the market, vehicles, worldwide was studied. Since the invention is radically different in its fixity, heat shield, easy spread or roll back. Motorized operation, the inventor is unable to reveal any similar, related patent specifications out of databases for easy covering and heat protection.
The invention is directed to a cover that is most effective for all vehicles and users, even for kids or women, to cover the vehicle, saving on corrosion costs.

Accordingly, it is the object of the inventor is to invent a cover that is radically different in parts [only sides has fabric and top has firm heat shield], construction and use. Another ohjccl oflhc invcniion is lo invcnl ;i cover Ihat will be iised lonj^'^er, saving on corrosion costs with a novel built in anti-heating shield.
The new cover comprises of a cover proper that is heat, dust, rain proof, easily washable,
foldable made of natural or treated fabric. The cover is spread to cover from front to back of the car including its appendages. The cover is made as a main tlap that is easily reliable and fixed to the inside of a box provided with a lock-bearing lid! The box is fixed to a heat shield fixed to top of the passenger compartment [which prevents heating]. The heat shield with the box is fixed to top of vehicle, forming a pilfer proof cover with elegance, easy use, good looks and cooling in summer. The cover is spread out of box or folded back to store simply. As it is easy to wash, looks clean longer! The cover will eliminate need for covered parking places too! The fabric covers all sides and has rolling mechanism to cover four sides or rolled back for storing!
Statement of Drawings
The objects and features of the invention will become apparent after perusal of the
following description, taken in conjunction with accompanying diagrams where in:
Fig. I. Shows the easy cover spread on vehicle with the box and shield.
Fig.2. Shows the parts of the cover and the rolling mechanism.
Fig.3. Shows parts of shield, box with lid.
Fig.4. Shows a modification with the box at back.

Description of the preferred embodiment
The following specification describes the salient features of the invention, its
construction, use and advantages.
The easy cover has the cover proper, fixed in a box fixed to top of vehicle. The box has a
lid, with lock, to safely pull or store the cover. Cover itself is made of washable, heat, dust,
and waterproof material synthetic or natural.
The cover, kept in the box is pulled out, spread all over and fixed by tapes or Velcro to the
body of the car. To store, cover is rolled back, folded compact and locked in the box with out
fear of theft.
It is better as it is easy to handle, fold, store, wash, easily even for kids!
The cover easily protects the vehicle at all times and places! Heat shield fixed to the top
with the box prevents direct solar heating of the cabin for cool travel even in summer,
decreasing cooling cost of an air-conditioner.
The cover consists of a box I made of metal, or strong plastic to withstand accident impacts. A heat shield 2 forms the roof of this box 1 and is fixed to the lop of the vehicle. A lid 3, with a lock 4 closes the box. Water holes 5 in the bottom drain off all water.
The box carries a cover 6 made of heat, dust, and waterproof fabric e.g. umbrella cloth. This cloth can be rolled to small size. The cover proper has a middle part 7 to cover all sides, front to back. The flaps 8 covers the accessories say, mirrors. Velcro or tapes 9 at the lower borders, fix and spread fabric securely to the vehicle even in strong winds. The fabric is suspended by hooks 10, fixed to top edge of the covering fabric. The hooks are fitted to a rope 11, traveling on pulleys 12, fixed to the frame 13 that supports the heat shield and box. The fabric in various colours is aDocalinti with easv iiood wa5;hahiHlv. For innper new looks!

This easy cover provides following advantages.
1. It is easy to cover, store, or wash.
2. No worry to carry the cover, as it is now inbuilt.
3. Strong cooling ami-heat shield is fixed firmly, wiihoul fear of Hying away in travel.
4. Easy convenience of use, just switch on, to roll or reroll the fabric.
5. No fear of theft of :over, as it is fixed in side the box or spread and taped.
6.No search of coven d parking places for vehicle parking any time and place.
7.Longer life of vehi :les from lesser corrosion.
8.Easy use, even for kids and women to cover the vehicle.

l.A cover for four wheelers eomprising ofa box provided with a loekable hd, the said box
having a dust, heat, water proof fabric, the said fabric having the size to cover the vehicle
all around from front to back with its appendages, the said box is fixed below a heat
shield, the said heat shield is fixed on a frame to the top of the vehicle, the said fabric is
held by hooks attached to a rope, the said rope is tied at its ends on to two drums and
traveling on pulleys , the said drums are rotated by a motor to roll and cover or roll back
the cover, ^he said fabric covers and protects the vehicle.
2.A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, wherein the said steel frame is formed
with front, back and side bars, the said frame having two or more side clamps on each side,
the said side clamps catches and fixes to top of the said vehicle, the said frame anchors
the motor, two rotating drums at the back, pulleys at the sides, the box in the middle and
the heat shield at the top.
3. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in, the said box is made of
plastic or metal, the saic' box is fixed to the frame, below the said heat shield by bolts and
4 j\ cover for four whet lers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box has holes to
drain awa> the water of wet cover.
5.A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box has a lid, the said
lid has a lock to close th a box.

6. A cover for four wheolers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said heal shield is made of a strong, poor heat co iducting plastic sheet, the said sheet has an air streamlined shape with a front small edge \/idening and tapering to decrease the drag of air at speeds, the said shield is fiimly fixed to irame along with the box on it's bottom.
7. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in, the said fabric is a heat, dust. waterproof, washable, d( coratable material that is easily spread to cover all sides of the vehicle or folded away in the said box.
8. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said fabric has hooks on its top edge, the said hooks attaching to a rope, the said rope traveling on pulleys fixed to the said frame, the said fabric covers the sides of the said vehicle, the said fabric has one or more fixing tapes or Velcro at the lower edge.
9. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1. where in the said fabric has extensions to cover ihe appendages such as the mirrors.

10. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box is fixed to the top of the vehicle and the fabric is spread to cover on all sides.
11. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim I, where in the said box is fixed to the back of the frame.
10. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, wherein, the said motor is two way rotating, the said motor rotating two drums to roll or reverse roll, the said motor having a two way switch control for rolling and reverse rolling, the said motor with the drums is fixed to the frame.

13. A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim I, wherein the said hooks are fixed to top edge of the said fabric, the upper part of the said hooks are attached to the said rope, the said rope is attached to two drums on its ends, the said rope traveling on pulleys fixed to the sides of the frame, the said ropes having many hooks, pulls the hooks with the fabric to cover or uncover the vehicle.
14.A cover for four wheelers as claimed in claim 1, wherein the said hooks of the cover, has rollers on the top ard the rope, the said rollers rolling on channels fixed to the frame all around instead of pulleys pulling the cover all round.



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