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Abstract The new cover removes the defects of the old covers for two wheelers Existing covers are difficult to spread, clean, fold, transport. The new cover provides fast, easy, spread or fold of fabric! The cover box helps to store the fabric without theft. The heat, dust, waterproof fabric with easy wash allows long use. The fabric covers the vehicle from front to back, the sides and the appendages too! The spread fabric is fixed to vehicle by Velcro or tapes. The box is fixed to vehicle firmly. The lamps fixed on the box are not easily damaged. The box has a lid with a lock and water draing holes! To use, the lid is unlocked, cover pulled out and spread and fastened. Fabric can be folded and stored when not needed for long use. The device covers the vehicle at all places and time for the first time protecting the vehicle minimizing corrosion. The cover fills the long felt demand of two wheeler users for an easy convenient cover that allows freedom to park the vehicle at any place and lamps not easily damaged!
Full Text A COVER FOR TWO WHEELERS Technical Field
This invention in relates to two wheeler covers. It particularly relates to an easy, heat, dust, rain proof cover without need for transport, carrying the same for covering the vehicle with pilfer proof lamps saving on vehicle corrosion and safety at nights for all road users.
State of Art
Existing covers are made of thick tarpauline or plastic that is difficult to spread, fold, carry, store and do not protect the vehicle at all places! So the vehicle collects the dust, rain, gets corroded, wasting life of vehicle with costly repairs. Lamps break easily, making road travel dangerous at night. Constraints in use of the existing covers are:
1. Covers cannot be transported to all places and time.
2. It is difficult to apply or fold.
3. It does not protect the vehicle at all times, as it is not inbuilt.
4. Covers are hard to clean, easily pick up dust fast.
5. Covers are not easily washable, not in attractive colours.
An extensive search of the market, vehicles, worldwide was studied. This invention is radically different from existing covers in the market with easy use and safe lights. Patent database has prior patents GB2088798 and GB2118115 .GB 2088798 claims a vehicle cover that has no flaps, but a complete cover that is pulled onto a roller by a handle fixed to a box. Rolling a 1 .Smeter wide, 2meter long fabric on a 30 cms roller needs folding and then rolling. Rolling is clumsy, may tear the fabric. 20 revolutions or more is needed. Patent GB 2118115 is again for a cover with a roller to pull the fabric, but with guides. These two patents are incomplete for tropical India. The box and cover can be easily dried by draining holes avoiding fungal growth. Rolling covers is time taking, slow, needs more effort- eliminated in ours, a simplification with a means to fix indicator lamps- a safety feature needed for our roads and Indian Laws. Even kids or women can cover the vehicle, saving on corrosion costs, as there is no rolling but simple store in box with safe lamps avoiding night accidents.

Accordingly, it is the object of the inventor is to invent a cover that is radically different in parts, construction and use.
Another object of the invention is to invent a cover that will be used longer, saving on corrosion costs with a set of lamps that will be difficult to vandaUze.
The new cover comprises of a cover proper that is heat, dust, rain proof, easily washable, foldable made of natural or treated fabric. The cover is spread to cover from front to back including its appendages. The cover is made as a main flap with two side flaps that is easily foldable and jQxed to the inside of a box provided with a lock-bearing lid! The outside of the box has the number plate, side indicating lamps as needed. The box is fixed to front or back of vehicle as needed forming a pilfer proof cover with elegance, easy use, good looks. The cover is spread out of box or folded to store simply. As it is easy to wash, looks clean! The cover will eliminate need for covered parking places too! Statement of Drawings
The objects and features of the invention will become apparent after perusal of the following description, taken in conjunction with accompanying diagrams where in: Fig. 1. Shows the easy cover spread on vehicle with the box and lamps. Fig. 2. shows the parts of the cover. Fig.3. shows parts of box with lamps. Fig.4. shows a modification with the box at front. Description of the preferred embodiment
The following specification describes the salient features of the invention, its construction, use and advantages.

ITw easy cover has the cover proper, fixed in a box fixed to fi-ont or bade of vehicle. The box has a lid, with lock to safely puU or fold the cover. Cover itself is made of washable, heat, dust, waterproof material.
The cover, kept in box is pulled out, spread all over and fixed by tapes or Vefcro. To store, cover is loosened, folded compact and locked in flie box with out fear of theft. It is better as it is easy to handle, fold, wash easily even for kidsl
The cover easily protects the vehicle at all times and places! Lamps fbced to the box prevent damage.
The cover consists of a box 1 made of metal, strong plastic to withstand accident impacts. Nuts and bolts 2 fix box to vehicle proper. A lid 3 with a lock 4 closes the box. Water holes 5 in the bottom drain off all water.
The box carries a cover 6 made of heat, dust, and waterproof fabric e.g. umbrella cloth. Cloth can be folded to small size. The cover proper has a middle part 7 to cover front to back. The side flaps 8 cover from seat to foot rests. Velcro or tapes 9 fix spread fabric securely to the vehicle even on strong winds. A smaller flap covers back of box 10. Appendages e.g. mirrors are covered by extensions 11. The fabric in various colours are appealing with easy good washabiHty, for long new looks! An extra padding or protective layer can be given to cover the seat proper.
The box on its out side has the number plate 12, side indicator lamps 13 fixed and connected electrically. To use, the lid is imlocked, cover spread front to back, tapesA^elcro fastened, lid shut. To store, the fabric is folded and locked inside the box.
The device may be modified. The box is fixed to front as in fig 4 , fabric is spread to back. Box may be made big to store other articles. Box may be in any streamlined shape. Box may be strengthened by steel supports.

ITie easy cover provides following advantages.
1. Easy to apply, fold, wash.
2. No wony to carry the cover
3. Strong fixed lamps with no damages
4. Easy convenience of use.
5. No fear of theft of cover, as it is fixed in side the box or spread and taped.
6. No search of covered parking places for vehicle parking.
7. Longer life of vehicles from lesser corrosion,
8. Easy use for kids and women to cover their vehicle.

We Claim:
1 .A cover for two wheelers characterized by a box with a lid , the said lid having a lock, the said box having inside a cover, the said cover extending from front to back of the vehicle, the said cover anchored at one end and fitting to the inside of the box, the said box is fixed to the vehicle.
2. A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box is made of plastic or metal, the said box is fixed to the vehicle by bolts and nuts, the said box has the side indicator lamps, tail lamp and the number plate fixed on its outside.
3.A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box has holes to drain water,
4.A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box has an air streamlined shape with a small front edge, widening and tapering to decrease drag at high speeds.
5.A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said fabric is heat, dust, water proof, washable material that is easily folded or spread.
6. A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said fabric has a central part to cover the center and side flaps to cover on the sides of the vehicle, the said flaps having Velcro or tapes to secure the cover on the vehicle in high winds.
7.A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said fabric has extension pouches to cover the accessories such as mirrors.
8. A cover for two wheelers as claimed in claim 1, where in the said box is fixed on the back and the fabric is spread front.


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