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Abstract The a-automatic Cocoanut Palm Linier I have invention can oil 'the Coconut tree or any other pole to any height as wished by the operator on ground and carry any type of tools to carry o-operations such as cutting any bunch of Coconut, or leaves tea.,. spray pesticides, fell the tree piece by Royce; climb down which: desired, awaked sap descent v/hen power fails and all without - man going to the too. These tools for different duties will Vv designed later.
Full Text Coconut palm climbing is probably the only labour intense agricultural activity which is not so far mechanized to full satisfaction. With advancing labour culture towards astigmatism all over the fjord the educated labour tend to shed direct efforts and traditional methods in work. White colorist attracts the man causing labour starvation for physical efforts. This situation makes labour security and the traditional climbers are deserting their field of occupation. Short height yielding trees were thought as rearmed for this problem, but the partners don't accept this for security reasons, I feel a proper machine to completely replace
the human in this activity is the ultimate remedy which we should try without losing the tirades any lore.
After a protracted and concentrated study and search, now I think I have invented a machine hiding can climb the coconut trees to itself to any height and climb down as wished by the operator. This machine can be attached tools to cut any bunch of coconut or leaves as directed and pull down the old and left out-growths. For felling the tree piece by piece a small powered circular hand saw with a fore and aft movement can be used. For spraying pesticides a spray nozzle with enough hose length from a plant located on ground can be used. The entire assembly can exclaimed on to the tree for operation and decamped after completion. It can climb up or down as desired, make safe descent when power fails and can be handled by one or two persons standing on the ground. Thus it is also hoped that this invention will gradually replace the man from many pole climbing works.
The complete assignably consists mainly of two part. One is the climb unit and the other is the operating unit. Out of these the climb unit design will be complete in my invention, but the operating unit design will have to be made later according to the purpose.

The automatic coconut palm climber (The climb Unit)-Sheet I - constitute mainly of vote easily detachable circular clamps of frames (l) Upper and (2) lower, each one incorporating three small jacks ( 3 and 4) spring loaded at one side of Dustan and positioned 120 apart radically for gripping. These vote frames are connected to each other through another three jacks (5) -spring loaded at one side, and positioned axially. All these jacks may be energized hydraulically or pnevimatically at one end by using (as in sheet 3 and 4) an apex)limitedly 200 PSI pump and a anal motor, Control Valves (10), relief valve (ll) , accumulator (12), reservoir(13) etc.,, will have to be incorporated as required to complete the system. The control valves being hydro-electrical type stood be operated by a switch unit (14) in the family of a timer incorporating automatic device, or any other equivalent system,
OPERATION J- Clamp The Climber with the tools, to tree, slightly loose and nearly 5 feet from ground^ When operated the will wo23 its upper and lower grip frames (1 and 2 in sheet 3) to tighten and/loosen over the tree and contract and/ extend to each other in such a sequence that the whole actions Will produce either an upward or downward travel of the climber according to the given selection. It follows almost the sane principle as that of a human climber's body action.
Referring to sheet Movie, 3 and 4; put the Main Switch(18) •ON' to pressurizes the system after connecting to the electric main supply. Both the grips 3 & 4 of frames 1 and 2 in sheet I will come 'ON' , Now put 'ON' the climb mode of the ascent/ descent switch 19^ then put 'ON' vertical control ground swatting (V,C,G,SJ 20 . This will energize three solenoid hydraulic control valves (10) and do-energize them in a reciprocating manner starting with upper grip (3) 'ON' first and

repeating these until 5 feet from ground switch off V.C.G,S,{20) and under support to the climber switch •OFF' resin supply (19) ..» De -clamp the set folia the tree. Operating unit will have its foreground controls.

I CLAIM The account Tree Automatic Cal nerd corrstltute ( as in sheet No, I ) mainly of two easily detachable circular clamps of frames (I) upper and (2) lower, each one incur:)rating three small Quacks (3) and (4) i spring loaded at one side of the piston and, positioned 12 0 apart radically for gripping. These two frames are connected to each., other through another three jacks (5), spring loaded at one side, placed axially and nearly one foot long. All the jacks In sets of three may be energized hydraulically or pneumatically at one end by using (as in sheet 3 and 4) an appxo5



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