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Abstract This invention provides an improvised version of Air Filtration Mask. Air pollution in the cities and in small towns is increasing rapidly, owing to industrialization and the increase in the number of automobiles. Consequently, diseases relating to the chest are increasing. Once the dust particles enter the chest, the exit is very difficult and may prove hazardous. It is here that this invention 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK'proves to be very effective. It is basically made of two pieces, the face piece and the filter element piece which are brought together by a rivet that protrudes from the lower inner base of the filter element piece into the side inner base of the face piece. The assemly is such that easy filter element replacementis possible without disintegration. Further, the interlocking between the two pieces of the mask is 100%, preventing any unfiltered air entry into the respiratory system.
Full Text This Invention relates to an IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK'.
Air Pollution in the cities is India is on the rise owing to the rapid growth in the Automobiles and the Industrialization. Further, lack of adequate Environmental Regulation Measures has worsened the scenario. Consequently, clean air has become a rare commodity in the towns and cities of our country, which necessitated the invention of an air filtration mask, Most of the masks developed over a period of time are misconceived because they either do not filter the air inspired properly or do not seal with the skin surface properly thereby leaving ample gaps, wherein the air flows directly into the respiratory system without passing through the filters. Another important criterion is that as the m ask is made of two pieces, i.e., the face piece and the filter element piece, only a positive air-proof interlock between themselves can ensure that the air filtration mask serves the purpose. In the conventional masks the interlocking system between the face piece and the filter element piece is not that very effective. An ideal conjunction between the two is one which facilitates easy replacem ent of the filter element wh en n ecessary an d at th e same time act as on integrated unit, which may otherwise result in frequent disintegration of the two pieces. Effective incorporation of these features

is achieved in the 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK by way of a protrusion on the inner surface base of the filter element piece, whichris riveted on to the inner surface base of the face piece, thereby providing an effective interlock between the two and at the same time facilitating easy replacement of the filter element.
Most of the masks make use of foam as the filtering element, which is not fine enough to filter small particles, whereas in this 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK' a non-woven material is used, which effectively filters fine dust particles also.
In the 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK', the sealing surface of the mask has been carefully designed to ensure that it is air-proof when it seals with the skia of the mask wearing person and at the same time is flexible enough to take care of different profiles, as all human faces are not the same. Further, it has been designed in such a way that it allows all facial expressions without disturbing the effectiveness of the seal between the face piece of the mask and the skin. In the conventional masks, it is the plastic m aterial of the mask which is in touch with the skin of the wearer, which is not that very comfortable and may be allergic to certain skins. However, in this 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION

MASK' a smooth liner has been provided on the sealing surface
consequent to which the wearer is comfortable, as it is the smoothness of ^ the liner material which is in touch with the facial skin. Further, in this 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK' the face piece material as well as the liner material are 'Hypo allergenic" and as such, do not cause skin irritation.
In this 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK', the elastic fitted for fastening purpose is different and unique when compared to the conventional one. In the conventional masks the provision is such that the mask could be worn by the wearer only by trial and error method, as the elastic belt needs to be adjusted every time to suit the fitting. On the contrary, the elastic belt in this 'IMPROVISED AIR FILTRATION MASK' is incorporated in such away that no adjustment is required to be made by the wearer, owing to the manner in which the elastic belt is fastened to the mask.


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