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Abstract ABSTRACT This Invention A SIMPLE MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN MACHINE' is aimed at a Kitchen Machine, wherein the processes of Vet Grinding, Atta Kneading & Coconut Scrapping could be made on a single machine, conveniently, by just making small adjustments. At the same time, the idea is to provide a small, light-weight and compact machine, which could be easily handled by any one. It basically consists of a motor driven prime mover, driving a shaft in the Container, to which the various attachments are made. There shall be three different types of attachments that go with the machine, which could be easily fitted on to the drive shaft, to facilitate each of the activities mentioned activities. An arm is provided above the top lid of the container, which has a locking mechanism, to ensure safety during operation.
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This invention relates to "A SIMPLE MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN MACHINE". The process of Wet Grinding, Atta Kneading and Coconut Scrapping could be achieved through this single, Simple and Multipurpose Kitchen Machine.
Days are gone, when different machines were used for wet grinding, atta kneading and coconut scrapping. The space occupied by these three individual machines in a compact kitchen of the present day budget flats is unimaginable. Further, order of the day is such that each and every person prefers a light weight machine, portable in nature, which could be moved easily from place to place. This invention pertaining to an improvised simple table-top multipurpose kitchen machine is aimed at eliminating all the above mentioned drawbacks.
This invention pertains to a ^SIMPLE MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN MACHINE' wherein the processes of wet grinding, atta kneading and coconut scrapping could be done on the same machine conveniently, just by making small changes. Earlier, when the conventional methods were adopted, one had to use different appliances for each of the above mentioned three kitchen based operations. However, this invention is aimed at a single multipurpose kitchen machine, on which all the above said three operations are complied by.

The Multipurpose Kitchen Machine, comprises of a 1/5 Horse Power Motor, which is the Prime Mover, rotating at a speed of 960 rotations per minute, which drives a spindle or the drive shaft in the container (Steel Drum) - (1) of Figure-A, to which the various attachments are made.
For the operation of wet grinding, the drum has to be cleaned thoroughly before inserting it on to the spindle, which derives rotary motion through a belt drive from the motor. Then, the roller assembly is placed in position as indicated in Figure-B of the enclosed Drawing Sheet. Close the Arm (4) of Figure-A and press gently, so that the lock gets automatically locked. Open the lid-cover and pour a cup of water in the drum. Press the switch to run on the appliance. Add the grinding medium in small quantities with adequate water. When required consistency is achieved, switch-off the appliance. Press the release-lock and swing the arm upwards. Remove the roller assembly and wipe down the batter.
For the operation of atta kneading, remove roller stones and place the atta kneader (5) of Figure-C in the drum, as illustrated in Figure-C of the enclosed Drawing Sheet. Lock the arm and feed approximately 350 grams of atta through the opening provided. Pour a little water and switch on the appliance. Add a little oil and salt

to taste. Add water till you get the required consistency. Atta Kneader effectively kneads atta to the right consistency to make the rotis, puris, and parathas softer and tastier.
For the operation of coconut scrapping, there is a conical attachment (6) of Figure-D, which scrapes coconut to absolute fineness. For this process, remove the steel drum (1) from the Base (3) of Figure-A and fix the coconut scrapper to the drive shaft. Take one half of the coconut and hold it firmly on the scrapper. Then switch on the Motor (2) of Figure-A. After the scrapping is over, ensure that no coconut bits are struck in the corner. Remove the scrapper and the steel tray.

1) A SIMPLE MULTIPURPOSE KITCHEN MACHINE, comprising of a spindle or drive shaft within a steel drum (1), deriving rotary motion through a motor/ which is coupled through a belt drive and the said wet grinding being achieved by fixing rollers (4) to the drive shaft and the said atta kneading process being achieved by replacing rollers with atta kneader (5) and th© coconut scrapping process being achieved by inserting a conical coconut scrapper (6) to the drive shaft, all these said components of the system being arranged to operate co-operatively in an inter¬dependent manner.


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